Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Night For Dan Sugrue In 59th Legislative District

Tonight my good friend Dan Sugrue hosted a very successful fundraiser at Opa! in Vernon Hills, in the heart of the 59th District. Among the many attendees and elected officials were Vernon Hills Mayor Roger Byrne, and Vernon Hills Trustee Cindy Hebda, who was Dan's opponent in the GOP primary.

Roger vowed that he planned to be very visible in Vernon Hills and other parts of the District over the next three weeks making sure the word gets out that Dan Sugrue should be the next State Representative from this District. Cindy Hebda added her support, and cautioned that if anyone heard Dan's opponent, Democrat Carol Sente, saying that Cindy was a friend of hers who supported Sente, Hebda said, 'I'm no friend of Carol'. Well, there ya have it.

Dan was his usual understated and affable self, but noted that his campaign was being run out of a storefront office on Route 60, whereas his opponent's campaign headquarters was located in the U.A.W. headquarters in Lincolnshire. Who do we really want to represent us in Springfield? Someone like Dan who is looking to represent all of us, or a Machine appointee like Carol Sente whose very campaign headquarters location speaks volumes about where her priorities are?

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