Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Truly Independent" Dan Sugrue Wins Tribune Endorsement in 59th District Race; Lauren Turelli a "Breath of Fresh Air" in 58th District; Other GOPers

North Shore Republicans with all or parts of their legislative districts in Lake County have pretty much run the table with the Chicago Tribune's House endorsements (my emphasis below):

51st District (north, northwest suburbs) — Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. of Mundelein understands that Illinois pensions and Medicaid must be fundamentally altered for the state to fix its financial crisis. A member of the Illinois Jobs Task Force, the Republican supports reform of worker's comp and unemployment insurance — two critical changes that would signal Illinois welcomes employers. Sullivan is endorsed over Democrat Steve Riess, a Hawthorn Woods trustee.

53rd District (northwest suburbs)Republican Rep. Sid Mathias of Buffalo Grove, an independent-thinking legislator, is endorsed over Linda Birnbaum of Wheeling, a former member of the Prospect Heights school board.

58th District (north suburbs) — Democratic Rep. Karen May of Highland Park has started to push on pension abuses. But come on, Rep. May, you couldn't back school choice for Chicago kids in bad schools? She has a terrific challenger: Lauren Turelli, who is on the Lake Forest parks and recreation board. Turelli has a finance background, taught high school in Grayslake and now works at a family-owned property management company. She believes in education choice. She supports more charter schools and wants to make it easier to reward the best teachers and remove the worst. She backs more pension reform, tougher anti-corruption measures and holding the line on taxes. Turelli would be a breath of fresh air in Springfield. She is enthusiastically endorsed.

59th District (north suburbs)You want a candidate who is truly independent? You'll find it in Dan Sugrue of Green Oaks. He won the Republican primary even though he wasn't the choice of party leaders. He's running against Democratic Rep. Carol Sente of Vernon Hills, who was appointed to the seat a year ago. Though Sente has had a good start, Sugrue seems more likely to shake the cobwebs out of the capital. He is endorsed.

61st District (north suburbs) — Republican Rep. JoAnn Osmond of Antioch is a steady, pro-jobs legislator. She's endorsed over Democrat Scott Pollak, an Antioch businessman.

62nd District (north suburbs) — As a Lake County Board member and now as a lawmaker, Republican Rep. Sandy Cole of Grayslake has voted her conscience. She's a well-informed advocate on environmental issues and understands why Illinois trails other states in job growth. She is endorsed over Democrat Rich Voltair of Round Lake Beach, an assistant professor at National-Louis University.


Anonymous said...

Karen May has proven to be part of the problem in Springfield rather than part of the solution. She wears the mantle of reformer poorly and on a closer look is just like all the rest of the Dems down there.

Her double dipping legislative assistant, Nancy Rotering, kept her job with May when she was elected to the Highland Park City Council last year. Rotering should have resigned and when she failed to do that, May should have fired her. Working for two governments is a conflict of interest. What a pair? But, that’s Springfield. No wonder the Tribune so enthusiastically endorsed Turelli.

Anonymous said...

There goes any argument that Sente is the independent in the race. Dan has great mojo and is charging hard.

Anonymous said...

Sente will continue to misinform voters in the 59th with her "independent" rhetoric. To date, the Democrat Party has zipped out 7 mailers misinforming voters.

This is truly a man vs. machine election and I hope anyone reading this blog understands Sugrue is the ONLY independent choice for Springfield.

BTW, Sente's claim of independence doesn't reconcile with her history. Hmm. Appointed to the Park District Board....Appointed to the legislature ....working at Dad's company....WHAT has Sente ever done on her own?????

Go Sugrue go!!

Anonymous said...

any loser who honestly thought a woman annointed by lauren beth gash was going to be anything other than an outright disaster should be ashamed of themselves. I wish the tribune had come to its senses 2 years ago because I was big on fightin tim stratton, he like greg kazarian and lots of other folks took one for the team during the down years and I hope now that political weather conditions have improved he reenters the arena.

Good to see thunder dan segrue doing well. Catlady is going to go batsh-t when she wakes up november 4 and realizes lake county political leadership is dominated by team america fan club members. Maybe her intern/fellow joker, carl nyberg and democat can get her some help.

Rotering is running for mayor, can't wait to see the bloodbath that takes place amongst the far left over there. I would prefer to see king louis astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer or some republican step up. for a king, a mayoralty would be a step down, but with all the problems they have, they could use better leadership.


Anonymous said...

Lou might be good over there and it will be a blood bath. That’s for sure.

Belsky is no lefty and has not been partisan in years. He is just a good, sound financial head and that’s what’s needed these days. Besides, he’s done a good job. He’s taken the lead on pension reform even though it was the park district and not the city council that blew that one.

Rotering has neither the experience nor the expertise to be mayor. She should stick to helping her friend May. She’s going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Some days I come here just for the laugh I get from reading the comments.

Belsky is no lefty? WOW!!!

This is the guy who couldn't bring himself to say the HPHS girls basketball team should go to Arizona for their well earned shot at a championship.

I guess in the realm of Highland Park politics Belsky is a "fiscal conservative" like Dan Seals.

Doesn't Lou live in Lake Forest?