Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bob Dold - Dan Seals Debate Wrap-up (UPDATED WITH SECOND DEBATE)

UPDATED: On Wednesday night, Bob Dold and Dan Seals again went at it on the debate stage, this time with a few more fireworks, it seems. Russell Lissau from the DH will fill us in, since I wasn't able to make it to the debate. Also, see Russell's article on the new attack ad from dan Seals here.

Original post below:

Yesterday, GOP congessional candidate Bob Dold and DEM nominee Dan Seals went head-to-head in a well-attended debate on 10th Congressional District issues sponsored by the AARP. I wasn't able to attend and I'm scrambling this morning (that darn day job, ya know), so I'm posting a few links to debate articles and coverage. Have at it in comments.

The only word I got from someone I trust who attended the debates that is that both Dold and Seals looked and sounded 'really good,' so it seems like the debate might have come off relatively evenly. One article also noted how much alike the candidates sounded substantively in many ways, so this'll be interesting. I want to know what the heck Dan Seals is talking about nowadays since the war in Iraq is over.

Here's the Daily Herald coverage. Here's ABC-7 with video highlights (I'm looking around for the whole thing, which I understand was taped (exclusively?) by the AARP. Here's some radio coverage. Let me know if anyone finds the complete video link anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Seals has a new ad, it's pretty strong, and that taxes thing could do some damage to Dold.


Anonymous said...

As I was making my way to join the local community at the Dold vs. Seals Debate at Glenbrook South, I couldn't help but notice the disrespectful actions of one Seals' campaigner. This particular young man was tasked with placing Seals for Congress signs along the street leading up to the debate site. While it is perfectly acceptable to set up these signs - all campaigns do this in fact, - the manner in which he did it was disturbing. It seems that the Dold for Congress people had gotten there first as their signs were already set up along the road. Now, instead of placing his signs in open spots, this young Seals' worker decided that he would place his signs directly in front of the Dold signs - in some cases boxing the Dold signs in on all sides. Isn't that nice? I'm all for competition and trying to get the best placement for your guys signs, but come on. Show some respect! There is no reason for you to block the other sides signs. And to tell you the truth, all this young Seals' campaigner's actions managed to do was make the Seals campaign look foolish and immature. I hope this is not how all your staffer behave, Dan. If so, you need to sit them down and tell them to shape up and have some respect!

Anonymous said...


looks like Seals struck a nerve with the new TV ad as Kelly klopp and co put out a nasty and poorly constructed press release responding to Seals claims. Unfortunately, like the Dolt's request to the conservative magazine to rate him low, it appears that Seals' allegations are grounded in fact and the sourcing is dead on.

Seems like Bingo Bob and Comment-Gate Klopp are already pushing the panic button.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

You know, CC, you don't help your side by your continuing jabs at Bob DOLD. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Ah, continued frustration from Bingo Bob and Co. TA--I have to say, these Dolt staffers really need to find a better use for their time. Maybe they can get Bob's daddy to lower the rent on Bob's house so that he will have more money to defend his "reputation".

Though this winter will not be strong for Dems, I will thoroughly enjoy watching Congressman Seals claim victory over his amateur-hour opponent.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

P.S. My name is Kelly Klopp and I approve this comment.

Anonymous said...

As a working Mom attending last night, I wished someone had gotten in a question about what Dan really does and has done for the past five and a half years.

The Seals' nanny makes $50,000.00 per year and he made $18,000.00?????? If he doesn't work why doesn't he stay at home and help with the kids? I (and many others) am fine with him being a stay at home Dad but he makes his wife go out AND support the family and he can't even do anything close to his share?

Does this bother anyone else?

Working Mom

Anonymous said...

Also saw thw debate last nite and thought they both did well. I've never been to a debate where I think anyone's mind was changed.

Agree regarding the nanny situation. That their lifestyle choice but you would think he would want to pull his weight at homwe if he is not contributing financially. (This would never pass in my house!!!)

Both made good points and both came off reasonably well. Seals is cleary a very practiced politician and thought his presentation skills were better than Dold's but also thought Dold's answers were better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57 - Agree with your analysis. Dan has a great stage persona but felt his answers were 100% political and predicatble. Bob seemed less comfortable but much more substance. Felt like we were listening to one politician and one businessman.

Regarding the Nanny issue - If my math is right............ It appears Seals went to Boston U, Went to Japan to Teach, Got a Masters, Got an MBA, and started running for Congress at 34. He's probably never contributed much at home financially but I am disappointed to see that he's OK with letting his wife go out and support the family AND let someone else take care of his kids.

BTW - I have not seen Mrs. Seals at nearly as many events this campaign as in prior campaigns. If this is because she IS the one supporting the family shame on him.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Anon 8:45. Dan does nothing for his family but campaign. Period. There is nothing odd about a woman going out to work to keep a family afloat. What is stunning in the case of Dan Seals is that he does absolutely nothing BUT campaign. He doesn't volunteer for anything in his district or in our district for that matter. He does nothing but campaign. His answers to questions do not change from year to year. One would almost think he's programmed internally as he comes off as wooden and scripted.
Sure would like to know why his wife puts up with such a relationship. Maybe working is how she keeps HER sanity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:50 - Can't help but agree. Many couples these days have decided that it's better for the Dad to stay at home assume the bulk of the child related responsibilities. Having been in that situation as a working Mom - it's fine. HOWEVER, to not work and make me work more to keep a Nanny so he doesn't have to do his part?!?!?!?!?!

