Thursday, September 9, 2010

59th District Representative Carol Sente Celebrates Her One-Year Anniversary of Appointment At... UAW Headquarters???

I almost spit out my coffee this morning when I saw this news blurb - Carol Sente, who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of retiring State Rep. Kathy Ryg, will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of her appointment to the office at... wait for it... an open house at the United Autoworkers (UAW) hall in Lincolnshire.

I can't find the text online, but here's the story as printed in this morning's Lake County News-Sun:

SENTE OPEN HOUSE: To mark her one-year anniversary of being sworn in as a legislator, state Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, is inviting residents to an open house Saturday from 10 to 11 a.m. at the United Autoworkers office, 680 Barclay Blvd., Lincolnshire. Sente will discuss what she has done to change the business-as-usual attitude in Springfield. The open house is free of chrage and open to the public. Coffee and bagels will be available. Following the open house, Sente and volunteers will circulate a community survey door to door to help identify priorities and concerns for area residents who are not able to attend. RSVP by Friday at (847) 883-0060, or my e-mail

Nothing says thank you to a special interest like having a big ol' "thank you" party at the house of the ones that you need out there muscling the votes this November.

So, is this an official open house and constituent outreach to residents of the 59th District??? It sure sounds that way from the news blurb above, especially the part about distributing a survey. Heck, I was ready to show up myself.

But the true story is revealed on the "Organizing for America" (formerly Obama for America) website:

Open House & Canvass for Carol Sente (Democratic Campaign Event)

Since taking office nearly one year ago, Carol has spent her time listening, learning and building strong bi-partisan relationships. Please join us for an Open House as we mark Carol's one-year anniversary of becoming State Representative and learn about the actions she has taken to change the status quo in state government on Saturday, September 11, at 10:00 a.m. at the U.A.W. Building located at 680 Barclay Blvd. in Lincolnshire.

Yup, same event. But on the O.F.A. site, it is clearly labeled as a campaign event. Sheesh.

If you live in the 59th District, vote Dan Sugrue, and end business as usual in Springfield. You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

As I predicted Alexi doubled down on Obama and is not dumping the guy.



A. Bees said...

Of course he did, AG doesn't have anything else going for him in this election cycle. He can't run on his job as treasurer because he gets blasted for the Bright Start debacle. He can't run on his banking experience because he is too busy running away from the bank. So his claim to fame, "he's friends with the President."

Anonymous said...

team america thought alexi would cut and run from obama the way I love iran dan ran from the israel debate 3 weeks ago. I disagreed.

Alexi has nothing going for him, but the congressman is struggling against him because they seem more interested in keeping mark away from the big ideas and political confrontation that used to make him such a congressional beast.


Anonymous said...

everyone I speak to is dying to see the congressman of yore who was aggressive and innovative in his thinking and not afraid to come out with ideas that were relevant to the challenges confronting the country. His recent ads have video from 2 cycles ago and a slogan stolen from porter's campaign literature. Plenty of stuff to destroy alexi with.


A. Bees said...

You are right that AG is toast if they turn to an issues debate. The problem is that AG is running away from the issues debate at every opportunity. This appears that it will be a mud slinging campaign to the end. Sad, but when AG can't rely on anything else, that is what we will get stuck with....

Anonymous said...

the great things about the congressman is that unlike most of the illinois gop politicians he's not an also ran bore. He's a man of smarts, ideas and political convictions and knows how to punch and build a coalition. He's been completely emasculated and neutered in a campaign which has sterilized all that is good about him. He's not a goofball like dan seals or a moron like alexi where he looks best hidden.

the white sox just hired a guy who famously said "I'm manny being manny". they need to let mark kirk be mark kirk because he's a helluva lot more attractive than the guy his handlers have butchered him into.


Anonymous said...

Foklaeps, I agree somewhat on the old video clips in the Kirk TV ads. That said, I think that in the next couple of weeks we're going to see the old Mark Kirk come blasting out at AG. It's a must do. Like you, the Mark Kirk of a few cycles ago is what I'm hoping to see in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

they need to let mark kirk be mark kirk because he's a helluva lot more attractive than the guy his handlers have butchered him into.

Taking credit for that one, too, FOLKLAEPS? Who was the one who said quite some time ago that they should just let him be who he is because the voters would accept that way?

Unfortunately, it seems that his "handlers" have done enough harm that he's not going to recover. There's not enough time anymore.

Anonymous said...

And they're headed off in the wrong direction again anyway, painting him as a "sensitive" type. Maybe plays well in the 10th, but again, he's running statewide this time.

What should have been his "base", the City folk, the farmers--especially in today's economy and with today's global worries wanted STRENGTH--and his handlers have been feeding him, and are continuing to feed him Kryptonite around the clock.

Anonymous said...

plenty of time left. we haven't had the first debate yet. the first campaign was brilliant. they let mark run as porter's heir. by term 5 he should be defined as his own guy with his own achievements and own vision.

instead, this hack from wisconsin, has him run amok with dc talking points instead of letting him be mr. all illinois which is what he really he is. unlike hoffman or alexi-spoiled brats whose careers are more the product of the wealth they inherited, mark is a self made guy. He never talks about his humble origins, has let the media caricature him as some lying career hack when in fact he's a dedicated public servant and one of the few self made men with ideas and understanding of issues. the whole thing has been an awful reactive campaign devoid of thinking that befits the guy he is with the fan club of people like baxters mom, a bees, king louis and mr. and mrs. team america.

the campaign should have been i'm mr. self made all illinois and here's my ideas and efforts and you're another bs hack from the city.

instead it's some muddled bs.



