Friday, October 1, 2010

Turelli Triumphs at LWV Debate; Sente Mails It In; Bassi Left Shell Shocked

Team America cub reporter "King" Louis Atsaves filed the following report from last night's League of Women Voters event, at which Carol Sente didn't even show up to debate her opponent, GOP nominee Dan Sugrue. Here's Lou's report:

1. Lauren Turelli clearly won the debate over Karen May, who squeaked "I am an Independent" and tried to push that she is now a public pension reformer with a 10 point plan. After 10 years, May had her chance, both Stratton and Griffin in earlier campaigns brought up the pension crisis and May then blew it off. Turelli came across as an intelligent, thoughtful candidate while May waived her hands in frustration while claiming to be a reformer.

Must be tough when you vote against the ethics bill advancing out of committee that you introduced in the House, right Karen May?

2. Carol Sente had an "important business engagement" and sent her sister to read a statement. Her sister stated that Senator Link chose Sente to replace Ryg. Dan Sugrue then gave his statement.

The hand picked Representative thanking the party boss? Wow!

3. Carlton Marcyan shocked an unprepared Ann Flannigan Bassi for Lake County Board. Prepared. Focused. Proactive in wanting to tackle problems. Will donate his salary if elected. Gave such a closing statement that the crowd was transfixed and burst into applause, to the frustration of the League moderators who wanted no applause until the end of the debate.

After the debate, Bassi immediately left the building. Perhaps now she realizes she has a major fight on her hand.

Louis G. Atsaves

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Anonymous said...

May is going to take a beating this year. She doesn't have a state senate race to protect her and for the first time that I can remember the county board seat is in play. Not to take anything away from Stratton but Turelli is the perfect choice to run. She is highly intellegent, even keeled, and persistant. May still does not think Turelli is a threat.