Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrat Carol Sente (59th Dist.) Claims Son of Breast Cancer Survivor Dan Sugrue Is Against Funding Cancer Research, And Other Lies (UPDATED x3)

Appointed 59th District Democratic State Rep. Carol Sente (who replaced former State Rep. Kathy Ryg after her retirement) vowed that she would fight against the status quo in Springfield and bring a new and badly-needed perspective to state government. She promised that if we elected her, she would go to Springfield to fight for us, and not be a rubber-stamp for Mike Madigan or the Democratic party.

Today, we learn in the Daily Herald that not only has Carol Sente gone back on all of these promises, she has attacked her opponent, Dan Sugure, with baseless accusations of "exremeism" and cutting women's programs.

First, the Herald notes that, despite Sente's pledge to be independent of the Dem machine, she has so far taken way over $200,000 in campaign cash from the State Democratic Party, and more is pouring in on a daily basis, it seems. In fact, based on Sente's campaign disclosures, it appears that Sente has no less than FOURTEEN Dem staffers that have been sent up to work on her campaign, which is viewed as a "must-keep" seat for Madigan, since he expects to bleed seats all over the state.

When the Daily Herald confronted Sente with this obvious incongruity, the only response Sente made was that she didn’t ask for the party’s financial assistance. If that's the case, Ms. Sente, you could have sent all of it back to Springfield, which would have been a lot more consistent with your campaign rhetoric. Now, we see that Sente is just another Democratic operative. (By the way, if taking Mike Madigan's money feels so wrong to you, Carol, send it up to Rich Voltair, who is running against Republican Sandy Cole in the 62nd District - he's not received any help from the Democratic Party and I'm sure he'd take $200K and 14 staffers in a heartbeat.)

Even worse, Sente's Dem party hacks have made baseless attacks against Dan Sugrue, claiming that he'd blindly cut important programs like funding for breast cancer research:

There's, of course, no basis for this, or any of the other attacks Sente has made on Sugrue. The "cancer" allegation is all the more reprehensible, though, since Sugrue's mother is a breast cancer survivor. Sugrue mentioned that to the Herald, too:

“I nowhere have said I would cut breast cancer research my mom is a breast cancer survivor,” he said of an assertion in one of the ads.

“I think it’s an act of desperation on their end,” Sugrue said of campaign tactics.

Bottom line, apppointee Carol Sente is the worst kind of politician -- telling us what we want to hear on one hand, and then when she thinks we are not looking, gets in bed with the very people she has vowed to repudiate when she gets to Springfield. Shame on her.

Vote for Dan Sugrue, who the Chicago Tribune called "truly independent".

UPDATED: I forgot to point out that one fact that didn't make it into the Daily Herald article was that in addition to taking mega-bucks from the Democratic State Party, Sente has her campaign headquarters in the local U.A.W. hall in Lincolnshire.

Meanwhile, the Sugure campaign is hitting back at Sente's lies with a timely mailer of its own:

UPDATED x2 10/29/10: More Lies from Carol Sente: The last days of an election cycle are traditionally the time to lob out your campaign's most baseless and egregious accusations, because there isn't much time for the opposing candidate to refute them, and traditional media outlets like the Daily Herald won't cover them. Politician Carol Sente has this down to a science, although she's been lobbing baseless claims at Dan Sugrue for weeks now. The latest bullsh*t claim she's made against Sugrue is that Dan "wants to take taxpayer funds away from public schools to subsidize private and religious schools." Sente also claims that Sugrue "will help property taxes spike to fund public education so he can direct your tax dollars to religious and private institutions." Sure. Of course, on Sente's latest mail bomb, there's no documentation for any of this.

Perhaps someone should call Sente's office and let her know that, except for the pre-schooler, all of Dan's kids are in public school. If that was really Dan's hidden agenda, I think we'd know it by now. Sente, as you may know, doesn't even have children. Who do you think is more concerned with the state of our public schools? That's right, the guy who has his kids in the system.

Sente claims that Sugrue is a "radical, anti-government extremist." I am very hopeful and optimistic that Sente's false campaign of terror and alarmism is going to spectacularly backfire on her. Voters don't like to be lied to. The real extremist here is Sente, not Sugrue.

Meanwhile, if you haven't seen it, here's Dan's latest mailer touting all of his endorsements:

UPDATED x3: Here's a letter to the editor of the Daily Herald from someone who knows the Sugrue family, and is appalled at the scurrilous lies being told about Dan by Carol Sente and her mob of thugs from the Mike Madigan brigade:

I have received four mailers paid for by the Democratic Party of IL accusing Dan Sugrue of several insanities like his alleged radical social views and being supported from an extremist organization from the far right wing, and of agreeing with alleged gender discrimination practices defended by one of his financial supporters.

