Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dold Blinks on Temporary Payroll Tax Extension; Will House Do The Same? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: As you probably know by now, the House is expected to pass the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.

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Well, despite the steadfast attempt of the House and several members of the U.S. Senate to hold out for a year-long payroll tax cut extension, it seems to now be clear that the Senate is not going to budge. Facing this stalemate, it looks like the House is going to have to negotiate, or many folks will be impacted. From Congressman Bob Dold:

Rep. Dold Calls on House To Pass Two-Month Payroll Tax Extension Immediately

Calls on Senate to Appoint Conferees Immediately and work Towards a Long-Term Solution

U.S. Representative Robert Dold (IL-10) issued the following statement today on extending the payroll tax holiday:

"For months I have been advocating for the extension of the payroll-tax holiday and have been working in a bipartisan way in Congress to find common ground so we can get things done for the American people. It is clear that the Senate will not negotiate with the House so I am calling on House Leadership to immediately pass the Senate’s temporary two-month extension. Furthermore, I am calling on Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to immediately appoint Senate conferees so that both bodies of Congress can come together and work out a long-term solution. 

"It is unfortunate that the American people have to worry this holiday season about whether or not they will be giving more of their hard-earned money to the government. That is why I believe it is necessary to pass the two-month extension so that the people of Illinois aren’t faced with a tax increase on January 1st. But let me be clear- the Senate must come to the table and work with the House so that we can find a permanent solution so that hardworking Middle Class families aren’t faced with the same uncertainty in 60 days. In the spirit of the season, let’s end the games immediately and pass the two month extension."



Dold is a Whiney Wimp said...

Glad to see Toxic Bob Dold took a minute to stop whining and come to his senses.

In other words the fraidy cat wimped out.

And by "several Senators" did you mean nine?

Nine is "several" in what universe?

Or are you counting Capn Kirk "several" times because his. ego. is. just. that. big.?

Anonymous said...

All this 2 month deal was a trap to drag out this issue further into the election cycle to bolster obama's numbers and make him look like a tax cutter. And the senate republicans fell for it.
Then the house, by trying to stand their ground, looked worse than the actual tactics by the democrats.

Anonymous whines and Dold is a wimp said...

Hey anonymous whiner. Drop the pretenses.

Repubs were on the wrong side in this fight and you know it. Y'all are in for a world of hurt if you keep it up.

You can't demand a toxic big oil pipeline and hold the middle class hostage to get it after railing against green energy jobs all year long. Americans aren't buying your slop anymore AND YOU LOST THIS FIGHT BIG TIME.

Middle class sees through your asinine spin now.