Wednesday, April 20, 2011

$6 Gas By Summer? Where's Dan Seals' Gas Giveaway When We Need It?

Remember perennial loser Dan Seals, candidate for the 10th District? He got clobbered by now-Senator Mark Kirk a few times, and then newcomer (and now Congressman) Bob Dold clocked him for good measure. Among many really stupid things Dan did as a candidate, one gaff really stands out, and that was his 'gas-for-votes' stunt in Lincolnshire, which snarled up traffic and got him billed for police costs when he 'gave away' free gas (actually, he made up the difference when gas was running about $4 a gallon, and Seals claimed that it was all Mark Kirk's fault we didn't have $1.85 gas).

Of course, as we pointed out, when gas prices plummeted during the recession, you would think a fair guy like Seals would have given credit to Kirk for driving down gas prices. But, no, crickets from Seals.

Now that Seals is more irrelevant than ever, but with gas skyrocketing under the reign of Seals' would-be idol, Barack Obama, where's Dan out there pumping gas when we need it?

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Anonymous said...

$4.24 a gallon where I visit regularly near my house. $4.45 in the city near my Church.

At my station it went up 35 cents in a single week last week.

Louis G. Atsaves