Friday, October 15, 2010

Q3 Results In... Kirk Buries Alexi, Dold Spears Seals

The third quarter fundraising results are trickling in ... of the top two races we track here, the U.S. Senate and the 10th Congressional District, both Republican candidates handily outpaced their opponents.

First up, Congressman Mark Kirk significantly outraised State Teasurer Alexi Giannoulias, with $3.1 million raised by Kirk, to only $2.3 million raised by Sexy Lexi. About a million of that was a direct result of President Obama parachuting into Chicago to save the floundering Alexi campaign in the wake of continued questions and evasions from Alexi on his mob banking ties and Bright Start college fund travesty. Perhaps more significantly, however, Alexi reportedly had only $1.2 million in the bank at the end of September. Conversely, today Team Kirk justly crowed about having $4.4 million in their campaign warchest. We've heard that Kirk intends to spend every last dime he has in this close race, and based on his M.O. from the last two cycles, we believe he will. Kirk also appears to be winning the battle of the independent contributions.

Turning to the 10th Congressional District, newcomer Robert Dold early in the month reported raising about $843,000 in the third quarter, and reported almost $1,000,000 cash-on-hand at the end of September. We wondered why Dan Seals did not match Dold's press release with his own numbers, and now we know why: Seals lagged Dold significantly, with around $650,000 raised for the quarter. Dold also beat Seals soundly in the bank balance race, with Seals reporting only around $600,000 cash.

Meanwhile, over in the 8th Congressional District, despite a small (very small?) group of devoted (shall we say rabid?) supporters, GOP candidate Joe Walsh was crushed by incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean, with Bean having over $1 million in the bank compared to Walsh's $7,000, with around $132,000 raised by Walsh for the quarter. What is it with the 8th District anyway? Unsurprisingly, Bean is going up on network T.V. this week, according to the Tribune's Clout Street Blog. Looks like Walsh has maybe enough for a partial district mailer.


Anonymous said...

A paraphrase, with apologies to Robert Palmer,

Simply irresitable, he's so fine...There's no telling where the money...came from..."

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dold!!!

Anonymous said...

How ironic, then, that I am right at this moment watching that insipid Dold with a D not a T add.

Just as important as how much money you have is how you actually use it. Im definitely sure that extra 200k will swing the 12 points Dold needs to break even with the electorate in the next 2.5 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Something has not been adding up for some time. Seals has gone heavily negative at a time when he is "supposedly" up by 12-13 in the polls. Direct mail and TV with shameful ads. I hear that even his wife has had folks comment about how offensive the ads are (but thats clearly a whole other story as the insiders well know).

Seals then waits until the final moments to release fundraising totals significantly below Dold (does anyone believe there were not some games played by Seals and his handlers at the DCCC to bring in extra dollars after Dold posted such a blockbuster Q3).

And along comes the truly independent poll, We Ask America, which has DOLD up 11.

It all starts to make sense. Seals knows he has lost his advantage. He s desperately trying to sell his soul and no one is buying.

Three time loser, no job, no money and no marketable skills. No wonder he will say anything to get elected.

The best thing going for the Seals staff....Obama's extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks.

Enjoy the next two and one half weeks.

Blue Wind said...

LOL. I find it amazing that there are people who still believe that tea-party admirer Dold has a chance in IL10.

Reality check again. Tea party and Sarah Palin-like candidates have no chance to be elected in IL10. Especially if they are directly or indirectly against the right of choice for women.

For those who doubt that Dold has tea-party mentality and will side with far-right anti-abortion tea-partiers if he gets elected, they may want to check Dold's own website:

"Further, I do not believe that federal taxpayer money should be used to pay for abortion procedures."

That is a tea-party, anti-choice position. Opposing use of tax money to pay for abortion procedures is equivalent to blocking the right of choice for a large number of women. The quote is in Dolt's campaign website.

Anonymous said...

We Ask America is "truly independent"?

Anonymous said...

