Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lake County Republican Federation Fall Dinner Draws Huge Crowd with Governor Mitt Romney (UPDATED)

On Friday night, over 450 Lake County Republicans got to experience former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney expound on the state of the economy, the prospects for recovery, the failures of the Obama administration, and how best to get the country back on track. Interspersed with a lot of humor and some great stories, Romney talked about how the current administration started out with a desire to revive the economy but made some terrible policy decisions (perhaps in part because almost none of President Obama's Cabinet picks had any private sector experience) that had little if any salutary effect. Did the stimulus work, asked Romney? If you can say that someone spraying a house fire with a garden hose helped put out the fire while the fire department arrived with its big hoses, then yes, it helped. But it didn't work the way it was promised and instead of unemployment under 8%, now it's over 10%. Our debt has skyrocketed and we have little to show for it.

Economics was always Romney's strong suit, and one wonders maybe if the last election would have turned out a little differently if Romney had been the GOP nominee, since the primary issue in voters' minds was the economy, not national security (a strength of John McCain's.)

In any case, I was very gratified to see how many enthusiastic Republicans attended the dinner, especially given that the Federation Fall Dinner is usually a much smaller event than our signature Spring Dinner. The Fall dinner is usually held in a venue like Midland or Glen Flora country clubs, but they just couldn't accommodate the numbers of folks who wanted to come see Romney and share in the GOP enthusiasm going into the November elections.

Suzi Schmidt, County Board Chairman and candidate for State Senate, 31st District, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, the national anthem was sung by Ms. Emily Bednar, and State Representative candidate Dan Sugrue gave a deeply moving and heartfelt prayer before dinner and introductory remarks from Federation President Alexander "Sandy" Stuart.

Among the many, many political office holders and candidates in attendance, we had: Congressman and U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Kirk, Lt. Governor Candidate Jason Plummer, 8th Congressional Candidate Joe Walsh, 10th Congressional Candidate Bob Dold, State Treasurer candidate State Senator Dan Rutherford, State Senator Dan Duffy, State Reps Ed Sullivan, Jr., Sandy Cole, and JoAnn Osmond, 58th District State Rep. Candidate Lauren Turelli, County Clerk Willard Helander, County Treasurer Bob Skidmore, Superintendent of Schools Roycealee Wood, Sheriff Mark Curran, many county board members and judges, and just too many more to name. We had many Team America fans in attendance as well, including "Beau & Baxter's Mom" and "King Louis."

Here's some of my pix from the evening:

Federation President Sandy Stuart gives his opening remarks and introduces Governor Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney

Our own 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate.

The tallest Lt. Governor Candidate in the history of Illinois, Jason Plummer.

8th Congressional candidate Joe Walsh

10th Congressional Candidate Bob Dold

For those of you wondering what the "Dinner Chairman" really does, here's a picture of your own Team America helping to load in the lighting rig for the show.

My brother, Scott Falbe, owner of Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc., which donated the lighting, focuses the spotlights on the stage. Thanks Scott!!!

And here's the finished product, just in time for the dinner.
UPDATED 9/27 6:30 a.m.: Here's a nice article from the Lake County News-Sun recapping the dinner.


Anonymous said...

Wow TA - the Federation outdid itself AGAIN. What a terrific crowd, great food and everyone so energized. Let's keep the momentum through 11/2. I couldn't help think of where our country would be if Gov. Romney had been elected President. I've heard so many good potential candidates this election season but he sealed the deal for me and I hope (and pray) the American people will see how smart he is and give him a second look -- that is if he throws his hat in the ring -- but last night sounded like the start of a campaign to me.

All the speakers were terrific, Mark Kirk, Bob Dold, Joe Walsh, Jason Plummer. Dan Sugrue, you amazed me with your invocation! And it was so good to hear the Star Spangled Banner sung traditionally instead of some of these hipped up versions.

Anyway, thanks to you TA and your great director, Chelsea Stanley, who was an intern for our very own Mark Kirk a few years ago. Congrats on a job well done!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...


Looks like a well-done event. Did Bingo Bob speak about his tea-party values?

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but Seals and Dold sat down with Daily Herald Ed Board yesterday and Bob made a fool of himself. Answers included such gems as:

On what to do with the 14+ million illegal immigrants in the US: "I don't know the best way to address them."

On his argument that gay marriage is a state issue and immigration is a federal issue: "I just think that would be the easiest way to go."

Looks like you guys picked a real winner, it's no wonder you endorsed Coulson.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

fantastic work to team, brother of team america, and the rest of the lake county gop. 450 is a lot of people and a great tribute to all of your hard work paying off.

concerned, you haven't said a whole lot about the rest of your state ticket, alexi soprano, pat quinn, the hacks you have running for state legislature to go down there to rubber stamp the machine agenda. You must be as upset about them as we are.

As far as illegal immigration goes I know one illegal political immigrant in the 10th right now I want to see deported back to his home in the 9th this November.

Dan seals.


Anonymous said...

Wow FOKLAES, nice job not commenting on the story...

