Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mark Kirk Update - So Far, So Good

The news we are getting on Senator Mark Kirk seems quite positive, considering. Here is an update from the Daily Herald, and you can see video of a noontime update from Kirk's doctor on the NBC-5 website here.

I think many of us got a bit of a chuckle when we heard today that Mark asked for his Blackberry - the two thoughts that came to my mind, were, 'how typical' and, better yet, 'that has to be a good sign.'

I confess my enthusiasm got the better of me and I fired off an e-mail to his private e-mail address, thinking there might be some chance he would read it, but I felt a little foolish after considering he's probably in no shape to actually ready anything right now, and, moreover, I then heard that the doctors (wisely) had refused his request.

So far, so good. It will be a long road, no doubt, but so far, there appears to be no reason not to hope that Mark will not be the 'same old Mark,' at least mentally, who we all know and respect.


Anonymous said...

Larry, I can understand your wanting to send him an e-mail. It's hard for all of us to understand why this happened to this young, brilliant, vibrant man. I did send a message through his mom to tell him the volunteers are expecting to see him at the annual 4th of July BBQ! And I'm sure he'll be here - and you too.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

I am really shocked team america was enthusiastic about MSK. The Senator and his family both directly related and professional related have my thoughts and prayers for his recovery.

I have been disappointed with the "meh" coverage of him by the chicago media. Even in his worst moments there were still writers and journalists in the city who emptied barrels of ink and reels of film proclaiming their love for Blago's "work", and I've been saddened at how few of them have been willing to celebrate the Senator's storied career thus far. He deserves better from them.

As for the senator going forward, I really hope this is not the last of the senator as we have known him in some of our cases for the last 2-3 decades. I don't have any inside information on his condition but one of the things that gives me great hope about his prospects are the fact that many senators in recent years who have faced far greater health issues-Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, and Jesse Helms come to mind haven't seen those issues in any way lessen their impact or prevented them from being who they were.

The staff will have to step up more, he'll need to delegate and I really hope this won't get in the way of his international travel/work (someone on that committee needs to keep Tim Rieser in his place) which I think is where he's at his best and happiest professionally and personally.