Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We "Dold" You So: Desperate Dan Seals Flips On Fiscal Policies in IL-10 Race (UPDATED x2: Ellen Calls Out Bean But Not Seals for Supporting Tax Cuts?)

UPDATE x2 9/17/10 9:00 a.m.: Why is Ellen of the Tenth, our old blogging arch-nemesis calling out Congresswoman Melissa Bean of the 8th Congressional District for her support of extending the Bush tax cuts to everyone, but has nothing to say about Dan Seals' support for the same thing? Ellen and her sidekick Carl Nyberg have been steadfast in their support for Seals over Dold in IL-10, but perhaps they just overlooked this minor issue.

Original post and updates below:

The Chicago Tribune takes an in-depth look at the two candidates vying to replace outgoing Congressman Mark Kirk in Illinois' 10th Congressional District, with some interesting results.

Most tellingly, Democratic candidate Dan Seals seems to be retreating from a number of positions on the issues that he held in the two prior elections cycles, 2006 and 2008, in which he faced moderate Republican Mark Kirk (and lost twice, we always like to point out).

First, the Tribune reports that Seals now is against increasing the amount of income that is subject to social security taxes, which is a change from his previous positions, says the Trib. Interestingly, his position now mirrors that of his Republican opponent, Bob Dold. What's the reason behind Seals' conversion? The Tribune doesn't explain.

Next, we learn from the Tribune piece that Dan Seals is now in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts to all Americans, regardless of how "wealthy" they are, a big change from his view in prior campaigns. That's right, Seals now favors the position held by his opponent, Bob Dold, and most Republicans, even though President Obama has been adamant about not extending those cuts for those individuals making more than $200,000 a year.

We were skeptical about Seals truly going on the record and taking this position, and I'm happy to see that he now supports letting those villainous ultra-rich folks keep more of their money (that's 'snark' for those of you who seem to have trouble recognizing it from time to time) and reversing course on President Obama's ultimate goal of radical wealth redistribution. (OMG, Bush did something Seals now supports? I can hear the screams from Ellen of the Tenth clear across Lake County!)

If you will recall, we recently suggested that the good people of Highland Park and similar affluent communities would look askance at any attempt by the likes of Dan Seals to raise their taxes; who knows, maybe someone sent Seals a Team America link. ;-)

Wow, what a difference a little time makes. I wonder how many more of Seals' campaign planks that he relied upon for years are going to change as he seeks to more closely mimic the positions of his opponent? Could it be that Seals is nervous about the national trend showing that Americans are fed up with Obama's policies (including his resistance to extending all of the Bush tax cuts) and are ready to jettison the Democrats this fall? It would fit nicely with what we seem to be seeing locally, where even Congresswoman Melissa Bean has gotten the tax cut memo (she now supports extending the tax cuts across the board), and the Springfield Democrats are running away even from each other in near panic.

While we can't help but smile at Dan Seals' sudden conversion to the GOP-way of thinking, I suspect that some of our more liberal friends will be gnashing their teeth a bit at this 'betrayal.' Seals still offers up plenty of liberal red meat on social issues, but we'll have to see what some of our die-hard leftist commentors think about Seals' sudden tack to the right on fiscal policy. Have at it, everyone.

UPDATED: It didn't take the Dold campaign long to dig up some Seals quotes from his past campaigns to show just how far Seals has swung on these issues:

Dan Seals Is Changing in Each Run for Congress
Dold Campaign: Seals Will Say Anything to Get Elected

Winnetka, IL – Today, Tenth District Congressional candidate Robert Dold questioned his opponent Dan Seals’s real position on issues after his most recent flip on extending tax cuts for all Americans and raising the cap on Social Security taxes.

“In his three runs for Congress, Dan Seals has morphed into the candidate he thinks voters would like him to be in his perennial attempt to create one job – one for himself,” said Dold for Congress spokesperson Kelly Klopp. “He has run in the past as a tax and spend liberal and now we are to believe that, despite being in lockstep with the leadership in Congress, that he is a champion of small businesses and lower taxes?”

In yesterday’s endorsement session at the Chicago Tribune, Seals said he favors extending the tax cuts for one year, despite positions to the contrary in his two previous campaigns:

• A Seals for Congress press release (12/09): “Seals has continuously opposed the Bush tax cuts. He believes they are unfair and should be corrected.”

• A Chicago Tribune article (10/08): “Seals said he would restore the old rates" on top earners.

• A Daily Herald article (2006 campaign) “[Seals’s] other top goals are reducing the federal deficit, in part, by rolling back tax cuts.”