Anonymous said...

I thought this post was about Carol Sente? She came to my door about 3 weeks ago (Indian Creek) and told me she was an "independent" seeking to fight corruption and change things in Springfield. She seemed nice enough.

But last week, Dan Sugrue came to my door seeking my support and when I asked who he was running against, he told me Sente. I shared with him what she told me and I was surprised to learn she is a Democrat, not an independent. Mr. Sugrue seems to be a genuine man with good ideas for getting Illinois back to work and respecting tax dollars we send to Springfield. He has my support.

Sente, on the other hand, has really upset me. I've been doing research on her since I spoke to Mr. Sugrue - that's how I found this blog. I am really angry she would lie about her affiliation with the Democrat Party.

Please keep posting on her - I am warning all my friends about her - if she can look me straight in the eye and lie to me - she's gotta be replaced. I will forward this blogpost to my friends as well.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Anon 10:47 for helping get the truth out to the voters in the 59th District. It's up to each of us to ask questions, to not be so damn complacent believing that what we see is who the candidate happens to be. Sente was appointed to fill the seat held by Kathy Ryg, enough said.
Dan Sugrue is a guy we need in Springfield. Listen to his ideas, hear what he has to say and then decide how to vote on November 2. You BET the Democrats aren't touting their party this time around. Sente, however, is rubbing her affiliation in your face by holding her meeting at Union headquarters. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

=instead of letting him be mr. all illinois which is what he really he is=

Good luck trying to convince people he's a Midwestern boy again.

It's that "DC scene" that everyone's so impressed with, right? And the "American Dream--according to his handful of "DC wannabes" because power and control are oh, so impressive. As if that's never been tried here and people from IL didn't make obvious choices to reject it, pronto.

Midwestern values, huh? Do tell. I bet Alexi's going to focus first on slam-dunking every attempt at now trying to paint Kirk as that man from Illinois again.

True colors. Would have been better to mix them in with your own like an ancient wise man once said.

Anonymous said...

With regard to my statement re: time, I guess it depends on whether you believe it's better to hang onto each hill as it's conquered--or are pompous enough to believe that you can easily regain those territories easily if they're lost again after the troops had been there once before.

It's not just the Voters. It's the Troops, as well

And who are the Troops on the Republican side in Illinois, FOLKLAEPS? That's what the Conservatives have been trying to explain to Kirk all along.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sente and Kirk might have the same "image" problems. Maybe the two campaigns can reach across the aisle to help each other and come up with a solution.

At this point, that probably wouldn't raise any eyebrows either.

Anonymous said...

=instead it's some muddled bs.=

Yes. As if an *Illinois* moderate is a weak, flimsy, quivering, wavering, and transparent apparition of a former being.


Anonymous said...

So she had a campaign event at a union hall?


Brady Dold Sugrue and the other nutters are all having tons of "rallys" with book-burning teabaggers.

At least union guys stand up for our constitution - all of it.

Why do you hate American workers?

Anonymous said...

I don't run the congressman's campaign. Trashing the conservatives in the party is a pretty foolish idea considering the fact that the so called moderates usually roll into bed with the democrats rather than fight the good fight. see tom cross, topinka, ect.

John Porter was also a career politician as is dick durbin as is rahm emanuel as is pat quinn as was bill clinton. the congressman doesn't give people the feel that he's mr. illinois and as a senator you need to do that. You need to be the mascot for the state for the generation. It's not all about raising money in new york giving speeches at the council on foreign relations and running 4 negative ads every 6 years. the dick lugars of the world are loved in the state not because they do that but because people feel like he's mr. indiana. The congressman's handlers haven't let him do that. they have him running through basements of hotels-in july and also a few years ago in a iraq war protest thing. they lost control of his image which is a tragedy because as I said, this is one damn fine man who works his heart out and can really do things that no one else in his generation can do here in Illinois and abroad.

this is a moment where the state and country and in deep trouble and for once it's not our fault. the congressman had the opportunity he's been building for his entire career and I'd argue, porter's as well to say this is what I stand for and what I want to do. Instead we get old footage from 2006, bs about mob bankers, him in a witness protection program, and a tied up race with a city slicker.

I expect this from dold or mckenna, not him.


Anonymous said...

That's the problem. He seems as weak, if not weaker than, McKenna right now. But then I always try to forget that Kirk's part of that camp (well...I guess it's his now, isn't it?)--though it shows over and over again.

Parading Hughes around, though, was a nice idea, but it will only help so much.

Anonymous said...

You can see it in the way they communicate. No one will ever accuse them of managing to be excruciatingly polite while being "effective" at the same time.

They seem to have only two comfort zones: "attack" and "stand down".

Confidence and strength seem foreign.

Anonymous said...

Back to Sente - her headquarters are in a union hall. There's nothing wrong with union's the union bosses...and those are the fellas helping Sente.

Her latest mail piece is a beauty - she's running against corruption - the good ole boys. Funny, it's the good ole boys that appointed her to the seat. FOKLEAPS - Stay focused locally as well...

Madigan is sending out mail in Sente's district stating she's opposing him - only in Illinois!

Anonymous said...

And just one last thought:

There's nothing shameful about being a Republican in Ilinois.

We have still have more true Sons of Illinois here than the Democrats do.

It's a shame that some people can't appreciate the Legacy (though sometimes flawed) that's been left to us and work on improving that.

You'd think Kirk, with his background, would understand that better than anyone else.