Saturday, January 28, 2012

Checking in With Senator Mark Kirk... and the News is Good (UPDATED)

I checked in with Senator Mark Kirk's campaign chairman, Michael Morgan, this afternoon, and I think the news on Senator Kirk is very good, considering. I was a bit concerned, as I have been hearing in some circles up here in Lake County that the public reports about Kirk have been a bit whitewashed, and that the Senator was in far graver condition than was generally being reported. I am happy to say that such is not the case, and that Kirk is progressing very well.

Clearly, there will be quite a recovery ahead for Mark, but it appears that things are going well for right now, so I for one am breathing a little easier today.

UPDATED: I saw the Trib just posted a feature on the issues and challenges with rehabilitation after a stroke. No new info on Kirk's condition in the article, but it offers some interesting experiences from several people who have had to confront such a challenge -- bottom line, few recoveries are identical.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that the man giving the State of the Campaign speech last Tuesday evening didn't have the class to at least publicly wish Mark the best during his recuperation? But then I guess I expected he wouldn't.

I admire AZ Governor Jan Brewer!

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

Especially when you consider that Mark sits in Obama's old senate seat...

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty classless thing to do. Every inch of the administration is probed for ideas for this speech, every program analyst, das, pdas, u/s, correspondence, newspaper clip, meeting for those special moments that can boost the president. This was intentional. He had 12 hours notice on it, and the snub won't be forgotten. Mark will be a senator for a long long time if he doesn't get tapped for the next administration and there will be countless events and things where our soon to be ex president will need assistance from his home state US senator.

Good luck getting those phone calls returned going forward.


Anonymous said...

wow, really anemic fundraising by Brad Schneider. The guy has spent his entire life lazing around throwing his wife's family's money around for philanthropic access, and can't raise more money than a 25-year-old Bolshevik. Dold is one lucky SOB.