Lucky for you I have the link here:

I never thought Dolt would actually prove himself to be an actual dolt, but here we are.

You just can't say "I don't know" in one of the most well educated CDs in the country.

Also Dolt went after Coulson for being soft on illegals, it's kind of funny that he's capable of attacking someone, while not knowing what his own plan is.

What I think is really damaging though is his little quip on why Gay Marriage should be a state issue, "I just think that would be the easiest way to go."

This guy's a lawyer and he doesn't make an argument about federalism... that really is pathetic.

I'd love to read some Klopp-approved comments, explaining why this isn't a big deal. Are there any takers?

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a survey that shows gay marriage anywhere near the top of issues that anyone cares about. Pup is trying to pander to the fringe of his base as with his position against sending more troops into afghanistan. the issue is the economy this year and then size of government and then corruption. None of which favor the pup. I also think his campaign organization is going to take a big hit as democrats are very unenthusiastic about voting this year and the ground troops he's been getting from the city and other districts will likely be tied down in their own ghetto's as dems struggle to get their base vote out.

I'm not involved with the dold campaign. I have never claimed he was the brightest lightbulb in the box and I'll leave that to his team. Mark held two demanding jobs for 4 years and still beat pup while outraising him in fundraising so I don't really know what pup has been doing for 6 years other than perhaps preparing for meetings like this.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23, the article highlights 5 things Dold wants to do on the subject of illegal immigration. You chose to ignore those and claim that he is clueless. Nice "interpretive reporting" of that news article by you!

What Dold wants to do with this issue differs from what Seals proposes. Sneak in illegally, pay a fine and let them stay? Really Dan? That will leave us with the loosest immigration laws in the world!

Why the Democrats play "who is this guy" and refuse to pay attention to who Dold is, Dan Seals is still coming up with the same tired old answers that he has been running on for the past six years, save for the Bush tax cuts which he suddenly now wants to extend!

It's one thing to change your mind, but to do a triple back flip in the process is pretty gosh darn impressive for Dan "I'll Pander to anyone on any issue" Seals.

I'm supporting a real leader, Robert Dold.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

FOKLAES, correct me if I'm wrong, but last time you were predicting that Democrats would take massive hit was during the Blago trial, and I'm still waiting to feel that one.

You know as well as I do that the important thing coming from the Daily Herald Ed Board will be there endorsement, in which they very possibly will say nasty things about Dolt like, "unimpressive" or "ignorant". Since you claim to be the political expert, tell me what a decent media consultant could do with that?

I'm not so sure his campaign's going to take a big hit since his internals have him up by 13, and We Ask America, who has Kinzinger up by more than his own internals say, still gives Seals a lead.

Also, you know, it's a pity that you can't just admit it when your guy got beat.

Louis, he still doesn't have a plan, any plan at all to deal with the 11 million illegals that are already here. It's especially pathetic that he went after Beth Coulson for her views on illegal immigration, and the best he can do is "I don't know."

I don't know why Dold insists on flip-flopping so brazenly. Maybe you should ask him why he thinks that the voters of this district have the memory of a goldfish?

And Louis, one last thing, real leaders pay their taxes.

Anonymous said...

From politico this am

That disillusionment is front and center in Illinois, the truest blue state of the crop. Its budget hole rivals California’s, and instead of making long-term structural revamps, the state has this year borrowed heavily and issued bonds.
At the same time, voters have watched the corruption trial of Democratic ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and the hapless campaign of current Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who’s got an anemic 23 percent approval rating in PPP’s recent survey and trails GOP nominee Bill Brady by double digits
In the state’s other high-profile statewide race, despite help from the White House, Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is struggling...
Read more:

'nuff said.

For the record, not one job has been created since the seals team took over congress.


Anonymous said...

Nice legs there TA!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

The only flipping and flopping I see in the 10th Congressional District race is coming from Dan Seals, who has switched his position on those "evil" tax cuts that falsely only benefit the "rich," and has moved away from Obama positions.

Make sense that Seals is doing the flipping and flopping, as he is a fish out of water. After all these years, he still won't move into the 10th waters!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Funny how no Republican candidates put their party affiliation on their political signs. Wonder why do they think they need to hide that...

Anonymous said...

Gee 12:26 -- and why don't some democrats either. Carol Sente worked my neighborhood over the weekend and when asked what party she was her reply was independent. I've heard she's done this all over the district. Funny since she was annointed by King Madigan and has voted his agenda the short time she's been in office. I set several of my neighbors straight and they now have Dan Sugrue signs in their yards.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

With respect to Dold's Opponent this November.....................Remember, All Seals are slippery!!!!!!!

Glad we have another strong independent voice for the District in Bob Dold.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Seals has removed HIS party from his yard signs this time around. I wonder why he thinks he needs to hide that...

Anonymous said...

typical lamestream media bias. They left out the attendance of king louis, team america and baxters mom.


Anonymous said...


Pretty sure you could have done a better job running this campaign. You guys ready to cut him loose yet?

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial