Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Will Illinois Finally Approve Concealed Carry?

It looks like Illinois may be closer than ever to finally approving concealed carry. It's now out of committee in the House and may have enough votes (it requires 71) to pass out of the House. Read more here and here. Of course, there are two more hurdles, namely the State Senate and Governor Quinn, who has previously stated he's against concealed carry.

As a gun owner (Lisa Madigan has permission to publish my name if she likes, FOIA or no FOIA) I've always been in favor of concealed carry.... for ME. The rest of you blokes, I'm not so sure about, ha ha.

But I have to say that in large part, I think gun control laws have ended up merely impeding the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns... while criminals, who don't obey the law, never seem to have much problem getting hold of guns no matter what.

What do y'all think? Will concealed carry finally become law in Illinois?


Anonymous said...

TA -
Should it pass - YES
Will it pass and get signed into law - probably not this time around.
But we need to keep "shooting" for it to become law in Illinois.

Trebor of Libertyville

LC Truth said...

I have alway pitied those who have a need to carry a gun.
What are they trying to overcome or over comepensate?
Why is it they live a life of fear?
Why do they have to hide their weapon?
If you carry why not brandishment?
Why not let those who choose not to carry at least know there is a gun in their presence so they can take action to remove themselves, their families from the scene?
It is 2011, not 1888. This isn't Deadwood!

Nell said...

LC Truth - I've heard a lot of the same rhetoric about smoke detectors and air bags when they were new, and I still hear it about home/auto/life insurance from penny pinchers. If you're comfortable living so carefree, good for you. Not everyone is so willing to proceed about their day without safety precautions, or throw away what they feel is their responsibility to protect their loved ones. Please spare everyone your sanctimonious pity. Our personal differences do not make anyone better or worse than anyone else, so get off your high horse and welcome back to Earth.

An interesting correlation is when firearms ownership and carry laws come to pass in an area, it doesn't become the lawless bloodbath the Brady Campaign predicts... Quite the contrary, violent crime rates generally decreased within the span of a single year.

Anonymous said...

"But we need to keep "shooting" for it to become law in Illinois."


But really, concealed carry is not going to happen.

A. Bees said...

LC Truth -

We are one of the only states in the entire nation that doesn't have concealed or open carry laws. The only people currently carrying weapons are either law enforcement or criminals and there are a lot more criminals out there than there are law enforcement. IN application all the status quo does is stop perfectly law abiding people from carrying a weapon. Why are we restricting the law abiding public?

As far as removing oneself from the presence of a firearm, once again, why? The people you need to worry about are the criminals who are already around you and carrying a gun. They are the ones who are a significant threat to you and your family.

It's not like we are talking about kids legally concealing these weapons or not requiring these people to be trained and licensed.

Anonymous said...


Today the Death Penalty was put to rest by Governor Quinn's signing of legislation.

In the meantime, the Illinois House springs loose a bill to the floor that allows "Conceal-Carry" of firearms.

Two steps back and one step forward? Or one step forward and two steps back?

My views and vote don't matter. Both governor candidates supported the Death Penalty. One of them signed the bill ending the Death Penalty today.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

LC Truth -
You are correct about one thing. It is 2011 and not 1888.

In 1888 both the good guys and bad guys carried guns.

In 2011 only the criminals are armed. It is time to go back to when good guys could also legally carry firearms!

Trebor of Libertyville

A. Bees said...

Louis -
Usually you and I agree on most points. But this time I have to disagree. I think that both pieces of legislation are good for Illinois.

While I have long supported the death penalty, at this point I have to agree with one point, "how many times do we have to get a conviction and execution wrong?" It just seems that even one innocent life taken is too much. So until we can truly PROVE that someone is guilty, I have to agree with the abolition of the death penalty. Unfortunately the death penalty does not leave us with a correction for human error.