I'm having a blast reading the FEC reports tonight. Blue, you are so hopelessly out of touch with reality. Your guy and his pitiful campaign is not leading. Get used to the idea that your loser will once again lose. A lot of his money is from out of State. Nice. You know damn well that Dold's position on a woman's right to choose is exactly the same as former Congressman John Porter and, of course, our current Congressman Mark Kirk. Porter and Kirk are not tea party supporters and you know that as well. Because you purposely, viciously, knowingly distort Bob Dold's positons you are losing the credibility label. That's a fact. Voters here see right thru the outrageous mail pieces, the DCCC hideous TV spot that's running. Truth is always the winner and you and your guy have yet to learn that simple truth.
Bob Dold is a winner in more ways than just fundraising.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised nobody bothered to look at the total fundraising for the cycle:

Dold: $232k
Seals: $232k

Congratulations Team Dold, you've raised $200 more than Dan Seals in net contributions.

Raising $800k is big deal, but it only brought Dold up to parity; and furthermore, Dold simply doesn't have the time to raise enough cash for his advantage to matter.

Also I suggest all commenters check out how little of the advertising we've seen currently came out the 3rd Quarter. There's just $200k in TV and Radio in that report.

Given the way spending was backloaded, I bet at least $400k has been spent, which brings Team Dold down $590k.

It's funny how numbers can be made to sound big and imposing when you use accounting tricks

10th District Values Voter

Blue Wind said...

Anon 1:41

I dont care who else had the same anti-choice positions like Dold has now. The fact is that that particular position of Dold is a direct attack on many women's right to chose. I dont think Porter or Kirk had the same position in the past. If you have a link provide it. Kirk may have it now, but not earlier in his career (but I may be wrong).

Of course, Dolt is not alone. The whole republican party of today is rapidly degenerating to a religious theocratic group, whose positions on social issues are in many cases Taliban-like.

Anonymous said...

A quick fact check for the math challenged Seals supporter.

Of course a simple fact check at would suffice.

Simple facts from the filings:
Seals Net Contributions (line 6.c) $639,143.13
Dold Net Contributions (line 6.c) $834,766.94

Seals Cash on Hand (line 8) $601,662.25
Dold Cash on Hand (line 8). $834,766.94

Dold had $233,104.69 more money on hand at quarters end than Seals. That's roughly 38% more moneyq than Seals. Q

I suspect that you guys prefer not having people look at fec filings because voters would discover the truth about your misleading campaigns propaganda. Just check the fec database on that phony Mary Stowell the Seals front women who made the "allegations" against the Dold campaign. Not involved in politics? $300k over ten years to the democrats including $4,800 to Seals.

Anonymous said...

This comment thread reveals one of the frustrating aspects of the Dold campaign. They clearly think dollars always equate to votes. That's clearly why Bob bailed on the Jewish community's candidate forum in favor of Hannity. Than combined with the immature crowing is enough to make one undervote the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I hear that even his wife has had folks comment about how offensive the ads are (but thats clearly a whole other story as the insiders well know).

Pretending to be KKKarl Rove again, Anon @ 9:44? Whisper campaigns are so yesterday.

Republican Chick said...

Perhaps one womans crowing is another womans facts.

One poll up Seals up 12. Another Dold up 11. National guys call it a toss up.

Call it even. You have to admit for a first time candidate running against a guy who has invested 5 years in name recognition and support, to be a toss up three weeks out is quite positive.

The only opinions that matter are those of voters on election day.

Republican Chick said...

I do have to agree with Anon. Whisper campaigns have no place in this election. Any issue between the Seals should be kept out ofthe dialog.

Let's keep it clean around here.

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight on Bob Dold and the Jewish community. You seem to forget that SEALS failed to show for the To Protect our Heritage Forum. Why? He was sure it wouldn't be fair. No outcry from the Dold team. They appeared, have appeared at other pro-Israel forums. Bob Dold has earned the respect of leaders in the Chicago Jewish and pro-Israel communities. There IS a difference in those titles.
And would you like to explain how Dan is comfortable taking over 1K each month for his car expense? Come on folks. Who's kidding whom.
17 days from now, and it can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Exactly which leaders in the Jewish community respect Bob? Some (a few) support him. But respect?

