Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicago Tribune Gets to the Bottom of Alexi Giannoulias' Bright Start Debacle

On the run this morning, so not much time to add analysis here, but I suspect everyone will want to talk about the Trib's above-the-fold story this morning about Alexi's mismanagment of our college savings in the Bright Start plan... which pretty much says it all anyway.


Blue Wind said...

Hey TA...Desperate yet? Did you notice that Alexi is ahead in the last Rasmussen poll by 1 point? A move of 5 points from the previous one that was showing Kirk ahead by 4? Dont have any doubt. Alexi will win and will be the next senator from IL. He will be a great one. In the tradition of great senators from IL like Simon, Obama and Durbin.

Blue Wind

Anonymous said...

I think I've heard it all, TA. Blue BELIEVES that Alexi would be like Paul Simon? The last thing IL or the US Senate needs would be men like Durbin or the other guy.
Blue is dark navy with no hope in sight.

Blue Wind said...

I understand your desperation, because it is now becoming clear by the day that Kirk does not have a real chance and he will be defeated. But in case you missed it, the "other guy" is our president now. President Obama was a senator from IL and was elected president in November 2008. Just in case you missed it...

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind, Obama played at being our Senator and that's a fact. A man who stood up NOT to be counted by voting PRESENT more than casting votes with a purpose is hardly someone to brag about. When he wasn't busy dodging taking a stand on issues, he was busy running around seeking a higher office. Paul Simon had principles, Obama none, Durbin, zippo. As for what happens on November 2, let's wait before you start cheering. Wise idea, Blue.

Anonymous said...

From the Huff Post:

" recent Illinois poll, Republican Mark Kirk (42%) edged Democrat Alexi Giannoulias (41%) by just 1 point, and within the statistical margin of error. However, of voters who said they knew both candidates the race broke for Kirk by a full 8 points."

I think you're going to be in for a surprise on the evening of November 2nd, Blue Wind.