Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Isn't Gasoline-Obsessed Dan Seals Complaining About the Rise In Gas Prices Since President Obama Took Office?

We've known for some time that two-time loser and unemployed Democrat Dan Seals, who is running once again in Illinois' 10th Congressional District, has some kind of strange obsession with gasoline.

A couple years ago, pre-recession, when gas prices were spiking in excess of $4.00 a gallon, Dan Seals wanted us to believe that it was all Congressman Mark Kirk's fault. To illustrate that point, Seals engineered a poorly planned and executed gas giveaway (technically, a price-roll back to the time when Mark Kirk first entered Congress, I believe) that succeeded in doing little more than earning him the derision of the media, annoyed would-be gas-getters (Seals didn't publicize that he planned to give free gas only to the first 50 customers at a Lincolnshire gas station), and really ticked off Lincolnshire police and area lunch-time commuters.

Yes, yes, all Kirk's fault, Seals said. He's to blame for high gas prices with his support of loopholes for companies like Enron (remember them?) Well, Seals was the one who ended up with egg on his face, and given that it was a fairly tight race, who's to say that the bad publicity he got over the gas stunt didn't cost him the election.

Only a short time later, when gas prices plummeted as the recession took hold, I was convinced that Seals, being the fair guy he is, would then credit Congressman Kirk (who, of course, was still our Congressman) with reducing gas prices. Alas, it was not to be.

More recently, it appears that Seals has been guzzling a lot of gas for his daily commute to the 10th District from his home in the 9th District, even though it's only a couple of blocks. But I digress.

Today's point is that under President Barack Obama's failed economic policies, gas prices have risen by around a dollar a gallon. Just to remind y'all, the national average for gas when Obama took office was around a buck-eighty.

So, why isn't Dan Seals loudly blaming Barack Obama for a 50% increase in the cost of gas since he took office? What's Seals' plan to bring rising gas prices under control?

Maybe he just plans to give away more gas out of his campaign fund. Or maybe Bob Dold could try the same stunt, if it wasn't of questionable legality.

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Anonymous said...

Come on TA! Look at the big picture!

Do you think Seals will honestly pin the blame where it truly belongs? He probably is doing a TV ad blaming Robert Dold for escalating gasoline prices as we speak.

According to Democrats, NOTHING is their fault! EVER!

Our languishing economy after billions were spent stimulating it and "saving" and creating jobs? Not their fault. Blame Bush/Kirk/GOP/Wall Street/Wars/Bush Tax Cuts/Greedy Bankers, etc. etc. etc. Two years of "we are in the process of fixing the prosperity the GOP brought us in the past" and all we have to show is sky high unemployment and debt?

Our broken Illinois State Government that is $13 billion in the red without a single plan to fix it? Pat Quinn claims he "cut" $3 billion in expenses (by not paying $4 billion in bills the State incurred to providers and schools). Nice try there fella! And the state is broke due to Democratic behavior while they blame Ryan/GOP/National Economy caused by Bush/Tax Cuts/Greedy Bankers, etc. etc. etc.

It's NEVER their fault! Democrats drive the bus, run the red light and plunge us over a cliff of economic malaise and institutionalized ethical lapses, and they tell us not to blame the DRIVER (i.e. them) but to blame everyone else. They BLAMED the GOP for not supporting their proposed tax increases and now they are CAMPAIGNING to KEEP taxes low!

I recall once getting into a cab with a drunken cabbie who blew three red lights, repeatedly swerved into the opposite lane of traffic, nearly took out a bike rider and almost hit a dozen pedestrians. I called the police on the cabbie. He flunked all tests. In court, the cabbie denied everything, behaving just like a Democrat. Fortunately, the judge saw through the lies and convicted him.

We voters ARE the police! Let's act like it and vote accordingly. Let those Democratic "drivers" in Washington and Springfield stand in the unemployment for a change. Because that's where they belong after their pathetic performances "governing" us.

Remember, this is OUR country! Our state! Our counties! You know, "government by the people, for the people."

The ruling class of Democrats forgot that. Now its time they be reminded of that fact.

Louis G. Atsaves