Friday, October 15, 2010

Bob Dold Hits Dan Seals on Death Tax and Other Issues Affecting Seniors

I was wondering when Bob Dold was going to make an issue of the so-called "death tax," which springs back into life next year unless something is done, at a whopping 55%. Here is the latest Dold press release:

Seals Policies Hurt Seniors

Arlington Heights, IL- At a visit to Luther Village today, 10th District Congressional candidate Robert Dold outlined policies supported by Dan Seals that will hurt the economic security of seniors, including Seals’s support for the death tax, his support for the health care law that cuts $560 billion out of Medicare, and his refusal to acknowledge that Social Security is in crisis.

“Dan Seals would punish seniors who have saved for their retirement security, and he would punish seniors who rely on Social Security for their economic security, all while supporting gutting Medicare by $560 billion” said campaign spokesperson John McGovern. “Seniors lose with Seals’s policies.”

Seals supports the health care law, which cut $560 billion from Medicare to fund the law. Seals also supports reinstatement of the death tax, which applies to income that was already taxed when it was earned. This law results in a double layer of tax that penalizes seniors for working hard and saving money throughout their lifetimes.

The death tax, which will go from zero to 55 percent in 2011 unless Congress acts to stop it, collects only slightly more than 1 percent of the federal tax revenue but has a much larger negative impact on the economy. It is also by far the least popular federal tax, as 60 to 70 percent of adults consistently say they want the tax repealed permanently.

“We need leaders who acknowledge the challenges facing Social Security, and step up to support policies that will ensure the health and economic security for seniors who have worked hard throughout their lives to prepare for retirement,” concluded McGovern.



Anonymous said...

Ouch! Have you seen that ad against Seals?

Truth hurts Dan.

Its about time someone hit him on his record of support for the Pelosi agenda. Seriously, does anyone think that Dan would not have voted in lock-step with Pelosi if he had actually won in 2006 or 2008?

And now that his campaign is being run out of DC, does anyone really believe that Seals won't be a Toady for Pelosi?

Perhaps Dold is too nice. I guess we can say that about him. At least there are others who are willing to call Seals out.

Anonymous said...

Dold is channeling Sarah Palin again. Good luck with that.

Not_a_Carpetbagger said...

It's a good thing Dold ditched out on an important debate against Seals to appear of Fox News where he was absolutely stellar! Another good move by strategy team Dold!

There’s no good news when you Google yourself

Potted Plant

Anonymous said...

The press release and ad are boring and should have been part of the ongoing narrative since Feb. Did Bob's team just figure out that there are rich old people in the district?

Team America said...

=== Did Bob's team just figure out that there are rich old people in the district? ===


Anonymous said...

Dolt grows more desperate by the day. Really, the Times article kind of sums it up: Dold avoiding voters, being on a conservative TV show and failing to talk about real issues.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

P.S. Kelly Klopp officially fired? If it takes a candidate this long to clean house on a campaign, it says more about them then it does their campaign.

Anonymous said...

Just one follow up...

Why would Dold attack Dan for being anti-seniors if Dan already received the endorsement of the National Committee to
Preserve Social Security and Medicare. Not to mention Dold's tacit endorsement of The Roadmap, which privatizes social security...

Just reinforces my point about Dolt being inept.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Dan's not against the liberal talking heads who claim to represent seniors. Just against real seniors who rely upon Medicare ($500 billion cut in 10 years, $1 trillion if you start counting when the cuts go into effect starting in 2014). Just as one example.

That said, is BOB a supporter of seniors if he first brings up the death tax 18 days before the election?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me as if Dold's campaign strategy is in fact no strategy at all. How is it that a candidate with so much potential could let his campaign staff control what he says and does so badly. It was a real bad move to Dold to ditch the BJBE debate as it shows that he's really not interested in the people in his district and just looking to get himself ahead with TV fame. DC is already full of these clowns.