Friday, February 10, 2012

For the Inside Scoop on the IL-10 Primary, Sometimes You Simply Have to Go to A Dem Blog

While I always have some hesitation about linking to Ellen of the Tenth, the counterpart to Team America over in the mirror universe that is the Dem side of the Tenth Congressional District, sometimes to really get the flavor of who's stabbing who in the back on the Dem side, there really is no substitute for checking out what Ellen has to say. After all, as you might expect, not a lot of Dem primary mail shows up at Team America headquarters based on my voting profile, since they are clearly not going to waste a penny on mailing to a 'hard R' like m'self. And while I have been known to show up to Dem events in the past (sometimes just to get a reaction), lately I haven't felt like playing that game, so except for what Russell Lissau tells us in the Daily Herald, one of my best sources is the person who originally inspired me to start Team America, after kicking me off her blog since she couldn't stomach the debate (of course, I am hardly the only Republican that's happened to, just ask Lou Atsaves).

But today, Ellen brings us up to date on the major contenders for the Dem nomination, which are Ilya Sheyman, Brad Schneider, and John Tree.

Boiled down, Ellen's opinion is (my synopsis):

Brad Schneider is really good at sending out mail pieces (although they all apparently sound exactly the same);

Ilya Sheyman is really good at bringing a bunch of high schoolers wearing his shirts to various events (even though they can't vote for him); and

John Tree (although from what I can tell isn't good at much of anything campaign-wise) is just an honest-to-goodness business, military and humanitarian demigod.

Of course, Ellen has endorsed Tree, so you have to take all of that with a grain of salt. But it's really fun to read her cut the other Dem contenders down, and she even takes a few pokes at President Obama for being a disappointment compared to her liberal yardstick (noting especially Obama's new capitulation on the contraception issue). Given that Tree is not nearly as liberal as Sheyman, I wonder what she really thinks of Tree's positions on Obamacare and other Dem causes, if even Sheyman isn't good enough.

Go check it out if you want a few yucks.


Anonymous said...

I didn't read her site, just your report but I'm actually stunned. Catwoman and Moveon breaking up is a huge deal because they were pretty much the only reason the pup ever had a shot against mark. If you'll remember Mark was cruising and then actblue raised a lot of money for the pup in late 05 and that not the dccc, not the 10th dems, not obama, and not gash was the reason they had a shot. I get that she thinks ilya is old enough to be her son not her congressman and that she thinks schneider is just a moderate republican, but to back tree and hit moveon. WOW.

This is great news and a sign that after 7 years of unity the left and right wings of the 10th dems are breaking up.


Anonymous said...

Her arguments reminded more of a circular firing squad approach to endorsements and campaigns.

They remind me of the circular firing squad approaches to endorsements and campaigns run by Republicans the past decade, which lead to Democratic dominance in State and Federal Governments.

Did the Democrats catch our virus? Did we rid ourselves of our own virus? Or did we merely pass it along and keep it in our camp too?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

SmEllin' in the 10th