Friday, September 3, 2010

62nd Legislative District Challenger, Richard T. Longoria de Voltair, Is Just Waiting For You to Die Off If You Don't Agree With Him

The Daily Herald looked today at the 62nd Legislative District race between incumbent GOP candidate Sandy Cole, and Dem challenger Rich Voltair, on the issue of the legalization of gay marriage.

Cole, who some have asserted is pretty liberal for a Republican, nevertheless has staked out a fairly conservative stance on the issue, opposing not only gay marriage but civil unions. Cole bases her stand in part on the viewpoint of her constituents, who she says have shown through extensive polling that they are against both, although she notes that support for civil unions tends to be gaining (but still not a majority in her district).

Newcomer Voltair (full name Richard T. Longoria de Voltair), on the other hand, zealously supports gay marriage, and thinks that anyone who doesn't support it is some kind of troglodyte.

The arguments against gay marriage are "absurd," Voltair told the Herald.

"As a 32-year old, I hold views that are consistent with my age group," he said. "These views represent the future and it is only a matter of time before the previous generation expires and our generation takes over."

Ha ha. The notion that any age demographic should have a totally consistent view of an issue simply because of their age shows either a hopelessly shallow understanding of constituent viewpoints, or simply someone who can't see beyond his own ideology to consider anyone else's opinion. Neither is a good trait for a wanna-be state legislator. For someone who has a Ph.D. in PolySci from the University of Maryland, that doesn't show a real keen understanding of politics.

Interestingly, despite his impassioned defense of gay marriage as noted in the Herald article, it's not a topic listed under the "Issues" button on Voltair's campaign website. rather, Voltair focuses on deficit reduction, campaign finance reform, property tax reform, and Second Amendment gun ownership rights. Sounds almost like a Republican.

So, overall, I guess that means if you don't agree with Voltair, you must be a fossil, and he's just waiting for you and your outdated views on life to fade away. He obviously has no interest in considering or representing viewpoints that differ from his own.

ALSO - Voltair has a gigantic "Stop Corruption" sign on his website. Um, isn't he running as a Democrat? How's he going to stop corruption in the General Assembly by going down and doing everything Mike Madigan tells him to? Little wonder that Voltair is clearly not emphasizing the fact that he's the Democratic nominee.

BONUS QUESTION for inquiring minds - why does Voltair wear long-sleeved shirts on hot parade days:


Anonymous said...

sandy cole seems like a rising star. with the polo shirt with the big logo, absurd name and hair gel her opponent looks like something from the jersey shore. Maybe snooki will campaign for him.

the tribune did a poll on the kirk race. it's even. the big thing is conservatives who haven't come home yet to the congressman. The senate is now in play and I'm struggling to see why conservatives would rather have dick durbin than mitch mcconnell running the senate for the next 2 years. conservatives had a shot in the primary and couldn't find a single one of their ilk to even run much less that they backed.

grow up, back the congressman and if you dont like him, primary him in 6 years. But don't cost us the senate and chance to take obama's seat because the congressman and you don't see eye to eye on all issues. He's a national security hawk and fiscal hawk-2/3 of the reagan stool. Alexi is a chicken and fat spender-0/3 of the stool.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Voltair is a nice kid, but he's a typical liberal in his thinking and his arguments.

He's in his 30's, he's never been married, and he's telling the rest of us what marriage is? He has no clue about permanent commitments, or the needs of children.

His attitude is clearly that of a sterotypical liberal elitist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's a Death Eater and he doesn't want us to see his Voldemort tattoo.

Anonymous said...

"The senate is now in play and I'm struggling to see why conservatives would rather have dick durbin than mitch mcconnell running the senate for the next 2 years."

Ah...well, could be because you don't understand "conservative politics".

But keeping trying--though I don't think the "appeal" you're making in your post is going do it. I'm sure the Kirk Campaign are working on it though, too.

I'd hate to say it, but you sound a little "defeated", FOKLAEPS, in that last post.

Anonymous said...

This is from Voltair's WLS/Fox Voter Guide:

"I want to create a “Debt Eliminating Estate Tax” (DEET). From my perspective, the previous generation borrowed the money so the previous generation should pay it back. Income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes are taxes that “Boomerangs” will be paying as they begin their working lives. Estate taxes are the only method which insures that the previous generation pays it debt to society, without burdening the next generation".

This guy's a bit old (32) to call himself a *boomerang*....Dude, that's the name for the recent 20-something college grad. who can't find employment. And the Dems keep borrowing $$ to give you another scholarship??