Monday, October 11, 2010

MSNBC's Morning Joe Labels It the "Jaws Giorango Debate" (UPDATED x2)

From the Kirk for Senate Campaign:


From Morning Joe: “They’ll call that the Jaws Giorango debate. That was a tough moment for Giannoulias.”

MIKA BREZINZKI: Giannoulias himself was put on the defensive when David Gregory questioned him about loans his family's failed bank made to crime figures.

DAVID GREGORY: Did you know that they were crime figures that your bank was loaning money to?

ALEXI GIANNOULIAS: As I said we didn't know the extent of that activity but again --

GREGORY: But you knew that they were --

GIANNOULIAS: If you look at any bank, even bigger banks, you find hundreds of individuals --

GREGORY: Did you know they were crime figures that you were loaning money to?

GIANNOULIAS: I didn’t know the extent of their activity.

REP. MARK KIRK: This is the list of all the bank loans to convicted mobsters and felons. The ones in yellow are the ones where he was the senior loan officer of the bank People like Michael “Jaws" Giorango, Demitri Stavropolous, Borist Stratievsky. These are all infamous mob figures and bankers who have very long and storied records. And you don't have to pull their rap sheets. It was in the Chicago Tribune.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: That is tough.

BREZINZKI: Kind of an awkward moment there maybe.

WILLY GEIST: They’ll call that the “Jaws Giorango Debate.” That was a tough moment for Giannoulias.

SCARBOROUGH: Senior loan officer.

BREZINZKI: Yeah. And he didn't know the extent of their --

SCARBOROUGH: He knew they were -- David said did you know that they were criminals. He goes, I didn't know the extent.

BREZINZKI: I don't know.

SCARBOROUGH: I mean, was it -- did they steal $20 million or --

GEIST: Loan sharking here, racketeering there.

SCARBOROUGH: Loan shark…doing heroin on the side. Sometimes --

DYLAN RATIGAN: They go together.

SCARBOROUGH: Money laundering.

RATIGAN: They have the cash.

SCARBOROUGH: That's not a convincing answer.

BREZINZKI: It wasn't.


UPDATED.... "The Hill" calls the debate for Kirk. Some more interesting background on Alexi and "Jaws" that was known several years ago here. NRSC statement here.

UPDATED x2: Liked this piece from "Brutal: Giannoulias Dismantled on Loans to Mobsters." You'll also like this one, "Congress Needs Some Pest Control" on Bob Dold's 10th District race against Dem Dan Seals.

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Anonymous said...

the hill writer is the hack who got the congressman's ex wife to trash him last summer. It's not good to give trashy lamestream media journalists like carol f'nthal press.

Pretty easy to tell watching that clip who the senator is and who the unemployed ex mobbanker is-maybe he and pup can look for jobs together after they lose in 3 weeks.

The congressman was good, his team has failed him horribly on the response to the resume issue. The congressman has a great story to tell of being the sort of grassroots ideas and solutions driven lawmaker that the country desperately needs right now and if you watch that and read the coverage of the race, that's not the image the media has projected about him.

10 years of hard work in dc and a 30 year career and its a shame he's still in the ball game with a mob banker clown. For future tv debates he also needs to do some advance work ot make sure the cameras can zoom in on the charts. If people can't see them he looks bad.