Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rasmussen Polling Has Mark Kirk Up Over Alexi Giannoulias 44% to 40%

A brand new poll by Rasmussen has Congressman Mark Kirk up over State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, 44% to 40%, in the race for U.S. Senate in Illinois. The undecideds are at only 5%. That's where the battleground will be.


Anonymous said...

Cook and Rothenberg both say that Seals has the edge:

It has to hurt when you can't beat a 2 time loser in a strong Republican year.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how that out-of-work consultant touted "we ask America" when the poll showed him up and now it's "worthless" since he's down 12 points.

Two polls currently show DOLD up by double digits.

Early turnout is light in all areas SEALS needs for the exception of Highland Park.

Uh Oh Dan, you may finally have to get a job and support your family after all.

Please stop bothering us with your campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Remind me again which Senate seat Kirk is running for? Is it for Illinois or for China?"

Blue Wind said...

TA, I hate to break the news to you, but it seems that Kirk has huge problems with corruption. The story breaking today about Kirk doing fundraisers in China and then voting to ship job overseas should be enough to end his campaign and his chances. We are talking IL-style corruption now. This short of activity is only slightly different than Blagojevitch-type operations. Seriously. I am curious to see what his response to that will be. Refusing to answer again?

Anonymous said...

mark never did a fundraiser in china, blue. You apparently learned geography at the same moron academy that taught pup that hyde park was local to the north shore.

your boy alexi, also said during the meet the press debate that he wants to recruit more educated immigrants to come here and to "staple a green card to their backs". That's a policy opposed by most serious non brain dead american politicians because it means giving white collar jobs (hello abbott, baxter, ect) to foreigners rather than laid off illinoisans. Good luck selling that d-pstick policy in northbrook.

I finally saw the wttw debate on tv last night. I haven't been able to see any of the other debates. But there was a thing at the end where they asked about regrets about "current job". The pup noted the failure of his startup as "his current job".

It's funny because I thought the point failed 3 years ago. Perhaps the gumshoes at team america can correct me, but pup has never said during this campaign that he was working for the point. So then foklaeaps is stumped, why would a candidate who does not currently work for a company claim that it's his current job? pup just can't help himself from lying.

dold was bland and apparently does not read team america's blog, but he should have caught that and slammed him for it. Dold, for his flaws actually works here and has a business and I would have expected him to deck the pup for what the pup's failed economic policies have done to his business. A little more dick green mad as hell was in order.

I thought brackett was a misreble failure and biased against dold. She asked no tough questions of pup, and they were all about limousine liberal issues like social security cuts and abortion.

oh and the dccc just unloaded a million dollar ad buy AGAINST dold this afternoon.

10/19/10 General Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte Oppose Robert Dold (R) $631,633.28 Media Buy


Blue Wind said...

Are you shaking? Why did you post 3 times the same silly post? As for the China fundraisers of Kirk, read below. There is apparently an insider in the Kirk campaign that leaked that info and they have now online the actual documents:

Blagojevich would be proud of Kirk's approach to the subject.

Anonymous said...

I did not post 3times. there was an error. team america is mentioned in the documents.

there was one fundraiser.

and as you can see on the front, blago was a 10th dems endorsed guy with karen may/susan garrett and lbgt's stamp of approval.


Team America said...

Blue, it's not FOLKLEAPS fault, it seems to be a computer glitch that happens now and again with Blogger, until I can get in and delete duplicative posts.

The reason I did not get to it earlier was that I was teaching tonight, because unlike your hero Dan Seals, I really am an adjunct professor at NU. But I digress, because as I've always said, this Blog isn't about me.

Kirk did not go to China to do a fundraiser: according to Cap Fax, if that's what's you're implying:

=== * The Kirk campaign says that the candidate held a “Skype” fundraising meeting with American businesspeople in Bejing, China. I’m told that 12 people participated in the event. ===

So, unlike Lexi going to Canada, this was a little different, and the participants, again according to Cap Fax, were Americans, not Chinese. So what?

Team America said...

Yes, FOKLAEAPS, I'm in the Kirk memo, but it's nothing that couldn't be found out by looking at the FEC filings.

I can't wait till they nail the mole.

Even as a member of the finance committee, I don't see those kind of memos, so it has to be someone on the inside-inside team.

Anonymous said...

what is the second poll that has Dold up by double digits? I know of the We Ask America one, but not of any others.

Anonymous said...

the nrcc did polls 1 month ago, they released the ones showing gop people in front. dold's was not released and today the dccc and liberal special interest groups dumped 1 million bucks into the race. the nrcc is spending 50k a week-probably just ads on fox. last year the dccc spent 2.1 million on pup.

draw your own conclusions.

this has been a problem for months. there are 13 days left in the campaign and every day they dont find the sob, is another day mark's divorce filings, internal opposition research or some other godforsaken thing like a deal he cut with the right wing or memo could be released.

It's important to note that a number of recent senate candidates have had their campaigns neutered by the sort of issues the congressman has been plagued by.

1. blair hull's divorce records were leaked.

2. jack ryan-like mark a trevian gop senate candidate had his divorce proceedings rumored about and then released.

any sort of "here's how we hoodwink the teaparty into voting for us memo" or "here's what we do to drive up conservative support for mark memo"ect, could flip this race and like I said, it's happened before with this seat and this is illinois.

