Monday, October 25, 2010

Classless Alexi Giannoulias Dismisses African-American Ministers Who Endorse Mark Kirk

In yet another display of juvenile political acumen, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias offhandedly dismissed a group of respected African-American ministers who endorsed Republican Mark Kirk, simply because they support his opponent.

This morning, African American community leader Dr. Willie Wilson and other ministers gathered at the Holy Corinthian Baptist Church to endorse Kirk. In a press release from the Kirk campaign, Dr. Wilson stated:

“Congressman Kirk's vision to encourage economic development and job creation is one that is important not only for the African American community, but for every family in the state. I endorse Congressman Kirk because he is a proven leader with a record of independence. We face very serious challenges, and I look forward to working with him to bring more economic opportunity to our state.”

Mary Ann Ahern, writing at NBC-5's Ward Room blog, noted that Rev. Wilson, traditionally affiliated with Democratic causes, says he's more independent these days: "I've been trying to support people who will help our community," Wilson said.

The Ward Room Blog also noted that Alexi's campaign team dismissed the endorsement, claiming Wilson is "not the leader of the Westside."

This insulting dismissal of a significant group of African-American community leaders comes on the heels of Alexi's statement last week that Kirk had committed "economic treason" with a fundraiser this part spring with American businessmen in China. So, first veterans, and now African-Americans (and ministers, to boot). Shall we see if Alexi can offend another important voting group in the eight days before the election to make a trifecta?


Badge of Honor said...

Looks like the rest of the state is learning what we have known here in Lake County for years - Kirk reaches across traditional divides to create coalitions that can work together for common goals - economic growth and a strong defense.

A stark contrast to Alexi's sulking.

Gipley said...

TA, don't you think Alexi is also dissing Asian-Americans with his Beijing attack?

Anonymous said...

Alexi is simply showing his true colors and his total lack of maturity. It also doesn't speak well for his staff. He reminds me of a spoiled kid, kicking and screaming in the corner because someone took away his toys. Mark Kirk is a seasoned, mature legislator who has a brilliant record of achievement here in the 10th district these past 10 plus years. And Alexi? Well, he does seem to do well on the Greek basketball courts!

Anonymous said...

It's a fact of modern politics that there is no button that you can press that makes democrats go more ballistic than when a republican tries to win black voters. Nothing you can say, no ad, no policy, not gays, or god or anything gets democrats to go more nuts than when you get a black to endorse a republican and start campaigning against democrats in black areas. Democrat politicians and more specifically democrats who profit off their ownership of the black vote-think machine ward hacks and people like quinn and alexi-know that the black vote is their firewall and last line of defense, their own 20 yard line if you will. That's why this gutter remark from alexi is not shocking.


Anonymous said...

TA, when you said, "African-American Ministers," I hope that you were referring to ministers who were born in Africa. About 2/3 of Blacks, I know, dislike being called African-Americans. They know that, since a dictionary definition of “African” is “a resident of Africa,” an African-American is anyone who was born in Africa, immigrated to the U.S., and became an American citizen. This definition includes a few races, so whether someone is an African-American can’t be determined by his or her skin color.

Conservative Veteran