Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chief Deputy Clerk Keith Brin Announces Candidacy for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk

As we have been anticipating for some time, in the wake of long-time clerk Sally Coffelt's retirement announcement, Chief Deputy Circuit Court Clerk Keith Brin will announce his campaign for Circuit Court Clerk later today. Here's the press release:

Brin Announces Campaign for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk
Current Chief Deputy Thanks Sally Coffelt for her Faithful Service to Lake County

HIGHLAND PARK, IL – With Lake County Circuit Court Clerk Sally Coffelt announcing last week her intention to retire at the end of her term after thirty-two years in office, Keith Brin has announced his candidacy in 2012 for the seat currently held by his boss.

“It has been an honor to serve as Sally’s Chief Deputy,” said Brin. “She has served Lake County with honor and integrity, and has taught me the most important responsibility of an elected official is to serve the public. I intend to continue that tradition of public accountability.”

Brin, an attorney and business executive from Highland Park, has made technology the focus of his campaign. He has led recent modernization efforts in the department and intends to further improve efficiency and access in order to reduce costs and improve customer service. In addition, he has pledged to continue the Lake County tradition of fiscal discipline and transparency.

Keith summarized: “By implementing a system that allows for the electronic filing of documents as well as universal access to the services and documents that are currently only accessible at the Clerk’s counter in Waukegan, we can increase accessibility, convenience, and security. The goal is to transform to a paper on demand system in order to save the taxpayers money while streamlining processes.”

To learn more about Keith Brin and his campaign, go to www.KeithBrin.com.

About Keith Brin:

Keith Brin is the Chief Deputy for the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk. An attorney and business executive from Highland Park, Keith received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Emory University and his JD from the Loyola University School of Law. He is highly involved in area civic organizations, including serving as chair of the Technology Committee for the Lake County Bar Association and as Vice Chair of the Moraine Township Republicans.



Anonymous said...

when we talk about having too much government in Illinois and where all the tax dollars get wasted to me it's areas like this. I don't really know why we have offices like this and why they are so important to launch a campaign the year before in the spring with a blog posting, but perhaps I am missing something. This is a guy who should be going after one of the several awful springfield miscreants who represent the area, not some backwater like this. He could do a lot more good putting susan garrett or link out to pasture than this.

I used to think mark getting elected to the senate would drive catlady nuts because she'd have to deal with him for 6 more years, I am beginning to think it's killing the mojo of the blog not having the back and forth and to have to focus on stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

Well those in the know expected that when Brin was brought on he would be the successor. However, I am betting there will be a primary as Jerry Dietz has been seen talking to LC officials and has been heard saying he wants the job.
Now we just have to see if the cute blonde will be running again.

Anonymous said...

The blog started with Kirk having to run for the House every two years, and that certainly provided a never-ending supply of grist for the mill. But most elected leaders come up through the local farm teams. There's nothing wrong with watching and commenting on other offices and races of interest. Good job TA for having the big picture in mind.

Team America said...

Well, honestly, I've been rather enjoying the peace and quiet to some degree over the past few months after pulling out all the stops to try to help Mark Kirk get elected to the Senate. With redistricting looming and others besides Keith Brin beginning to step up to announce their plans, I have little doubt we'll have plenty to talk about in the coming months - but we will try to keep focused mostly on the Lake County scene, with occasional forays into state or national issues.

Anonymous said...

"The cute blond"? Really?

After more than a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars in appropriations and 'study fees' the Lake County Court system is still technologically further behind the times than say, the Richland County Court system. This blog and its readers turned a blind eye to Sally Coffeld's nepotism and her unwillingness to utilize the funds granted to her to make court fillings available online. I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. Brin will continue the 'country club' nature of our Lake County Circuit Courts.

Cute blond, indeed. Its just a shame you didn't listen to Cynthia.

Anonymous said...

Is Cynthia in for 2012?

Team America said...

Cynthia what's-her-face? Really? Not only did she lose once already for Circuit Court Clerk, she couldn't even win a race for Round Lake Trustee. Of course, she was on the slate with the lying former Mayor of Round Lake, Bill Gentes, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

TA's response is the typical tax-and-spend Lake County Republican response. You don't care that Coffeld's brother makes 60K+ for a do-nothing finance job, and then couldn't even set aside the money in their budget that had been established for on-line records and used it for TV's instead. You don't care that our court record system is not even on par with Jo Davies County. You just care that a Republican gets elected, quality and the taxpayer be damned.

You also seem to endorse the reference to one of your legal colleagues as 'the cute blond'. Stay sleezey, TA. That's what we love about you.