If the congressman can't figure out which one of his people are betraying him with this stuff-his press team has already betrayed him but that's another matter- He really doesn't deserve the seat.


Anonymous said...

You know the problem with Kenilworth and living in your parents house?

The Rent is Too Damn High!

Fake Bob Dolt

Anonymous said...

Just for reference, we're talking about the guy that did a hokey name ID ad 25 days out...let's not give too much credit here.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

I want one last vintage team america groinpunch at seals for this debategate resume flop where he says he told wttw that the point is his current employment.



Blue Wind said...

So TA,
Do you find it ok that Kirk did fund raising with businessmen in Benjiing and then voted against stopping the tax loopholes that encourage corporations to send American jobs to places like China? Dont tell me you find that OK. I am sure you realize it is wrong. As for the presence of a "mole" in Kirk's campaign, it simply shows how dysfunctional that campaign and Kirk's operations are.

Anonymous said...

The vote came up the day after the "Skype" fundraiser? Who schedules the votes in Congress, Nancy Pelosi?

And didn't Mayor Daley go to China just recently. Who paid for that? What deals did he cut?

Grasping at straws in desperation at the end of a race.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

The Rasmussen article states that 4% support Jones and that 8% support some other candidate. The other candidate must be Mike Labno, a Libertarian, but the article doesn't mention his name. A week ago, "some other candidate," in the Rasmussen poll, only got 5%.

Conservative Veteran

Team America said...

CV - do you still have it in for Kirk after all this? Go ahead and stump for Labno or Zadek if you like, but it's a vote for Giannoulias, so you'll have to live with yourself.

And don't tell me you're too principled. I recall you were touting Beth Coulson to run for Congress pretty hard when you wanted to run for her state rep seat.

A. Bees said...

China, really Blue?

Just because someone is working in China, it doesn't make them any less of a US citizen. They have as much of a right as an American to contribute to a campaign as you or me. It's called the first amendment and it protects the rights of every American to financially support candidates for elected office, regardless of where they live.

And are we shaking? Hell no. Alexi has yet to identify anything that he has accomplished of merit or that he is anything more than a spoiled rich kid who has screwed up every job he's had.

So while you spout your talking points about Mark Kirk, the reality is that he has succeeded throughout his career. He knows how to do the job in D.C. and won't be a rubber stamp, unlike Alexi.

There's a reason Kirk is up in the polls and a reason why almost all of the newspapers are endorsing him.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, is there any WORSE canidate in history than AG?

Think about it........... Alexi, Quinn and Dan "I don't work or live in the DIstrict" Seals?

God help us if ANY of them get elected.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:08, your nightmare might just come to pass.

Seals is on a roll, he's been endorsed by 4/5 newspapers in the 10th District.

I wonder when Dolt is going to realize that his blatant flip flops aren't going to fool anyone.

10th District Values Voter

Anonymous said...

Well stated, A Bees. It's painful watching AG trying to answer questions posed during these debates. Without a script he is simply clueless. Reminds me someone else in office who can't speak unless fully scripted. Mark Kirk is far from perfect. Mark Kirk IS, however, a man with a proven record of demonstrated success in Congress and in life. I get panicky at the thought of Seals or AG going off to DC. Nightmares and worse. We have 12 days to help get out the vote for Bob Dold and Mark Kirk. Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

10 District Values Voter,

I wonder when Seals will get a job, support his family or move to the District.

This guy makes every other candidate look like a heavyweight. He's as heavy as a cork.


Our country has already been screwed by one non-working P.O.S.

As the head of a not-for-profit I had hoped for great things in this election in order to help the thousand out there in OUR district who need help so badly now. Instead the SEALS campaign has chosen to run the worst type of campaign - attack, attack and misrepresent.

We need real answers from real achievers - Dold is far from perfect but Seals typifies what is the worst in our political climate - a out of work guy who will say or do anything to be elected.

He is one sorry S.O.B.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:03

That sorry S.O.B. is going to be your congressman at the rate things are going.

Anonymous said...

I nominate anon @ 6:03 for most bitter and angry head of a non-profit ever. wow.

Anonymous said...

Or at least the most honest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:10

Yep.........You are damn right I'm bitter and angry.

People need real help right now and what we are getting is attack ads threatening woman with jail time if they vote a particular way?!?!?!?!

The 10th is a rare place. Extreme wealth and then there's the "other side of the tracks." There we don't have room or time for slogans and preaching. People need REAL help and it's disgraceful to see what some people will do to get elected.

When you get away from the sound bites and snappy rehearsed lines of these practiced politicians who will do or say ANYTHING to get elected you WLL see the realities of our system's failures.

We need real answers not more platitudes from know-nothing politicians. Yeah I'm bitter and angry about seeing more and more of our youth waste away. You should be too; or are you too busy to care and would rather accept the status quo?

Don' think "not for profit" automatically means crazy liberal..............maybe our independence is what let's us help so many people.

You are damn right I'm angry and bitter.

Anonymous said...

Bitter and Angry,

It all makes perfect sense. After years of being deceived by Mark 'Misremember' Kirk and his combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq (really?), I'm bitter and angry too. I'm ready for a congressman who's values actually represent the district. I'm ready for a Congressman who's going to represent a D +6 district by actually voting with Democrats. Dan Seals is that person and all of the major local newspapers that actually cover the 10th seem to agree with me.

Bob Dolt's 15 minutes are up. He can join Klopp in the 'failure' section.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial