Monday, February 6, 2012

Cash Dash in IL-59; Voting Records Troublesome for a Few IL-10 Dems

Someone yesterday suggested to me that incumbent State Rep. Carol Sente may be facing a bit of a funding problem come this November when she faces fellow State Rep. Sid Mathias in a race that pits two current legislators against each other. (Two legislators enter, one legislator... well, you know how that works). The issue is whether, in a race that looks like it will probably be very close, will Michael Madigan spend what he needs to in order to ensure a win for Sente in the face of some pretty stiff competition?

Last Friday night, Mathias held a well-attended fundraiser that was planned to raise some big bucks. Looking at the A-1's that have already been filed, it seems like it was a success, and obviously we will have to wait to see the final reports next quarter, but TA understands from the Mathias team that they did well. According to Mathias' end of year report, he had almost $40K in the bank. Sente, on the other hand, had only about $14K available at the end of the same period, and no recent A-1's filed.

Of course, the real issue is whether Madigan will come in full force for Sente -- if he does, Sente will have as much money as she needs. Still, even if Madigan does not come to Sente's rescue with cash or goons to work the district, Sente still has friends, notably some of the local unions.

Sente famously vowed to be an independent voice in Springfield and break up the 'old boys' club' (how's that working out, Carol?). We'll have to see if Madigan is willing to invest heavily on such a self-proclaimed 'independent,' and perhaps more importantly, if Sente is willing to accept the help, if offered.

Meanwhile, over in IL-10, Russell Lissau at the Daily Herald continues to mine the records and reports of the Dem candidates, and talks today about the voting records of the some candidates, such as John Tree and Brad Schneider. Tree doesn't have much of a voting record, especially in primaries, but attributes that to his military service, for which he claims this kind of voting record is not uncommon. Fair enough. Tree probably doesn't have much of a chance anyway, based on polling and his fundraising thus far.

Brad Schneider, on the other hand, seems to be a lot closer to front-runner Ilya Sheyman, with Schneider's poll numbers and fundraising much more in Sheyman's ballpark. Schneider may be confronting many more serious issues with his voting record than Tree, however, as the DH article reveals that he once pulled a Republican primary ballot and voted in that election, and perhaps more seriously, previously contributed to Republican and then-Congressman Mark Kirk's campaign. Based on the report over at Ellen of the Tenth, there are a lot of anti-Kirk Dems for whom that's pretty much the kiss of death.

So, again, it seems like the also-rans are paving the way pretty nicely for a Sheyman victory. If only that comes to pass!....

ADDING.... Let's cut out the name calling in comments. Calling Sheyman a 'commie' was sort of funny, a little, the first time. The 30th time, not so much. Let's move on and spare the ad hominem labeling, and we'll all be much happier. I have my delete key finger warming up, so be warned... (as everyone knows, gratiuitous name calling is allowed here only when I do it, because it's always funny, unless I think your comment is funny.)


Anonymous said...

Please keep that delete finger hot TA. The name calling, the anti Semitism, the silly silly ID names, the street type of writing is a little too way out. This used to be a serious blog even though I would get upset at all the anti Kirk comments (every one knows I'm a dedicated volunteer) but some of these bloggers sound like complete idiots. Half the time I can't even figure out what they are trying to say.

See you soon?

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

B and B's mom, you are echoing what I hope others are thinking. TA's Blog used to be interesting to read. Used to be is the operative phrase. If those weird posters think they're clever and/or smart, I hope they get over it. They are not. We are entering the silly season way too early it seems. I hope TA does stick to his guns, use the delete button on those who can't post with some kind of reasonable language. Stop the truly nasty name calling, stop the silliness in these critical times for our nation. Like you, B and B's mom, I'm not sure what in the world these weird postings are about or even who they're about. Let's try to keep on the topic in straight talk.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of some of the commenters, but what we've seen on this blog was not anti-semitism especially in a state that's had more african american senators over the last 20 years that the rest of the country did combined in the 20th century. Let's not get overly sensitive and start buying into the catwoman fearmongering.

Soldiers vote and often take pride in doing so. Those with long memories remember famously in the 2000 presidential recount that military absentee ballots played a huge role for bush in florida. Most soldiers would say choosing their commander in chief is kind of a big deal. I am not sure why we are giving democrats a free pass on this.

As for schneider, sheyman's path to victory next november is in using dold's conservative voting record to win the swing democrats and the race. If he can not make the case to democratic primary voters using schneiders voting record that schneider is what they've spent the last 12 years fighting against he does not deserve to be the nominee.


Anonymous said...

Foklaes, You are always on target and I agree with you 99.9% of the time but this time I have to disagree. Ask any Jewish person whether they think some of the comments smacked of anti-Semitism. If it were a comment about a black person it would be called racist.
B&B's Mom

So Much Conservative Whining said...

I agree all the Anonymous and Lil Fokkker comments calling Russian Jewish people ''Commies'' just cuz they were born in Moscow was borderline anti-Semitisms.

I'm glad too see that pointing it out is causing Mr. TA TA to rethink those romper room antics.

And Lil Fokkker I think Russell Lissaw is obvious on the Dold payroll. The Daily Harold attacks Democrats as much as Mr. TA does. The story attacked Air Force Colnel John Tree for voting twice since 2006 but there were only two national elections. 2008 and 2010.

Team America said...

Dear Conservative Whiner (a/k/a "Bozo") - now that you have gotten that out of your system, be advised that that will be the last 'commie jew" remark allowed. I don't think the comments were anti-semitic, otherwise I would not have allowed them to stand in the first place.

As you all know, we have an extreme prejudice towards allowing almost all comments and opinions here (unlike Ellen and similar blogs) but enough is enough. ALL other references will be deleted forthwith. Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

TA, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I never made a comment about his religion (or schneiders or dolds or jay footliks or lee goodmans or anyone else)nor have I ever taken any candidate for any office to task about their religion. For years republicans have referred to an aging and out of touch member of congress to the south as comrade jan and I am just extending it to mr. sheyman who is proudly running far to the left of the mainstream.

calm down, and enjoy the next 7 weeks of intra 10th dems mudslinging the food fight should be a blast.


Anonymous said...

seriously, Ilya has never met a government intervention program or a government spending program he doesn't like (other than homeland security or military). He believes that all answers to our problmes can be solved by the government. I ask Lakrry Falbe to explain to us why Ilya isn't communist.

Team America said...

Anon 9:18, I never said that Ilya was or wasn't a communist either way. All I am saying is that after the communist comment morphed into references to religion as well as political philosophy, I decided it was time to end the issue. Go ahead and attack Sheyman's social/political/economic policies (but not too badly, yet, we want him to win the primary), just don't do it by simply using a drive-by label.

'Nuf 'sed.

Nuf Sed Said Nuf Sed, Said said...

Thank Gawd THAT'S over. Now we can moveon to whether or not Lil Fokkker thinks Alos Rutagibira is commie cuz he's immigrated too.