I like a lot of what Dan says about social issues but this shows how much he seemed to be disconnected with the District on economic ones. I almost fell over last night when he said we were on the right track on the economy and that things are getting better. He also said that the economy gained manufacturing jobs for the last 16 quarters????????????? (He may have meant 16 months and then it would be an honest mistake).

I think this is just as important as any other social issue. Why can't he pull his own weight at home if he doesn't do it in the workplace?

Anonymous said...

RE new ad - I'm disappointed to Seals resorting to this. We don't need it - We need to win independants - not beat the same drum that is being so easily refuted.

Still Dem

Anonymous said...

To the person who calls himself CC. How about answering this simple question. Why is it OK for Mrs. Seals to be the breadwinner in the family for many years and Dan do not a damn thing and YOU criticize, WRONGLY, by the way, that Bob Dold doesn't work in the family business. Why, CC? Like most young marrieds lucky enough to be from this area, Bob's parents helped him with his home. Bob Dold works every single day in his business. Bob Dold contributes to his community as a Scout Leader.
And please do not insult me by calling me a Dold staffer. You are an ignorant, nasty person backing the wrong candidate. Who wants to elect a lazy SOB who has no qualms about his wife working to support their 3 kids. We all have Dan Seals "number" and it's a WRONG ONE.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:05

If I were you I'd try to be a bit more coherent, otherwise people will start mistaking you for Kelly Klopp

Anonymous said...

as someone who was in dc in 1993 when clinton's ag nominee was scuttled you'd think dold would have already looked into weather the seals nanny was legal or not, since that is a major thing on the north shore. hmmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Good point, Foklaeps. I hope that someone will answer the simple question that CC keeps posing. CC just slams Bob Dold for the help his parents gave him when he and his wife returned to the area. Bob Dold pays his taxes, works in the family business in the good American tradition. He is a community volunteer and yes, goes to his Church on Sunday with his family.
It's just hunkey dorey for Mrs. Seals to be the bread winner for many years while Dan doesn't do a thing except run for office. Perhaps MRS. SEALS should run for office.
You can't have it both ways, CC. You seem to see nothing out of the ordinary for a guy with an education to do nothing, not even find an hour or two each week to give back to his community. Mrs. Seals would be my choice as the Democrat candidate for office. Seems like she has the American work ethic down pat.

Anonymous said...

I am SO SICK of Seals claiming that Dold never paid any taxes on his employees.

That is COMPLETE CRAP and I am sick of hearing it.

When can we get away from false accusations and made up lies and seriously get back to the real issues at hand.

People & young people especially are continuously losing trust and hope in our government because we don't spend any time addressing the problems of today. Politicians don't offer solutions and spend time thwarting attacks or bringing up dirt. Politicians can't have honest campaigns because when they try they get swept by the lies of the opponent

Elections are nothing more than a popularity contest dependent on which candidate can lie more about the other.

Let's talk policy, let's talk specific legislation. Let's talk about fixing this crap economy and getting people back to work. We can't have college grads living with parents and middle aged people being laid off. It makes no sense.

I am SO sick and tired of this. I don't think I can handle it any longer. What are we supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Southport,

The reason Dan continues to bring up the fact that Dold did not pay taxes on his campaign staff is because it's true. Dold pulled a move done by Scott Brown in MA where he hired many of his campaign staff as 'contractors,' meaning that he does not need to provide them with insurance nor pay payroll tax on them. It's a move that is questionable, both in regards to IL election law and in regards to Dold dodging taxes that every other campaign has to pay. The fact that he did so raises serious questions about his character and the type of Congressman he would be if elected. We have spent 10 years with a Congressman (Kirk) who hides behind press releases, involved himself with special interests and more or less hid from our district. Dold's tax move suggests that he would be more of the same--just a more conservative version of Kirk.

Ms. Southport, I have asked for the last 8 months for TA to talk issues on this blog. It's not going to happen because dirt and campaign innuendo are "sexier" and are what normal people pay attention to. Dolt's record and personal history show that he's not equipped to represent us and that his views are WAY out of line with those of this district.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

You know, CC, if the content of the Blog disappoints you, you can certainly go elsewhere. I have said repeatedly that this Blog is more about politics than policy. It's simply a matter of what I like to talk about about. That's why it's my Blog. You can certainly go start your own "10th District Issues" blog if you like. I simply hope that you'll entertain the variety of opinions (including yours) that we invite here.

Anonymous said...

CC -

Actually, the reason Dan Seals continues to bring up the tax issue is because he knows his core beliefs, if he really has any, are not even remotely in line with those of the voters of the 10th district. He might understand that if he lived here, but that's a whole different ball of wax.

The fact is, as a veteran consultant of many campaigns (not this one by the way), it is standard procedure, especially during the primaries, to hire consultants and independent contractors as 1099ers. As soon as Dold won the primary, I am sure those who were asked to stay on were hired as employees - at least those who wanted to. I am sure some of them wished to remain contractors as well.

This is another "shiny new toy" for Seals to try and use to distract the 10th voters from his lack of ideas/ability to create jobs in the 10th and the country.

As I have said a number of times in the past, Dan Seals is talking about Bob Dold, and Bob Dold is talking about jobs.

A Real "CC" (Campaign Consultant)

Tom said...

Funny how Dold supporters never have any facts to back up your statements about him. Maybe it's because the facts that are out there don't jive with your delusional view of the facts. Or maybe it's just because "fact" is a four-letter word Republicans won't use.