Tuesday, December 27, 2011

State Senate Races In Lake County Will Make For An Interesting Cycle

Hi everyone, and hope you are all enjoying the holidays. I need to get some actual work done this week, so for now, I thought I'd see if anyone has any thoughts on the race to replace outgoing State Senator Suzi Schmidt in the 31st District, since Daily Herald reporter Russell Lissau just did a big article on the fact that the GOP candidates (all four of them) seem to be lagging behind County Board Member Melinda Bush on the Dem side.

While we're on the subject of State Senate races, it looks like State Senator and Lake County Dem Chairman Terry Link may have a serious contender in Vernon Township GOP Chairman Don Castella (it looks like the other potential Republican contender, Greg Jacobs, is going to get kicked off the ballot for filing with an insufficient number of petition signatures). Don is a pretty conservative guy, for sure, but he's also very, very good at social media (he's a prolific Facebook poster) and I think he's the kind of opponent that Link could easily underestimate.


Anonymous said...

Castella may be good at social media, but face-to-face, he's a bully. At the 2010 Lake County Fair, he actually went after a Lake County Tea Party and 9/12 Patriot supporter with rather abusive language. Let's hope he's learned to control himself in public if he wants to be a viable candidate for anything other than dog catcher. He can be his own "worst nightmare".

Pathetic that Jacobs couldn't get the requisite signatures and that Joe Neal hasn't even formed a committee. For all the talk, northern Lake County GOP candidates don't seem to have much gumption yet.

Anonymous said...

If Castella went after the TP and 9/12 Un-Patriots. Bravo for him. These two groups are not representative of the GOP in Lake County or our conservative values.

Anonymous said...

I think the commenter's point was that a candidate ought not abuse people with differing views. And regular commenter Louis Atsaves seems to think the 9/12 Patriots and the Lake County Tea Party a important components of the Lake County GOP. Maybe even the soul of the Lake County Party.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Tea Party and 9/12 Patriots are "maybe even the soul of the Lake County Party"?

Where did you get THAT? Important yes. Soul? no.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party and 9/12 Patriots are leaving sour tastes in people's mouths. Any GOP candidate in Lake County aligning with these two groups will not benefit in 2012 like the candidates did in 2010.

Castella is a Whine Afficianado said...


Castella v. Link?

Link has chunks of guys like Castaway in his stool.

Anonymous said...

Castella Whiner -- I hope you and Link keep thinking that right up until about the first week of November.

Anon 99 is Out of Touch said...

Hey Anonymous #99.

We'll KNOW by 7 PM on Election Night.

Don't cry in your stale beer to much that night.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Who is anon #99? I'm confused.

However, I'm not confused about Castella's very slim chances against Link. Castella is, unfortunately, not a very nice guy. I have seen him bark at people and call someone at the GOP booth at the County Fair an idiot. Even some of the GOP office holders in attendance looked concerned and moved away from him. Under the pressure of a campaign, I just don't see Castella connecting with voters. He exudes an attitude of superiority unsupported by his abilities. In this race, Castella is a lamb.

Anon 99 or Anon 4813 - Whats the Diff? said...

-- He exudes an attitude of superiority unsupported by his abilities

Sounds like everything else on this blog.

You can be Anonymous #4813 if you want. Plenty of anoymouses on this joke of a blog anyway

A lawyer makes these juvenile posts? Really? Really?