Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dold with a "D" Video Hits TV; McGovern On Board Team Dold

Bob Dold has updated his catchy "Dold with a 'd,' not an 'e'," video from the primary and is hitting the Chicago airwaves:

Also, political veteran John McGovern has joined Team Dold, which means that the Dold campaign now has some pretty serious strategic firepower. Dan Seals better watch out.


Blue Wind said...

Will Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter campaign for him? I am sure the tea partiers are excited with his candidacy. A tea party victory in IL10 would be a dream come true for them. It would be a major advance in their struggle against the right of women to chose.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blue. You know you're spouting nonsense, but you just can't stop yourself. I'd like to know just what you find it necessary to LIE about Bob Dold's position on choice. This says more about you than you realize.

Anonymous said...


Almost 20 days out and a bad 'Six Flags'-esq name ID ad is the best that bingo Bob can do? Undecideds aren't going to vote for this guy because his name sounds like Bob Dole (another GOP loser).

Dan Seals is talking issues, Bob Dolt is talking about spelling.

By the way, The Hill came out with a new poll today:

Dan Seals, 49%
Robert Dold, 37%

Dan has a 9 point lead among independents, is beating Dold in every age bracket, and winning amongst both men and women.

Time to pack up the Dolt bus, this one is over.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

And how about Turelli appearing with Joe Walsh in LF last night. How very Palinesque.

Anonymous said...

CC -

I just don't buy the margin of that poll. I do think Seals is in the lead, but not by that much - probably closer to 3-4 points.

Seals is not talking issues, he never does. He talks around the issues and then spews his BS about the whole choice thing - which is going to be a loser for him.

Final number - Dold 51, Seals 49.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blue Wind,

Will Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright campaign for Dan Seals? How about Rod Blagojevich? Tony Reszko? Todd Stroger?

And yes, that is how stupid your comments sound right about now.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Seals is going negative, trying to scare dimwits into voting for him by lying about Dold and distorting his views...attack, attack, attack.

Doesn't sound like the strategy of a candidate waltzing his way to victory, does it?

Sounds more like a guy scared crapless that he's heading down the road to becoming a three-time loser.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it sounds like someone campaigning hard because he doesn't take anything for granted. This ain't beanbag...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43--

Dan isn't going negative, he's simply showing the people of the 10th the truth about Bingo Bob "I'm more conservative then I let on" Dolt.

This poll only confirms what we already knew: people aren't buying the Dold=Kirk kool-aid. Bingo Bob's list of short-comings and problems has been well documented by me and many others.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

A simple and powerful resolution to all the bs going back and forth regarding Dold and Seals.
Only one question needs to be answered:
Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House?
Seals is an obvious YES and Dold is NO!
There is no difficult choice as Pelosi must GO!

Trebor from Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Using a jingle ad with 20 days to go isn't a very wise move for the Dold campaign. Not sure what you are trying to get accomplished by not talking about any issue and doing a "Hey I'm running for Congress with a nice jingle ad" is going to convince. Seems like a bad strategy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:10 PM - That's because that's all Dold's got. 20 days & a jingle. Maybe he can reuse the ad for his bug business.

Blue Wind said...


My comments may sound stupid to someone who lacks the basic political understanding of the situation. I am not surprised. But let me give you a hint. Dold has made clear that the tea party movement is "great". Sarah Palin is the spiritual leader of the tea party movement. Try to connect the dots. You may find that my comment is not that stupid.