Saturday, October 30, 2010

Michael Bond (Hasn't) Said Suzi Schmidt Hates Kittens (Yet)

It's tough to get attention with a political flyer in the last weeks before an election just because the sheer volume of political mail that hits the mailboxes, and the tendency of the voters to just tune out after a while. But if any mailer is going to get your attention, this one from Suzi Schmidt pointing out the ridiculousness of the lies told by her opponent, State Senator Michael Bond, about Schmidt, will do it:


Anonymous said...

Once again, no comments on behalf of RINO Schmidt. Bond is endorsed by the NRA. Schmidt is a pro-choice, pro-tax, pro-spend career politician. Bond has a young family, three school aged kids. Schmidt vacations in Florida with Suzi Link instead. It's high time we recognized that Bond represents our values better than Schmidt.

Team America said...

Anon 12:38, give it a rest. Suzi is going to crush Mr. Bond. He'll be looking for a state job any day now.

Suzi is no friend of Terry Link. I told her personally that as soon as we get her elected and Bond out, Link is next on the list. She's looking forward to helping him out the door.

Angie said...

Strange how some of the bashers are always named "Anonymous"......are they afraid of being identified? If so, why?