Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dan "Job Killer" Seals Hit Hard by Robert Dold in New Video Ad

GOP nominee Bob Dold has unleased his first negative video ad against his Democratic opponent, third-time candidate Dan Seals. It's called "Job Killer":


Narrator: Dan Seals is suddenly running as a pro-business candidate. Yet, every policy Seals supports grows government, and kills jobs:

The largest income tax increase in history;

Government-run healthcare, funded by Medicare cuts;

Death Tax; Energy Tax; New Spending.

Job Killers, all of them. Illinois doesn't need a job killer. We need a job creator: Robert Dold.

Dold: I'm Robert Dold and I approved this message.

h/t Daily Herald


Anonymous said...


While NRCC does some fear mongering for Bingo Bob Dolt, Dan Seals was just endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times. There is no need for me to editorialize further, the endorsement article's content speaks for itself.,CST-EDT-edit03a.article

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Dold is going to have to do better than this, especially after the week he just had....

Also, not a great ad, it starts off strong, but it ends really weirdly, and leaves a very strange impression. It almost looks like the consultant made the ad too long and then said screw it and threw a disclaimer on the end.

Blue Wind said...

Hey Team America,
There is no way on earth that a tea-partier like Dold has a chance in IL10. If Dold wants to win he should run in Alaska or Mississippi. IL10 is not a tea-party area and voters do not appreciate candidates who want to take away the right of women to chose or support the bizarre tea party movement.

You may want to focus your efforts on Kirk. He has a better chance to be elected. I hate to admit it, but they way things look now Kirk is more like to win than Giannoulias. What a shame.

Team America said...

CC - all the Sun-Times endorsement proves is that after 5 years of doing this, Seals has finally had enough practice to tell a left-leaning bunch like the Sun-Times board what they want to hear. Notice they didn't seem to care about actual accomplishments, since Seals doesn't have any. It won't go so well for Seals with the more discerning Trib, my friend.

Blue Wind, where ya been the last couple months? We were starting to worry about you.

Blue Wind said...

Hey TA,
Just too busy at work. Anyway, I have good news for you. Here it is:

Last Chicago Trib poll:
Giannoulias 38 Kirk 36,0,1653461.story

I fell a little better now. It seems Alexi is on his way to a victory. Maybe after the elections, Kirk and Doll will open a business together selling tea products. Kirk will need a new job and I am sure Dold as "job creator" will find him one. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

TA, you're forgetting that only Kirk won pretty narrowly, against a pretty inept opponent, who seems to have gotten his act together this time around.

Also I find it pretty interesting that you didn't say a single word in support of Bob Dolt.

What's got to be even more disconcerting for you is the fact that only Louis Atsaves is out here defending Dold day in and day out when he used to have at least 5-6 consistent defenders.

Bob Dold is blowing this race and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals job-killer. Exactly. Can't wait for fundraising numbers to come.

Publia said...

This blog doesn't need Dold defenders because he's the one playing offense.

Dan Seals = old tired ideas and yesterday's candidate who couldn't pull it out in a hyper-Democrat year.

It's good to see the Sun-Times revert to its old South Side/Chicago Machine roots. I salute them for standing behind one of their own.

Anonymous said...

Publia, apparently you haven't paid any attention to anything this week.

Dolt on offense? That's pretty laughable:

-He started the week by telling the Daily Herald Ed Board "I don't know"

-He then took a nice big hit for telling Conservative Magazine to hide his views

-Then came Dolt's tiny voter fraud/tax fraud issue

-Next came WGN's piece about Dolt's inept finances

-And Dolt capped off his solid week by losing the Sun Times Endorsement

That's almost a new hit every day of the week.

So yeah, I'd say Dolt did a pretty awesome job staying on offense.

10th District Values Voter

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that the DCCC is pretty pathetic in it's latest attempt to spread vicious lies about Bob DOLD. In the bright red mail piece paid for by the DCCC they attack Bob knowing that he IS pro-choice. I won't tell you how disgusting that latest piece of trash is only to say that the 10th Dems, the DCCC and Seals are pretty desperate to re-hash what they tried to do to Mark Kirk on the very same issues. It didn't work then, it won't work now. Bob DOLD has been endorsed by Republicans for choice. No, he does not want, nor do most in our nation, the government paying for this procedure that a woman elects. Porter held that position, Kirk did, DOLD does. On the issue of parental notification, isn't it odd that the school officials need to call a parent before dispensing an aspirin, but the left leaning Democrats want abortion without letting a parent be involved in helping their daughter through a monumental decision.
As for the Sun Times, they are back to their roots as the tool of the Democrat party in Chicago. I think they should check on the accuracy of their statements about Seal's background. Lots of embellishment there, but hey, this is Chicago style politics and the rules are different.

Anonymous said...

"Bob Dold is blowing this race and you know it."

I would disagree with this comment as it is not Bob Dold who's blowing it. It's his amateur and unprofessional staff who are ruining a great candidate.

Anonymous said...

as far as the scum times/suntimes goes, any newspaper that gives a column to the reverend jesse jackson is toilet paper.

I have never been a dold guy, out of respect to team america, baxters mom, king louis, conservative vet, and the rest of team america nation plus my hatred of pup I am reserving my personal thoughts on his campaign. I will say that for the first time in more than 15 years going back to kathy parker, peter fitzgerald ect, it looks like we are going to have an actual farm team with people like hamilton chang, thunder dan segrue, tremendous turelli the tornado and others finally giving team america someone other than mark to root for in government.

I expect dold to get the tribune endorsement and for those scoring at home that makes pup 1/3 with general election endorsements from the suntimes which is a failing grade, just like him.


Anonymous said...

Dold needs to have raised over $600,000 to remain competitive in this race. If he makes it and gets the Trib end., money will pour in from outside.

Talk is that Seals is suffering from a huge enthusiasm gap and there is concern that independents are breaking right. That is a deadly combo for Seals, and he knows his only hope is to go negative. Eyes are on his fundraising this quarter because at least one outside group and probably more will not fulfill commitments if he is outraised by any significant margin.

Team America said...

Anon 9:30, looks like you got your fundraising wish, and then some. See the updated post today.

Anonymous said...

While CC and some other sour faces never use Bob Dold's name correctly, he has skyrocketed with his third quarter fundraising. To raise over $800,000 in the third quarter just shows the strength of his message and of HIM as the person to fill the huge Kirk shoes in representing the 10th District. Maybe if Dan Seals had actually done something of value these past 6 years while he was running for office, perhaps if he had decided that he actually be familiar with the issues in the district he'd like to represent, he'd be more credible. He's not. He never has been. Bob Dold is a breath of real fresh ideas at a time they're urgently needed in DC. Way to go, Bob, and kudos to his Finance Team.