In yesterday’s Tribune session Seals also said he opposed raising the cap on taxes for Social Security, in direct contrast to his answer to the Tribune questionnaire in the 2010 primary when he said, “I would like to raise the cap on taxes for Social Security.”

“Robert Dold opposes tax increases on Americans and businesses and believes that the better way forward to is to grow our economy and increase private-sector jobs,” said Klopp. “The 10th District voters are right to question how Dan Seals would vote if elected since he can’t keep his story straight during his three campaigns for the seat.”



Anonymous said...


As usual, your analysis fails to look beyond political ideology in the hopes of scratching out a win for the GOP. As he says in the article, Seals changed these views due to the current state of the economy, a line that you must have conveniently overlooked. The decision doesn't mean that Seals is now a Bushie neo con, but rather, that he understands how the economy works and realizes that his work as a congressman must reflect economic realities as well as political ones. Dold doesn't seem to really have a grasp on reality. He tells the Trib he's pro-choice, yet is more than okay with accepting the support of the IL Federation for the Right to Life and the Eagle Forum. These actions only prove what I've been saying all along: the man really knows nothing about politics or policy.

A key part of being a congressman is being sensitive to the every day impact of your decisions. Seals seems to get this and the views you attack him for reflect that. Dold accepts the political support of a group that works tirelessly to overturn a policy that he apparently supports. Figure that one out for me...

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

=== The decision doesn't mean that Seals is now a Bushie neo con, but rather, that he understands how the economy works ===

So, CC, are you admitting that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have no clue how the economy works?

At least we agree on something. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think it speaks a lot about dan seals's economic ideas that during the republican congress he was able to find employment and during the democrat congress he has not been able to find employment.

Colonial, I used to admire your courage in your beliefs, but you are so drunk on spin, I hope you aren't driving. I'll let the dold people defend his guy, but the policies and people dan advocated for when he first started running 6 years ago have failed in pretty spectacular fashion. 4 years, 8.5 million jobs lost since his team took over congress and they've set a record for fundraising and the amount of lobbyists in dc not to mention declining sat scores in a state that's been run by democrats for a decade.

if dan lived in the district, which he does not, had grown up in the district-according to his website "hyde park" is considered local roots- HAH-he would know that means testing social security is pretty unpopular in an upscale district.

this is a district of lake forest and winnetka, not the south side where he's from.

it's a total fail.


Anonymous said...

CC, stop spinning, start the reality check with your guy Seals. He's so transparent. With the Democrats in free fall all over the country, he realizes that he damn well better sound more like those who truly understand that this administration is clueless and hopeless with it's more than failed econoomic policies. Seals wants to come to the center in hopes that some will actually buy what he's selling these days. Not so easy, Dan.
Bob Dold is a businessman who knows what it takes to run a business, make a payroll, figure out a way to pay for healthcare for his employees. Dan has not held a job or ever dealt with the realities of a real world job. NOW he's figuring out that what Mark Kirk was advocating and now Bob Dold ARE the ways our nation needs to get back on track.
CC, Bob Dold is endorsed by Republicans for Choice. Stop the spin that he's not. Bob Dold is a fiscally conservative businessman who is socially moderate in his views on issues we value in this district. Is that too much for you to swallow?
The last thing we need in DC is another rubber stamp for Barack and his left leaning policies. He also never held a job in the private sector. He's surrounded with and by academics. We all see what that's doing to our nation.

Anonymous said...

At least CC admits that Seals changed his views on taxes and the economy. So Seals understand how the economy works by opposing Obama economic moves? Seals understands economic realities while Obama and his team don't? Is Seals telling us the President hasn't a clue on the economy?

If so, I give him full credit for coming to the same conclusion I reached well over a year ago.

In the meantime, Democratic stronghold Highland Park has been going through a mini-revolution the past few months. The local powers that run things have been running around putting out a series of fires, a first for them.

Suddenly, those monstrously generous tax supported pensions given to three long time park employees have resulted in the resignation of three Park District Trustees, who forgot they were giving out taxpayer money so generously. They even gave one of them an SUV! The resignations came about after a bunch of angry constituents began attending their meetings. At first, the trustees were arrogant, then they resigned.

Suddenly, the Alderman of Highland Park, who get free health insurance paid for by the taxpayers of Highland Park, changed their policy to exclude future newly elected aldermen from receiving such an outstanding free perk. The change of policy took place after some angry constituents began attending their meetings. During the last municipal elections, the issue came up and died quickly without even an angry sputter. My, how things have changed in just two years!

