Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Seals for Dold" Video Making Waves on the Internet

One of the most creative political ads this season, and one that invokes at least a wry grin, if not outright chuckles, from viewers, is Republican Bob Dold's "Seals for Dold" video (which, of course, takes a light-hearted look at his opponent, Dan Seals' positions), which has now exceeded 12,000 views on YouTube. In case you haven't caught it yet, it's a must-see:

While some of the usual political pundits, notably those on the "dark side," seem obsessed with fact checking and the biological issue of whether the seal lion in the video is legitimately a member of the "seal" family, it's clear a lot of folks are viewing the video and getting a kick out of it.

By comparison, views of the "Seals for Dold" video have eclipsed any other 10th District political videos put out by Democrat Dan Seals by thousands of views, even though some of his videos were posted over two years ago, and the "Seals" video has been up about a week.

Congressman Dan Seals? For real, Broheim?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Tony Peraica taught Dold and his people the same sign vandalizing techniques!

"I am impressed by Robert Dold’s grassroots campaign and network of motivated volunteers."- Tony Peraica

Anonymous said...

Maybe Congressman Rangel taught Seals and his people the same financial dishonesty techniques!

Pretty pathetic behavior from Democrats this election cycle. Just make up a charge, any charge about any Republican any where, any time, any place.

Facts and the truth need not be included!

Anonymous said...

Congressman Rangel never endorsed Seals. Tony "Night Ninja" Peraica endorsed Dold.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:47

I'm a Democrat, and that sounds ridiculous even to me

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, politico which sometimes picks up stories from this blog, has a very very very interesting story out this morning where democrat consultants basically aknowledge a brutal beating coming.

What's interesting is that the pollster quoted, analzone, is none other than the pup's pollster according to his fec reports and he says that democrats up a few points or tied at this point are going to lose very badly. this probably means alexi is going to be putting together his resume on wednesday because he falls into that category.

As for this ad, I could never have seen mark doing this or getting a specially embroidered ridiculous fleece vest with his campaign logo on it like dold but that's another story.