Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coin Flip for Green Oaks Village Board Reminds Us of Short-Lived Tie for Mayor of Mettawa (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

A late-arriving vote means that the bottom two vote-getters for the Green Oaks Village Board will be have their fates decided by a coin toss, to be administered by Lake County Circuit Clerk Willard Helander's office. Our friend Dan Sugrue, as we all know, won election as a newcomer to the board, which means that one of the two other incumbents has to go.

This reminds us of the vote for Mayor of Mettawa last cycle, in which incumbent Barry MacLean and newcomer Jess Ray were tied as of election night. Ray officially won a few weeks later once several late-arriving votes were counted, avoiding the coin flip.

But I do love that picture of Willard with her shiny coin at the ready.

UPDATED: And, the results are in....

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