Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bob Dold Criss-Crosses the 10th Congressional District on His "Let's Get to Work" Bus Tour

Republican candidate Bob Dold is taking his famous campaign bus out for one more spin as he criss-crosses the 10th Congressional District to bring his "jobs, jobs, jobs" message to the people of the 10th. Here's a feel-good photo montage of some of the places and businesses he has visited, and the enthusiastic supporters who are lining up behind him:

This race is going to be close, but I think Bob will be able to put a large part of the credit for a win to his bus tour and getting out directly to the people in a big way, while his opponent Dan Seals... well, we're actually not quite sure what Dan Seals has been doing with his time, besides pestering the DCCC for more money for negative campaign ads.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan has been busy!

Sitting in your office all day, and hoping that your name recognition, and the fact that you're lying about Dold in all of your ads is hard damn work!

After all, Dan hasn't had a job in, like, 15 years, so sitting in his office all day, and hoping that his name recognition, and the fact that he's lying about Dold in all of his ads really is the hardest he's worked in, like, 15 years.

Go easy on Seals...He's isn't used to using his brain, so all of this thinking stuff has GOT to be super-duper taxing!

Poor little fella....


Fielding "Not Phillipe" Melish

Anonymous said...

Hey TA, I can see that the jobs message is really breaking through.

This is only further confirmed by the fact that Team Dolt's final lit piece is all about abortion.

Wait a second, this would seem to contradict what I just said...

Isn't funny how the best Bob Dold can do in the final 72 hours is to continue to play defense.

I'm sure he'll do so much better in 2012, but then again by that point he'll be a career candidate.

10th District Values Voter

Blue Wind said...

I am pessimistic and, unfortunately, believe that Tuesday will be a complete disaster election day in IL with Kirk and Brady getting elected. The only bright spot in the state may end being IL10. Dold will lose and, finally, a democrat will represent IL10. In fact, I think that Dold will lose by a wide margin. Tea party-like candidates are not electable in IL10.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure what chemicals you have ingested on those environmental sites, but there is no way that you can honestly believe that Dolt is going to win the 10th. The guy has been on defense the entire campaign period and it's been made abundantly clear that his values are not even close to those of our district. Dold was a candidate that was put up by GOP interests and is a tool of the pest control lobby.

On the other hand, after seeing Dan on the trail, it's clear that he's ready to lead. Though Congress is constrained by seniority, I think he has a chance to make an immediate positive impact on the hill and work to look out for the interests for everyone in the district (not just the pest companies like Bingo Bob).

48 hours until Congressman Seals becomes a reality and Dold can join Kelly Klopp in the nearest bar.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Blue Wind said...

There are some good news for Alexi. A very recent poll (the last one) shows him ahead of Kirk by 3 points:

It may not be that bad after all. Hopefully we will have both congressman Seals and senator Giannoulias on Tuesday.

Team America said...

Blue- I'm not worried until the Kirk people are worried, and so far, they are not worried.

Tune back in tomorrow for TA's handicap of the races.

Team America said...

By the way, Blue, I looked at the crosstabs for that YouGov poll you referenced, and they did not name either of the third party candidates, including LeAlan Jones, who is pulling from Lexi's base.

Rich Miller at Capfax will not even discuss any poll that doesn't name all four top candidates by name, and the YouGov poll only does the top two. Try again.

Blue Wind said...

I am glad the Kirk people are not worried. I hope they keep that "confidence". They can worry after Tuesday, as they evaluate potential new career paths for Kirk. Hopefully, he will be searching for a new job starting Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


Kirk over alexi by 3
Brady over quinn by 5

dan rutherford gets the highest percent of any gop running statewide.

democrats lose 9 u.s. senate seats, 65 house seats.

chuck schumer becomes the next senate democrat leader. pelosi hangs on to her gavel even in the minority as liberals can't give it up for steny.

obama white house blames illinois losses on economy they inherited, blago, fatigue with democrats and weak candidate selection. i.e. anything but obama.

seals/dold heads to recount

halvorson/foster/hare all lose.

melissa bean 's opponent gets 46 percent, and local goper's kick themselves for letting such a wall street pawn get a free pass.

pollak gets 35 percent, still sounds like an arrogant goof.

may/biss lose.

catwoman's head explodes. carl nyberg blames facsist outside groups. Catlady writes lethargic column about 6 years of her life wasted on the pup, contemplates retiring from her blog and her frustration with having to fight another political war against the new right. i.e. tea party.

total civil war breaks out between establishment bush republicans lead by karl rove and mcconnell and grassroots tea party conservatives lead by sarah palin and demint.

the chicago media ignores election night and begins holding 7 month vigil outside rahm emanuel's house giving breaking news coverage to his every move.

suddenly unemployed alexi takes job either in dc or in obama campaign.


Anonymous said...

'pollak gets 35 percent, still sounds like an arrogant goof.'

I don’t know why you discount Pollak. One of the most intelligent new candidates. An asset to the republican party.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Anon @ 8:03 hasn't read the Tribune's Schakowsky endorsement:

"But boy, he needs to dial down his disdain for people who disagree with him. Yes, Schakowsky is one of the more partisan members of the House — but if Pollak got there, he might trump her on that score.",0,587673.story?page=2

Ray said...

Dold likes to talk up the jobs thing a lot, but his platform is more a recipe for exporting jobs to China. He's kind of like Kirk that way.

He says: free trade, lower taxes, lower government spending, and retrain workers. What's wrong with that is that to prosper, businesses don't need lower taxes, they need more people to buy their stuff. Lower taxes are a poor economic stimulus, especially when personal debt is so high and nobody can afford to buy anything. With personal consumption low, government spending must fill the gap, or the economy goes into a tailspin. Cut government spending now, and you will raise unemployment, just like in 1937, when the Republicans convinced Roosevelt to cut back.

Job retraining is great, but who is going to pick the industry to train them for? Until the economy picks up again, who knows what the next big thing will be? And free trade? Since we aren't making things here any more, free trade means buying lots of cheap crap from Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, the Chinese are building 8,000 miles of high speed rail lines, financed by all that cheap crap that we bought from them. Big Mouth Billy Bass is great, but I'd rather have high speed rail linking the major midwest cities with Chicago as the hub.

Thanks, but no thanks...I voted for Dan Seals and Alexi Giannoulias.