Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daily Herald Casts Doubt on Eligibility of Democratic IL-10 Hopeful, But Does It Matter?

Russell Lissau at the Daily Herald did some innovative sleuthing and discovered that one of the dark horse Democratic candidates in the contest to win their party's nomination to take on incumbent Congressman Bob Dold, Aloys Rutagwibira, may not actually meet Constitutional requirements for holding this office:

Aloys Rutagwibira, 53, of Hainesville, is a native of Rwanda who became a naturalized American citizen on July 6, 2006, according to voter registration records acquired by the Daily Herald.

Congressional service requires seven years of citizenship. Rutagwibira won't be eligible until July 2013.

Read the whole article. Apparently, Rutagwibira did not react kindly to Mr. Lissau's inquiries.

Hmm. Maybe Rutagwibira never heard the old saw about how you should never argue with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.

But, will this really matter? Rutagwibira is apparently such an outside shot that the only poll we have even heard about in IL-10 on the Dem side did not even include him. Not to mention that fact that, as Lissau notes, there is currently a challenge pending to Rutagwibira's petitions based on lack of sufficient valid signatures on his nominating petitions.


Andy Quinn said...

Sweet Lord, the Democrats' IL-10 field is a mess. Even once one of these no-names does emerge (bloodied and battered, no doubt) as the nominee, Republicans are obviously on board with the Congressman and it's hard to see any elements in his record that Mark Kirk Democrats could find seriously objectionable.

If this Daily Kos-type guy Sheyman wins the primary, even in the new and tougher district, I think Dold will mop the floor with him. Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

If Sheyman wins the primary, I just don't see a path to victory for him November. Even if the new District is slightly left of center, his views are too progressive. And he cannot not identify with the voters he will need in the general, you know those Independents and centrist right voters. This guys Never has never had a real job, hasn't paid taxes, has not raised children, put them through the school system. What does he have to offer, how can be a representative of his district where there is no identity.

Andy you are right on! Another failed effort by Gash and her over the hill gang. When are they ever going to learn, but hey that is good for our Congressman.

Andy Must Have Blinders On said...

Nope. No ''elements in his record'' like voting to kill grannies with corporate run death panels or voting to privatization for Medicare.

No ''elements'' like killing funds for woman healthcare.

No ''elements'' like trying to raise taxes on middle class but fighting to keep giving away cash to megaprofit companies.


No probs in Doldys record at all.