Suddenly, the local Highland Park High School, (the same one who wouldn't let the basketball team play in an all star tournament in Phoenix, Arizona), is looking to increase spending by 80 million for new swimming pools and other things. They tried to meet in secret (Hey! Open Meetings Act!) to plot their taxpayer funded strategy with a paid campaign. Come to think of it, a federal court invalidated the Arizona law that was used to thwart the teenagers from playing basketball. So now they can play there, right?

If Highland Parkers are starting to watch and complain of local government spending, perks and taxes, then it's no wonder that Seals has seen the light and tried to turn into a Republican.

Too little, Dan. Too late.

On a personal note, it was nice meeting Baxer & Beau's Mom at the Dold/Guliani event. We had a great discussion at a great event!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for CC to comment on the rapid response from the Dold team. Great job. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Well, for one thing, I'm glad to see that Kelly Klopp has learned to string a sentence together and may have finally recovered from Comment-Gate.

FOKLAES, as I said earlier, this policy shift is more of a reflection of the constituents of the 10th and economic times than it is of Dan "flip-flopping". If you want to talk flip-flopping, ask Dold why he won't reject the support of IL Fed for Right to Life or the Eagle Forum. OR, ask him why he supports cutting Medicare as per the Paul Ryan Roadmap which he endorsed on his facebook page.

FOKLEAS, I still have beliefs, and they include not electing a fake Republican that has never earned anything for himself. I've worked d@mn hard for what I have, so have the voters of this district. I have a serious objection to handing the keys over to someone who's never worked hard or built anything in his life. Dolt even admitted that he would not represent us as he's been ingrained to special interests. See his funds from big banks and big oil if you don't believe me. OR check his record with the pest control lobby.

To the Dolt campaign staffer, being endorsed by Republicans for Choice is not an adequate response from a campaign that spurned Planned Parenthood and continues to stumble of Bingo Bob's clear pro-life pandering. Take a real position, maybe then I can at least respect Bingo Bob Dolt. Say what you want about Dan, at least his is willing to take a stand on tough issues and justify his position instead of running away like a scared child on the big stage a la Dolt.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

CC -

Really? You "have a serious objection to handing the keys over to someone who's never worked hard or built anything in his life?" How in the world can you justify supporting just that man? Dan Seals hasn't worked - other than campaigning - for the last five years. And has NEVER built a thing, perhaps with Lego's with his kids, but that's about it.

As for PP, the Dold campaign was never going to get that endorsement - just like Kirk didn't when he first ran in 2000. PP has a serious left leaning bias until someone from the R's wins and proves to them he (or she) is pro-choice, like Bob will do come November 2.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:22--

I hate to break it to you, but pro-choice candidates do not get the support of IL Federation for the Right to Life or the Eagle Forum. If Bingo Bob were really "pro-choice" then he would have rejected the support of groups that are vehemently anti-choice. Dolt's brushing those groups under the rug, just like his $ from BP and big banks, shows he's just another GOP tool, pandering to all who will listen.

Unlike Bob, who was handed Rose Pest after Daddy Dolt built it into what it is today, Dan has worked hard at Sprint, GE and others and advanced in those companies on his own merit. He didn't need daddy to do it for him. Heck, Bob couldn't even buy his own house without daddy doing it for him. Is daddy going to vote in congress for him too? Luckily, we don't need to worry about that as we have 1 real leader in this election--Dan Seals.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...


you apparently don't read the tribune. Dan is living off his wife for 6 years and also living off his donors campaign contributions as team america disclosed here many moons ago. Some self made man he, not. His father was also a chicago bear so I highly doubt he took out loans. No way he gets 8 years of private higher education with no private sector employment (pmf's dont get free schooling just a bs internship-which he also lied about) and can afford to be unemployed for 6 years living in wilmette.

the only thing dan has ever lead on is most fabrications about his qualifications, most failed runs for this seat, most bs policy positions taken, most lies told, most absurd anti-israel positions on Iran. For the record the pup has raised 7.5 million buckaroos for the 6 campaigns he's run here the last 6 years. Dold has raised 1.4 million. You tell me who's taken more special interest dough.

Good to see king louis in 2008 form again and reuniting with baxters mom.


M. Platz said...

Dold's amateurish campaign staff has ruined any belief that any positive comment on Dold on this or any site is legitimate. Seals is just plain awful. Dold had a good chance to make an impact, but seeing how awful his campaign is being run, i hope it isn't too late. I honestly don't care who wins because it is apparent that Seals' and Dold's unprofessional campaign staff are calling the shots and playing the smear game. Different parties, same shady agenda. Give me option C please!

