Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mark Kirk Hits Alexi Giannoulias on Foreign Policy Experience and Temperment in WTTW Debate (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

Tonight on WTTW in Chicago, Phil Ponce moderated the last scheduled debate between Republican Congressman Mark Kirk and State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, in the hotly-contested U.S. Senate race here in Illinois. Based on what I saw and read afterwards, Kirk and Giannoulias each gave it everything they had, but once all the chaff was fired into the air, it was Mark Kirk who emerged less scathed, and looking much more senatorial by the end of the debate.

Here's your early news wrap-up: AP story here, Tribune Clout Street Blog here, Sun-Times/Lynn Sweet live blog here, Sun-Times article here, Politico here, debate fact-check (courtesy of the Kirk campaign) here,


my very favorite, the debate live blog at Capitol Fax Blog, done mostly by our favorite commentor FOKLAEAPS, who goes by "Shore" over at Cap Fax. Don't miss it.

UPDATED: If you missed the debate last night, Lynn Sweet provides the WTTW video, all 56 minutes of it. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

And that's the way the cookie crumbles folks....this race is over. Kirk wins 50-44. People will be buzzing for about 1 week as to why in the heck this was so close....then nobody remembers Alexi. So, from this long time follower of this blog and long time admirer of concerned colonial and blue wind, your 15 minutes are up. We will miss your rants and your most random thoughts on why you thought Alexi would make a good Senator. You mocked many on this blog for being myopic in support of the Republicans but it was always YOU who wore the blinders. How else could you justify supporting a guy like Alexi who is this year's most unqualified candidate?

I give you credit to come on this site and share your beliefs....perhaps next time you will have a candidate worth your effort.

See ya was a pleasure beating you as it was pleasurable beating Gash, Perritt, Goodman and Seals. Ellen, you gotta be reading this....ouch baby! Please don't take it out on the cats.

Anonymous said...

Ali G looks so weak. He's grasping for every word. Kirk wiped the floor with him. Period.