Saturday, September 18, 2010

NRCC Hits Dan Seals on Radical Healthcare Agenda

My Google-alerts were ringing 5-alarms tonight with a new ad from the NRCC against Dan Seals hitting him hard on his health care proclivities. Take a look:

Rich has more at Capitol Fax Blog.


Anonymous said...

Mediocre ad, it's rather interesting that they try to tie Seals to Pelosi.

Clearly President Obama has at least passable poll numbers in the district.

One thing that is consistently clear is that tying candidates to Pelosi just doesn't work, because your average voter just says "Who?"

The one part of the ad, which wasn't totally butchered was the opening bit on Medicare cuts.

I'm curious to see the size of the buy, because that'll tell us how serious the NRCC is about competing in this very expensive district.

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a second that voters in the 10th are not aware of Nancy Pelosi. They are. Voters here also can read papers. And do. Businessmen understand the steep increases in healthcare premiums they are socked with for employees. Just try and find a policy for an individual. Lots of luck.
Our nation and our State has a fiscal problem. Sure, it's great to give everything to everyone, thanks to "Uncle Sam". Have you begun to realize the WE are "Uncle Sam" by the taxes we pay? And it's not just the high rollers.
I think the Ad is a good one, not a great one. Voters here are a bit more in tune than in some other places in the country. And you think that Obama still has star power? Get real. Yes, it's a bit higher in IL. but I've talked to plenty of former Obama voters who want the chance to kick him out in 2 years. The 10th Congressional race will be tough, but Bob Dold has a better than even chance of winning against a proven loser.

Anonymous said...

I saw this ad late (late) on Fox. Probably a minimal buy - unfortunately due to some internal triage at the NRCC.

The ad itself is pretty lame. Might simply be off the shelf.

Anonymous said...

these ads can go either way. they come from dc without involvement of the campaign, but the people that make them spend a lot of time talking to operatives on the ground who know the nature of the race. generally they are more successful in districts that mirror the national political environment and which tend to be more towards the party base i.e. roskams district which is more conservative.

to me dold does not need the people that gave mark the 51, 50 and 49 percent points that put him across the line last time because gop turnout will be up, democrat turnout will be down, and independents will tilt more toward dold. What he does need are the people that gave mark his 48-41 percent of the vote the last time and those are likely people that are former republicans or jewish voters who only support people like mark and porter. I'm not sure this ad connects with them.

he needs stuff with a woman small business owner saying I supported obama, but the economy is so bad and I'm so upset with spending that I'm backing dold.

this doesn't really do it.


Anonymous said...

Ad buy is about $70k, which is enough for a moderate cable buy, or basically nothing on network TV.

Either way you end up with very little exposure. This looks like one of 2 things:

1. A strategic ploy by the NRCC, even though they don't intend to spend a large amount of money here.

2. A test of the effectiveness of a message before they drive it with full force

It looks more like the former.

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals and his campaign advisors are either fools or idiots or worse. This nit wit has attacked Bob Dold for attending an event last Friday night. I was in Synagogue. I'm Jewish. Bob Dold was in his Church with his family yesterday. I have no idea if Seals went to Church. Point being: Bob Dold is NOT Jewish. Why on earth would he, should he, be required to abstain from doing anything on a Holy Day that has absolutely nothing to do with HIS FAITH. Seals is showing the voters that he is a desperate man with no message, a staff that has no brains, and an apology is in order for this stupid stunt. Reminds me of his last stupid stunt with the "free gas" that tied up traffic on Milwaukee Ave. This guy is clueless and his advisors should be fired.
I think all this free time Seals has all year long when he's home doing nothing has had a bad effect on his brain. Or the lack of a brain.

Team America said...

Yes, Anon 7:35, I saw the Herald article on that via Google Alerts earlier this evening. Even for someone like myself, for whom verbal pyrotechnics come rather easily, needs a little time to fully comprehend the idiocy of this lame-brained pandering by Seals before I come up with a sufficiently biting post. But I'm working on it...