Monday, March 28, 2011

Republican Assembly of Lake County Hosts Reagan Day Dinner Featuring State Senator Suzi Schmidt

Lake County's original conservative Republican group, the Republican Assembly of Lake County, hosted its Ninth Annual Reagan Day Dinner this past Saturday at White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills. The weather certainly wasn't fit for golfing, but about 150 people turned out anyway to celebrate the 100th birthday of this century's top Republican President.

Ray True, Chairman of the RALC, made some opening remarks (but left out his usual Reagan jokes, too bad), and noted that for the first time in quite a while the 'top three' Republican groups in Lake County -- the Federation, the RALC and the Central Commitee -- were all working together very well. Dems, you guys better watch out!

The featured speaker was Suzi Schmidt, who gave attendees the scoop on how her transition from County Board Chairman to State Senator has been, and she got wide accolades for refusing to sit in a corner and ask no questions, as freshmen legislators are usually expected to do. Schmidt railed against the governor's borrowing plan and seemed optimsitic that the Republicans would be able to hold together to stop it, since the loss of the Democratic super-majority in the State Senate means that the Dems now need at least one Republican vote.
Between Dan Duffy and Suzi Schmidt, they must be wondering what's in the water up here in Lake County, but if our senators have to take the lead in shaking things up, so be it. Now we just have to depose King Terry Link, and we'll be in fine shape.

Here's some pix from the event, with my trusty Blackberry: Circuit Judges Diane Winter and Dan Shanes:

County Treasurer Bob Skidmore and Blogger Paul ("Thoughts of a Regular Guy") Paul Mitchell:

Former State Sentate Candidate Keith Gary consults with State Senator Suzi Schmidt:
County Board Chairman David Stolman, Eric Burgess and RALC Chairman Ray True:

Green Oaks Trustee Candidate Dan Sugrue and County Board Member Aaron Lawlor:

The entire Sullivan clan: Ed Sr., Ed. Jr., and spouses:

Keith Gray, Long Grove Mayor Maria Rodriguez, Dave Pfeifer, Waukegan Township GOP Chairman, and Judge Dan Shanes:


Anonymous said...

I was a member of the RALC, 2002-'09. In 2008, I moved from North Chicago to Northfield. Last March, I founded the Republican Assembly of Northern Cook Co., which is intended for any conservative who lives in the northern half of Cook Co. The next meeting will be held tonight, at 7:00, in the Des Plaines Public Library.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

TA -
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the event.

I understand that RALC got a nice letter from Nancy Reagan congratulating them for having the longest running Reagan birthday celebration and expressing her appreciation.

Great to have you back up and posting. Hope all is well.

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Suzi Schmidt shaking things up? How? By not introducing a single piece of legislation on her own this session? How? By alienating Rodgno's staff with bullying tactics and snarky remarks to people she just met? How? By walking in that building without a single proposal for any legislation and literally demanding that staff begin to whip up bills for her out of thin air? How? By demanding that the State Police guards at the north entrance to the capitol actually park her car, like they're her taxpayer funded valet service?

With Suzi as our Senator, the 31st District has stepped a mile below Geo Karis. Poor Suzi is out of her league and is now scurrying about trying to attach amendments to any GOP bill she can find. And to think she says she going to teach the senate some parliamentary procedure! Not a bull. Suzi is a rhino in a china shop down there. Where are the jobs bills she talked about? Where is the business friendly legislation she talked about? What, exactly, are we paying her to do down there? Even the Rt. 45 business owners haven't had their calls returned. She won't even talk to the Millburn Strangler residents and the people of Lindenhurst fear she's already cut a deal with Tim Smith to run Rt. 45 right through an existing neighborhood on the west side of 45. From the Republican leadership in Springfield to the businesses and people of the 31st district, the sense of buyers' remorse is reaching critical mass. She even let poor JoAnn Osmond's nuclear power legislation whither, even when there was bipartisan support for using Illinois as an example for doing nuclear power right. Suzi couldn't even help her good friend JoAnn. Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see such a strong turn-out at the dinner, including our judges with so many of our other elected officials. We're all on the same team!

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed the pics. Just thought I'd pop in to get an enjoyable laugh out of Dan Sugrue now being known as 'Green Oaks Trustee Candidate'. The guy doesn't get it, does he? He's like a less qualified Seals, it's almost laughable.

Things have been busy so I haven't been reading as actively as usual, have you done anything on the prospective candidates for the 10th? I've heard of one Dem thus far who is considering and would count on Dold getting attacked from his right flank.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

while it saddens me you've taken down the blago picture I note a great picture of the indefatigable King Louis Astaves the Alexi Ellen and Pup Slayer on the senator's picture feed.

Good to see after a decade in the trenches 2 leaders for our future meeting and scheming to lead us forward.