Thursday, October 7, 2010

If Alexi Giannoulias Is An "Independent Outsider," Then I'm A Non-Partisan Blogger

In yet another sign of how desperate Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias has become, he's now claiming to be an "independent outsider" to avoid the tarring that Democrats in general, and especially Illinois (now that they have run our state into the ground) are expected to take in November.

If Alexi is an "independent outsider" than I'm a non-partisan, objective blogger.


I guess the irony of Alexi claiming to be independent, today of all days, is completely lost on him, since President Obama, his former basketball buddy and political godfather, is coming back once again to Chicago to try to save Alexi's campaign.

However, in the same breath, Alexi says he would stand with Dick Durbin, while his opponent, Republican Congressman Mark Kirk, would “negate every single one of Dick Durbin’s votes.”

Wow. That's maybe the best reason I've yet heard for why Illinoisans ought to be voting for Kirk over Alexi. Kirk ought to put that in his next commercial. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Come on TA! Giannoulias is an independent who will vote just like Dick Durbin votes!

Funny, isn't Roland Burris doing the same thing right now?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

the tribune backed mark, the editorial sounds like something team america could have written-only better. It is a final beautiful, powerful verbal dagger in the bleeding hearts of the trashy fraud that has been the 10th dems and is an exclamation mark (pun intended) to a decade of tremendous leadership.

I'm only saddened by the fact that in 3.5 weeks mark won't have the chance to destroy local democrats every 2 years, but i'll settle for him in the senate.

read it, eat it and weep about it, rob n., carl, lucky mom, lee goodman, henry perritt,pup, ross nickow, hussein freeman- were arafat and osama taken?, concerned colonial, patrick mogge, greg garmisa, john hmuvoric, jay footlik, democat, ellen beth shrill, and the rest of you local clowns who wasted 11 years of your lives trashing and getting whupped by our next us senator mark steven kirk.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Alexi Ellen and Pup Slayer