I had met Sugrue at a meeting for the committee of a foundation that would benefit the community where his kids attend school. Sugrue was volunteering his time and provided free services as a lawyer. A few months later, I met him again, this time with his wife and children at a dinner party. I was well impressed with both of them and the dynamic of their family. When I learned that Sugrue was going for the state representative seat, even though I am not registered with the Republican party, given the fact that the Sugrues were such genuine people with high moral and family values, I decided to check him out further and validate his commitment to the community.

I am outraged at the lies that Carol Sente is raising about him. They are so unfounded that my first reaction was to feel sorry for her, seeing how her strong opponent drove her to such desperation and lack of common sense. If Sente really cares for the people, why is she misleading them? Sugrue is leading his campaign with the positive approach of how he will represent the current issues that are affecting us. Why isn’t Sente doing the same thing instead of undermining the only option that will bring a real solution to the major issues in our community? What would happen with us if she gets elected? I will vote for Dan Sugrue.

Emma Flanagan

Green Oaks


Anonymous said...

I've been getting her mail and i started just throwing them in the trash about a week ago.

Yesterday, my neighbor in Lake Forest got the Schlafly crap and we just took them down throughout the neighborhood.

Carol should get her hoodlums out of here before folks really start getting angry.

Anonymous said...

Madigan is to Illinois what Pelosi is to Washington, D.C.
and the only way to stop these power mongers is to defeat their bobble heads.

Bye bye Carol - hope you made enough connections to help Daddy's firm get more local government contracts...

Anonymous said...

Great post TA,

Today's WSJ discusses the Dems national campaign to distract female voters from the economic issues and to focus their attention on social issues.

As a pro choice woman, I can see through their tactics and I certainly hope other women can as well.

Women's rights, including choice, were not challenged by George W. Bush and the GOP majority at any point. To play that card is an insult to our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I received the Sugrue piece yesterday - it was powerful. Amazing what some people will do and say to get ahead in life.

She's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

OMG - Just got a piece from the Sente stooges on my door knob stating Dan is a radical anti-government blah blah blah....

Can't wait for the piece that declares him responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Somebody needs to get that chick

Arie Friedman, M.D. said...

Anti-government? Sign me up! I'm supposed to be voting for a pro-government candidate in today's overspending, controlling, corruptocrat, environment?

Nagidam said...

Arie on the spot as usual. The Sente camp is in full panic mode. How do they fail to see in this election being anti-government is actually in? Madigan's goons blew this one BIGTIME!! They cannot get out of their old M.O. of attack to see what the attack should be.

Anonymous said...


Just checked the A1s - Carol received another $4k from Ed Burke (that's right - Chicago), $3.9k Madigan, Elaine Nekritz - $1k, firefighters union - $1k.

Independence at its finest - congrats Ms. Sente - we understand how you will be voting and who you really represent...

Blue Wind said...

With all due respect you are completely out of touch with reality (like all republican tea party idea sympathizers are these days). The "anti-spending", anti-government extremism of the republican party of today will be totally destructive to science, education and many other areas if it goes into effect. It is a naive, superficial way of thinking, meant to mobilize minimal information voters who think of their pockets only (and vote against their own interests by voting republican).

Team America said...

Blue, you usually have more enlightened comments, but this morning you sound like a stereotypical tax-and-spend democrat: "What, cut programs, cut the size of government, cut research for the mating habits of the endangered Franklin Ground Squirrel??? It would be a disaster!!!!"

Never mind that we can't afford it. All the money you would have liked to use on science research got spent on benefits and pensions to your union pals, so don't come crying now.

Blue, when will you and others of your ilk understand that the people are tired of the Dems (and Obama is one of the worst offenders, by the way) treating the taxpayers like they were ATM machines?

Fact is, I think I know how to spend my money better than the government does, and they have enough of it already. They are just going to have to figure out how to make ends meet with what they have, just like the rest of us do.

We can talk more on Wednesday morning.

Blue Wind said...

Your post confirms your total lack of understanding of the issue. I urge you to check some numbers. Go and find out what was the funding of science under Clinton, and what was under Bush.

Now, if you dont think science is important, I can not argue with this. But remember a basic fact. The US is a strong country exactly because of science. And, please dont start talking about scientific funding by the private sector, because that is a totally ignorant point republicans make without knowing facts. Scientific funding was decimated under Bush and Obama has been unable so far to restore it, in the context of the destroyed economy left by Bush.

