Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daily Herald For Dan Sugrue in 59th Legislative District

The Daily Herald gives my friend Dan Sugrue a pass when it comes to his "conservative" politics (although exactly what seems to trouble the Herald about Dan's conservative views is not specified) but ends up making the right choice (as did the Chicago Tribune) and endorses Sugrue over his Democratic opponent, appointee Carol Sente:

In the 59th House District, Democrat Carol Sente of Vernon Hills is facing off against Republican Dan Sugrue of Green Oaks.

Sente was hand-picked to fill a vacancy by Democratic powers, while Sugrue won a primary without GOP party help.

Sente was in a strong position to ask Madigan for more ethics reform because he wants to keep her seat, but she said she focused on a better budget process instead.

She would not say what she thought about caps on leaders when first asked last spring. She later said she favors them in primary and general elections.

Sugrue vows he will not be a rubber stamp. We disagree with Sugrue, a conservative, on most social policy, but he says he will focus on ending deficit spending and unfunded pensions and push for fairer maps and limits on leadership.

Sugrue wins our support.

Way to go Dan!


Anonymous said...

good work to thunder dan. I really hope guys like him down ballot get some of the spoils of the coattails of kirk and brady.


Anonymous said...

lol Down to dealing, FOKLAEPS? So unattractive.