Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Arie Friedman Hits Dem Julie Morrison on Tax Evasion (Evading the Issue, That Is) with New Video (UPDATED)

Dr. Arie Friedman, who is running unopposed as the GOP candidate who wants to take over State Senator Susan Garrett's seat in the 29th Senate District, is coming out swinging against West Deerfield Township Supervisor Julie Morrison in a new video that showcases Morrison's evasion on the very important question of whether she would have voted in favor of the infamous Illinois income tax increase, which jacked up our personal income taxes by 66%.

Friedman's ad is hard-hitting, and is also remarkable given that Morrison does not have a clear shot at the nomination, since she faces fellow Dem Milton Sumption in the Dem primary.

Some of the clips of Morrison in the video are just precious. Here's a sample:

Questioner: ".... I asked you the question about taxes."

Morrison: "You did!"

Questioner: "That was, like, back when you first started."

Morrison: "Right."

Questioner: "Have you thought about that at all? Do you have a position on it?"

Morrison: "I think about it every day."

Questioner: "Do you have a position on it?"

Morrison: "You, I don't. Not that I can share right now. Sorry."

Watch the whole thing - it's under a minute. Frankly, you wouldn't usually believe any serious politician would think he or she could prevaricate on such an issue for long, and actually get away with it before being called out on it... but apparently that's the game Morrison is trying to play.

Most likely, Morrison's plan is to keep mum on this issue through the primary, and hope that no one presses the question, since she can't be caught saying she opposed the tax increase, or would vote against it, say, if the issue of making the tax increase permanent (since it was only supposed to last a few years) comes up, which many expect it will. To do so would give her opponent a clear opening. But, don't be shocked if after the primary, Morrison clearly comes out and takes a stand against the tax increase, just like her mentor Susan Garrett.

Just sayin'.

UPDATED 2/24/12 8:45 am: In today's Daily Herald, the editors came out to endorse Morrison over her primary opponent, Milton Sumption. What's missing from the endorsement?.... that's right, a discussion of Morrison's position on TAXES! The DH lauds Morrison for her supposed commitment to job creation, but how can they do so without asking her about her position on taxes, which are obviously a key component of the overall employment environment? Tsk, tsk, tsk...


Anonymous said...

For a physician, he is not to bright. IL report card for jobs just got a bump and we now have a better forecast for job growth than WI and IN.
Any nobody has been able to answer this question, just exactly how much has you take home pay changed since Jan 2011 as a result of the payroll tax increase?

Anonymous said...

Hey, TA, looks like Julie reads your blog :)

Didn't they teach the difference between "to" and "too" in third grade?

Anonymous said...

So Julie Morrison can detail which jobs were created as a result of specific actions of West Deerfield Township?

Let's see the list!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I think Julie is especially committed to creating one job in specific... for herself...

Anonymous said...

Great video, Arie. More important than the substantive tax issue, this video makes her look dishonest and evasive to her voters.