Check out Bob's website for a list. But don't spend too much time because they simply aren't there.

Blue Wind said...

Republican Chick,
I am impressed. So, reading your post, I realized that there are female voters who will vote for Dold. At least one! And I thought there was no one in IL10. I was apparently wrong! I always have hard time understanding how any woman would support an anti-choice, Sarah Palin-like, candidate, but apparently it can happen.

Anonymous said...

Gee Blue Wind,

I'm not a tea partier but I also don't believe the federal government (i.e. "me") should pay for the mistakes, or missteps of others. If someone is pregnant and wishes an abortion within the current parameters of the law, I have no problem with it.

I do have a problem paying for it.

Why is that so mind blowing to folks like you?

It's called "personal responsibility." Something Democrats try to downplay.

Blue Wind said...

Anon 9.49,
No. It is called taking away the right of choice for many women. Do you also believe that federal money should also NOT be used for treating diseases that you may consider result of a personal choice? i.e. smoking? Dold and other tea-party minded right wingers oppose federal tax money used for abortion but not for the treatment of diseases that may be considered "self-inflicted" because of choices (smoking, drinking). But women are not second class citizens. We are in the USA, and Taliban-like anti-women mentality should not be acceptable. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Are you equating a law that prohibits federal tax dollars from being spent on elective abortions to the stoning of women for adultery?

Who is the extremist now?

Blue Wind said...

"Are you equating a law that prohibits federal tax dollars from being spent on elective abortions to the stoning of women for adultery?"

No, I simply make the point that this policy, supported by Dole and the likes, shows disrespect to women and denial of equal rights for women. Why can federal tax dollars be used for other medical procedures, but not abortion? It clearly a mentality similar to the Taliban (of course not as extreme as they are): that women are not equal to men and should do not deserve the right of choice. Blocking federal funding for abortions is the first step in their "crusade" to take away the right of choice from women.

Can you explain in a rational way the specific blocking of federal funding for abortions but not other medical procedures?

Anonymous said...

Dude, we block a whole host of elective procedures. And even using the word Taliban in this discussion reveals your extremism.

But it's always nice when Alan Greyson makes a guest appearance here on Team America.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Bob Dold is like (just not quite as extreme) as the Taliban:

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that snide little bit about Walsh's supporters being "shall we say rabid?" was most certainly -- shall we say RINO?

Blue Wind said...

"Dude, we block a whole host of elective procedures. And even using the word Taliban in this discussion reveals your extremism."

Which ones? Please explain and name specifically. And if you can not address a point in an intelligent way, dont resolve to name calling. I did not compare Dold to the Taliban. You brought the discussion to that point. All I wrote (and I stand by it) is that Dold's position of blocking federal insurance funding for abortions is in reality an anti-choice position. For a very simple reason. It deprives many women of their right of choice. If you can counter that, explain.

Anonymous said...

Blue (aka Alan),

Medicaid doesn't pay for essentially any elective procedures.

Reread your own posts - you said Bob's position was similar but less extreme than that held by the Taliban

But I'm happy to see you taking a more reasonable position now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:44, you think Blue is more reasonable now? Not yet. Most likely not ever. His twisted logic on the issue of choice is clear. No federal dollars should go to provide abortion on demand. That has NOTHING to do with restricting a woman's right to have the procedure, just the right of federal government not to pay for it. Porter never changed that position nor did Kirk and BOTH are pro-choice. Blue knows it, he just wants it his way. A woman and her physician decide what's best, NOT the government. In the case of rape or incest that's a totally different issue and he knows it.
Perhaps Blue is just getting very anxious with only 17 days to go. His guy is in free fall. The newest polls out today show the 10th district race with Bob Dold UP and not down. All that DC staff brought in to get Dan over the line can't convince smart voters to elect someone not right for this district. And the district will speak on November 2.