Friday, September 17, 2010

Dan Seals Muddles His Message on the Economy

Dan Seals must've yanked off some of his base supporters on his decision to support extending the Bush tax cuts for even the "wealthiest" Americans, because he now has this up on his home page. Whenever you have to post something to clearly explain your own policies to your own supporters, you know you've muddled your message.

Nice work, Dan, and hey, appreciate the support for keeping that tax cut.

But don't expect any love from Ellen of the Tenth. They are mighty ticked off at Blue Dog Democrat Melissa Bean for her support of extending the tax cuts. Ellen probably just hasn't yet noticed your journey to the dark side.

Food for thought: the Associated Press today looks at how much more you will pay in taxes under the Obama plan.

BTW, there's a set of Dold-Seals debates set for next Tuesday and next Wednesday.

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