Where can one find money? By ending the ridiculous Bush tax cuts that created the deficit and by stopping the disastrous wars (Iraq, Afgahanistan). That simple. And before you mock specific scientific fields (as Palin did about fly research because in her total ignorance she had no idea how important fly research is for humans), check some facts. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind, what democrat office do you work in. It's so obvious from your posts that must be your full time job. OK, most campaigns do the same but you are so totally off the wall I everything I'm no longer angry with you - just feel very very sorry for you for drinking too much of that kool-aid. Now off to my real volunteer job at Kirk for Senate.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

B and B's mom, you have it right. Blue is pathetic, sick from the poison in the Kool Aid. Once he sees the results around the nation on Wednesday mornng then HE will realize that at this time we need to reign in the out of control spending and borrowing. And maybe Blue will begin to undersand that the people who own and run the small businessnes in our nation DO fuel the economy, not hurt it. By taking away from them all we do is make sure that many lose jobs, lose their ability to fuel the economy. Yep, that Kool Aid has made Blue and his buddies sick. Let's hope they recover once they stop all that drinking.

Blue Wind said...

Baxter and Beau's Mom,

LOL. When you can not answer you resort to personal attacks like the (mean) anonymous after you. I think that instead of feeling sorry for me, you should try to learn and educate yourself in basic political facts so you can at least respond with basic facts in your posts.
Blue Wind

P.S. Vote Alexi on Tuesday. It will make you feel better.

Team America said...

Blue Wind, B&B's Mom would rather have her blood sucked out by leeches than vote for Alexi. Of course, that's not dissimilar to how we have felt under two years of Obama so far anyway.

Mick from Lake Forest said...

Blue Wind,

I've been reading this blog for about a year now and I have noticed recently, though especially today, that your posts are drifting further away from fact based argument and now reside closer to purely opinion based comments that remind me of the 18 year old kids I once argued with during classroom discussions in college. Like them, you operate under theoretical assumptions that are tragically flawed, at best. When you finish reading this, go to the drug store and buy plenty of tissues. My gut tells me that you'll need them during Dan and Alexi's concession speaches on Tuesday night.

P.S. Science? Really? That's the best you can do...pshhh.

Team America said...

Hi Mick - thanks for reading and glad you decided to join the ranks of the comment squad.

I've noticed the same thing about Blue Wind. We used to have some fairly intelligent give-and-take with Blue, but lately it's just degenerated into stale talking points and socialist (maybe even statist) rhetoric.

This could all be being brought on by a severe sense of jitters that a lot of Blue's Dem friends on the govenment payroll are about to hit the unemployment lines.

Blue Wind said...

I will not be that upset Tuesday. I am prepared. I expect a huge defeat for the dems. In IL, my prediction is that Kirk will win. I am still not sure about the governors race, but it does not look good either. On the other hand, I believe that Dold will be defeated. Reid will be also out of a job and, unfortunately, my very favorite Senator, Russ Feingold, will also lose.

In any case, you accusing me of "shifting to socialist rhetoric", but you failed to answer to the points I raised earlier about the destruction of science by Bush and the tea-mentality. I could argue that you have yourself shifted to tea-party like rhetoric, which in my opinion is much worse than "socialist" rhetoric. The continuous repetition of "how bad" government is, simply does not make sense. If you think it carefully, it is a completely ridiculous line. Unless you think anarchy is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Time for a reality check, Blue. Tuesday night will signal CHANGE. Not the change and hope nonsense that flooded the country in 2008. CHANGE to begin the tedious process of reclaiming our nation. Finally. IF Obama had truly governed from the center we might not be having this kind of ranting and raving in this mid-cycle battle. Obama and his team have brought this about. Admit it. It's like trying to mediate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Because the Palestinians won't agree to Israel's right to exist there is no discussion possible. Same in DC. Obama and his crew want it their way or the highway and now we're in this damn mess.
When you talk about science, understand that it's not a Democrat vs Republican issue. Nobody in their right mind disses the advancement of research that can bring about a better world. I don't know where you're coming from but I'm sure it must be on the stem cell debate. Like Mark Kirk, I strongly back the embryonic stem cell research. I'm sure on that one we agree. Not sure what else you're unhappy about but I'm sure you'll enlighten all of us.
I am stunned with the egregious attacks by your party against Republicans in this cycle. How does that help either side?
The latest crap with the Lake County Democrats urging a vote for Labno over Kirk is so childish and so moronic that it will backfire, as it should. The attacks on Dold have been so over the top that many ARE voting for Dold because they know that truth and are sick and tired of that kind of behavior.
And this Carol Sente. She should send an apology to Dan Sugrue. Gone are the days when voters could expect well run, fact based campaigns. This campaign. on both sides, will go down in history and the slimiest yet. How sad for America.