Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jerry Johnson to Appeal Election Board Ruling on Terry Link Petitions

This just in... Jerry Johnson announced that he will appeal the State Board of Elections ruling that kept Terry Link on the ballot. The appeal will most likely be filed this week. The most likely venue will be Cook County. More details as they come in...


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to realize that this will cost plenty. If you want a change in the way things are done in Lake County (and elsewhere), think about contributing to Jerry's efforts!

Anonymous said...

This will help the criminal investigation of the Link campaign.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is Friday afternoon - where is the info of an appeal being filed this week? what is Johnson waiting for?? Time is not on his side. Any more info TA???

Team America said...

It was filed yesterday. Here is a PDF of the appellate Complaint.

No word yet on a hearing date, but you'd think it'd have to be pretty darn soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response!
Go! Fight! Win!

TONY ELAM said...

Terry Link must take responsibility for the actions of his campaign workers. The buck stops here ... at the top. At the candidate.

Link has not only been less than cooperative during the discovery and early stages of this investigation, but he has thumped his nose at the State's Attorney and, worst of all, at the citizen voters that he was elected to SERVE!

I am a candidate for the Democratic Nomination for State Representative, 60th District and I firmly DEMAND that Terry Link, not only be completely forthright in this matter, but, if found to be in any way involved, WITHDRAW his name from the ballot and NOT SEEK RE-ELECTION.

I cannot stand idle when I see such an injustice, even when it occurs within my own party ranks, especially when it involves such a high ranking member of our State Legislature.

Tony Elam
State Representative
60th District