Anonymous said...

I'm 27, grew up in Lake Forest, worked my way through a local university, and managed to build the beginning of a life. Then the fall of 2008 came along, and the company I interned for during college and worked at for 3 years off-shored my job, threw a few thousand dollars at me, and sent me packing. I picked myself up off the ground, and was able to survive while searching for work on the savings I had put away during college and while working for three years, and with dreadful credit cards. I refused to claim unemployment "benefits" because I'm a man, and I'd rather scrub toilets or go without than steal a portion of my neighbor's earnings. I willingly cut back on every item in my budget to allow me to service my monthly student loan payment(s) as well as to hold on to my own health insurance policy, which wasn't easy from a financial perspective. I managed to sublease my meager apartment in Chicago and moved into my parent's basement. There were quite a few times during that year that almost broke me. But I held on because I thought it could always be worse.

Things improved somewhat. I found work at a manufacturing facility in the western suburbs that helped me pay my parents for letting me waste some of their basement space. I packaged widgets for $10/hour and I have a college degree. Then, eight months ago, that company closed its doors, and claimed bankruptcy. I was finally broken soon after.

I now find myself in dire straits. I claimed bankruptcy last month to try to stop the bleeding caused by living on a credit card for three years. I worked my ass off my entire life, studied as hard as I could all my life, always saved my money, and never went overboard on luxury spending like so many in my generation; I never imagined that I'd be as hopeless and desperate as I am right now. My financial, professional, and personal life is effectively sunk.

The thing that scares me the most is that I'm not alone. Far from it. I grew up in a middle class part of Lake Forest, went through the public school system there my entire life. I have countless lifelong friends in almost the exact same position. Many have also been forced to file for bankruptcy to stop the bleeding. This is in Lake Forest, arguably the wealthiest suburb in the 10th. I wonder how many twentysomethings, all across the district, find themselves in this same position. Out of work, strapped with student loan debt, living off of the charity of their family and friends and the theft of their neighbor's earnings through unemployment "benefits".

A. Bees said...

This whole debate is a little comical. Just want to set the record straight.

There are shades of gray on almost any issue, including abortion. The support of a pro-life group can be based on both candidates being pro-choice, but one being less extreme than the other. For instance they can both be pro-choice, but one might be opposed to public funding for abortions and therefore they are the pick of the pro-life group.

Anonymous said...

CC, I'm pro-life, but I'm not anti-choice. I think that a lady can choose to abstain from sex. If she chooses to have sex, she can choose to use birth control. If she chooses to use birth control, she can choose the pill, patch, cap, IUD, or a few other methods. I don't think that a woman should be able to choose to have an innocent baby cut into pieces, since that violates the 5th Amendment.

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

Conservative Veteran: what if the woman was raped and becomes pregnant? It does happen, you know.

Anonymous said...

The 5th Amendment:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Um, explain to me how this applies to a woman's right to choose???

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:14

TA, since you're actually a lawyer correct me if I'm wrong:

The Supreme Court has held that women are allowed to get abortions as a result of a penumbra of the right to privacy.

In english this means since you have the right to privacy, the government doesn't have the right to force you to carry a pregnancy to term.

Publia said...

Anon at 9:02 pm
You can read the Supreme Court Roe v, Wade decision for yourself at
You might prefer to start near the end at about X or XI.

Anonymous said...

Publia, I'm not sure you understand the opinion... sections X, and XI deal with the the specifics of the right to an abortion, that is not the section having to do with privacy rights, as the commenter asked.

If you go to section V you'll see the following:

"The principal thrust of appellant's attack on the Texas statutes is that they improperly invade a right, said to be possessed by the pregnant woman, to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Appellant would discover this right in the concept of personal "liberty" embodied in the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause; or in personal, marital, familial, and sexual privacy said to be protected by the Bill of Rights or its penumbras "

Anonymous said...

Hey look - shiny new toy. Stop talking about abortion as a campaign issue. All it is, is a distraction from the real issues - taxes and jobs.

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:32

This isn't about abortion as much as it's about ethics and credibility. If Bob Dold were brave enough to be straight with the voters of the 10th district this would be a non-issue.

Why does Dold insist on claiming he's pro-choice when he's won the support of the Illinois Right to Life. Kirk never received or sought their support, and yet Bob Dold has done both.

When will Bob Dold start telling the truth?

10th District Values Voter