Thursday, February 2, 2012

Congressman Bob Dold Saving His Shekels In IL-10, Waiting for an Opponent to Emerge (UPDATED x2: Hinz Calls Dem Fundraising "Puny"; Now It's 4)

Russell Lissau takes a great comprehensive look today at the fundraising going on in the 10th Congressional District. Congressman Bob Dold is sitting pretty with over a million bucks in the bank that he can save for the general election, since he doesn't have a primary opponent, while the B team over on the Dem side continue to try to out-left each other to please the Dem base.

As Lissau notes, Dold outraised the top two Dem competitors combined:

Ilya Sheyman, a Waukegan resident who at 25 is just old enough to run for Congress, collected $178,904 in campaign donations between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, according to newly filed campaign disclosure reports.

Brad Schneider finished second in the quarterly money race. The Deerfield resident’s campaign committee received an estimated $134,262 in donations.

But incumbent Republican Bob Dold of Kenilworth outraised both of them combined, collecting $355,831 in the quarter, records show.

Lissau also notes:

Schneider ended the quarter with about $451,787 in the bank, which made him the best-funded candidate at the start of 2012. The sum includes a $100,000 loan from Schneider.

We all know how 'self-funders' seem to fare in this District -- usually poorly. I also always like to see if guys like Schneider actually spend their campaign account down to the last penny in the final weeks if it seems clear that he's not going to win -- in other words, will Schneider dip into his "own" loan money and put it at risk, as opposed to gleefully running on OPM (other people's money).

John Tree is a distant third in fundraising (but hopefully he'll have enough to pay his high-priced consulting team) and the other two guys in the race appear to be talking to themselves, or something.

UPDATED: Greg Hinz at Crains's also takes a quick look in on the fundraising efforts of the candidates in the 10th, and labels the collective efforts of the Dems "pretty puny" in comparison to Congressman Bob Dold. Hahahahahahha!

UPDATED x2: The Daily Herald reports that the least known Dem candidate, Aloys Rutagwibira, has been kicked off the ballot for not having sufficient valid petition signatures. So much for Russell Lissau's hard work in determining that Rutagwibira was ineligible on citizenship tenure anyway.


Anonymous said...

the dccc will spend $2 million on this race where you have obama on the ticket. The nrcc won't drop a dime and who knows at this point whether mark will be back in full force. Dold has to be loving this, but remember mark outspent seals 3-1 and still barely won and bean outspent walsh 6-1 and still lost and walsh had more baggage than the lost and found at o'hare.

Dold continues to get breaks (the washington post today called him the legacy of dan burton which is quite incredible-a story that the dccc didn't follow up on), like this and he'll need each one.


Team America said...

FOKLAES, do you really think DCCC is going to spend any more than a token amount in IL-10 on that kid Sheyman? (I think the writing is on the wall that he's going to win). DCCC is still smarting from the millions and millions they poured into Dan Seals who still couldn't get the job done after three tries.

Remapped district or not, a Sheyman win isn't going to raise any money except $10 or $20 ActBlue contributions from bleeding heart liberals in California.

So Many Whiny Tea Pats So Lil Time said...

Doesnt matter if NRCC or DCCC spends any money. Lil fokkker forgets the jizillions that elitist 1%ers will drop in the 10th just cuz they can.

They already are cuz they like them some silver spoon puppets.

Dold gave the Benidict Arnold Caiman Island millionaires a bonus when he hired the head lobbyist for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as his chief of staff.

Anonymous said...

-Team, this is the most democratic district held by a republican in the country and so democrats HAVE x 15 to spend $ here. They go into debt anyway and they have plenty of surrogates like arne duncan, michelle obama, bill clinton, rahm ect they can deploy for fundraisers as they did for dan. They're not going to forgo a seat they designed.

-What also makes this district more important for them is the enormous advantage republicans had with redistricting. This has resulted in a lot of vulnerable republicans getting more republican and a lot of democrats in marginal districts having their seats zapped (for example democrats in nc have lost 4 seats). Democrats right now really need 40-45 seats to take back the majority and unlike in past cycles there aren't as many moderate districts like this in the country they can target. They'll help kid commie raise $1.5 million for the general and kick in $2 million in tv support and then every cook county hack they can find for ground game.


Anonymous said...


Mark may not be physically at Dold fundraisers but his team will be out in full force for Dold. Count on it.

LC Truth said...

Good thread until FOKLAES shows his bigoted view, one shared by many old timers in Lake County.

Lil Fokkker Needs 3 Ks in His Name said...

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Anonymous said...

Not Russian Jews in general - just this one in particular.

Anonymous said...

Long overdue for some sane comments on what used to be a very measured Blog. Enough of the name calling from both sides. And the person who can't seem to write intelligently and resorts to some weird postings should grow up or meander over to Ellen's place right now. Ilya Sheyman is a young guy without sufficient background or experience to be in Congress. The truly nasty words about Bob Dold are just that: nasty, coming from the other side of the aisle. You might not like Bob or the fact that he's a Republican, but your silly postings are also without merit.
Voters in the 10th Congressional District have traditionally chosen the right person to represent them in Congress. We've had Republicans and we've had Democrats. Voters here, and I'm sure in the newly formed 10th District, will choose wisely.
My hope is that the postings in the future will be thoughtful, in clear English, and to the topic put out by TA. Rantings, ravings, rather silly posts should find another place, just not here.

Stop Calling Russian Jews Bad Names Ya Big Meanie Wah Wah Wah said...

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Antisemite Conservatives are Twerps said...

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Anonymous said...

Most Russian Jews who have passed puberty hate communism. Its just baby-Ilya who doen't really understand why his parents left Russia that we call a communist.

Russian Jews will vote for Dold by healthy margins over Ilya.

Does Dold Hate Russian Jews Too? said...

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Anonymous said...

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