Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Forward to 2008 in the Tenth District

What's your prediction for the 10th in 2008? Yes, yes, we're going to have an election and either Mark Kirk, and one of the Dem candidates (Dan Seals or Jay Footlik), will be sent (back) to Congress to represent us. But you can do better than that. What will be the defining issues that will shape this election? Will they be driven by "external" issues, like the national presidential ticket, and/or international problems like Pakistan? Will it be internal issues like immigration, health care and the economy? Or might it be "external" issues that have a big impact on many locals, like Israel, as we have suggested here? Discuss.

MEANWHILE: Here's that clip of Mark Kirk being interviewed by Fox Chicago Sunday. Take a look at the whole thing. Pay attention to the facts being cited and analysis that Congressman Kirk gives on the Pakistan situation, and other issues such as Lake Michigan contamination. Then decide if Kirk is merely "grandstanding" (not sure what that even means, exactly), as some have suggested, or if Kirk is doing what a congressman is supposed to do, i.e., become immersed in the issues that affect the U.S. and the 10th District, make the tough decisions, and come home and report on what's going on. There's a reason why no one is interested in having Dan Seals and Jay Footlik on T.V. to discuss Pakistan and other weighty issues. Simply put, they have nothing to say, and the amount of sour grapes that is going on over at "the other blog" is simply astounding.


i could be potus said...

If you gave Seals a map and asked him to point to Pakistan, I'd give 3:1 odds he'd put his finger on Ecuador.

Team America said...

Wow, not even the same continent, ICBPOTUS? That's pretty cold!

Of course, as our buddy El Rider recently pointed out, the Seals "earmark" e-mail started out by talking about "Our Congressman, Mark Kirk..." Of course, Seals' congressman is Jan Schakowsky, not Mark Kirk.

It's clear Seals is geographically challenged, but I'd hope he'd get closer to Pakistan than somewhere in South America.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you: "honest Ellen" removed a comment, a negative one to be sure about Terry Link, and the whole mess that the Democrats have to deal with on those petitions. That obsessed pitiful soul has got to get back on her medications. As for what's ahead in 08. Once we get passed 2/5 I think we'll have a clear shot at answering your question, TA. After the events of the past week, and with the stupidity shown by Danno in his now infamous email on the earmarks, Mr. Kirk's re-election should be a whole lot safer. The voters in this district are not stupid. They're not going to send some half-wit to represent them in DC. I'm not down playing what the next 10 months will bring, but I think it's safe to begin to see the huge difference between either of the two wannabees and what we are privileged to have in Congressman Mark Kirk.

i could be potus said...

Well TA, we are talking about a guy who would "choose peace."

I'm not sure you can get much more clueless than that.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Key Terry Link campaign aides are indicted in 2008.

Waller then sees if they will flip on Sen. Link for lighter sentences.

On Ellen Beth Gill: she is as corrupt as Blago and Link. Totally dishonest not to have a thing about those two crooks on her blog.

TA: only you (and me because of you) read her any more. That blog is too borrrrring. Compare yourself to Capitol Fax.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward I think the 10th will mirror what we're seeing on the national scene: healthcare and immigration topping the list. The international issues will of course be a huge part of the discussion, but when all is said and done, it's still about the 'me' issues that will get voters out next November. Mr. Kirk's commitment to universal access to care as opposed to a single payer system will resonate well with voters out here. His strong stand on secure borders is the majority position here and around the country. In spite of what that obsessed woman with her cat at her side is saying over "there", the voters here in this district are not duped by Democrat talking point Dan or silly soud bite Jay. I'm predicting that Congressman Kirk will present voters here with some specifics on key issues that will have him return to Congress for a well deserved, well earned 5th term. And by the way, Anon 10:50, I think one of Ellen's followers should give her a gift for the New Year: a year's supply of her meds, industrial strength seems to be needed. She's fixated of Mark Kirk through her twisted recollections of the past. Never mind fact and accuracy. Good grief. You came along in the knick of time, TA......whew! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

TA- How about a list of top 10 best political stories for 2007. Then predicition on what 2008 could bring. Something tells me that one item sure to make both lists include Dan "what's the point of working" Seals being unemployed.

Anonymous said...

TA- I heard that Dan Seals (who is still unemployed) had his wife send a fundraising letter pleading for money for Dan's second attempt at getting a job(running for the U.S. Congress). Remember in 2006 when candidate McSweeney had his make the plea for votes and dollars and how well that worked for him.

Team America said...

Anon 1:33- Mrs. Seals did indeed send out a pretty feeble solicitation for Danno, essentially saying 'please send money because Dan is a really nice guy.'

I got hold of this letter on Friday and showed it around to a few folks, whose reaction ranged from "I think I threw up a little in my mouth" to "Guess Mrs. Seals wants Dan to get in Congress so he gets off the couch."

Frankly, I thought it was so sad, I didn't even think it was worth posting about, but since the public has requested, you can view a copy of the letter here.

Tony said...

ICBPOTUS 9:13 Is it wrong to want peace?

Anonymous said...

"Give my husband money so he will get a job."


Tony said...

I don't get how the Seals household could reduce their income by more than half and not have filed for ch.11. Does Dan have to show the income he got from his campaign (that's right he paid himself) on his taxes?

Anonymous said...

I saw that comment this morning. It said something to the effect that no complaints have been made by Ellen about Seals being endorsed by Link and Couvall and asked if any Seals petitions were circulated by the Lake County Dems.

It also said something about Ellen previously complaining about paid Footlik circulators who may not have been clear about who they were circulating petitions for.

The usual double standard from her.

Louis G. Atsaves

Mr. Wolf said...

As you may know Mr. wolf solves problems.

A tip for Dan Seals before he has a problem would be to denounce Terry Link's endorsement. That is unless Dan got all of his signatures from the same thugs as Terry Link.

Another tip for Dan Seals while I am at it would be to ask Terry Link for a job with SBC/AT&T. He was able to secure a no work no show job for his wife.

There you have it, a two for one deal from Mr. Wolf.

Team America said...

"You're sending us The Wolf???" Cool!

I agree Danno ought to come out and distance himself from Link, but he doesn't have the guts to do it himself, first. He'll wait until there is a groundswell of Dems leaving the sinking S.S. Link like the rats they are, and then he will jump on board and act like it is the biggest scandal to hit Lake County ever (which it may be) so he can be on the right side of the "ethics" issue. (off topic, but what has Seals' would-be mentor Barack Obama ever done to clean up one of the most corrupt states in the Union? Nada.)

I don't think Seals had any sigs from Davison or Knight. About the only thing he's done right.

Dan could also ask Jan Schakowsky for a job. Betcha her husband, convicted felon Bob Creamer has lots of "contacts" he could use.

Publia said...

Yes, tony, Dan has to show the money from his campaign as taxable income.

Mr. Wolf said...

What makes you think Dan hasn't been earning from admitted felon Robert Creamer and his crew associated with citizen action. I wonder if Jay will offer up his tax filing for 2007 and ask Dan to do so?

Mr. Wolf said...

Publia 3:31-
You are correct Dan Seals does need to list income he paid himself from his campaign. However, will he do it?

How about a challenge.
How many revenue sources will Dan Seals list on his taxes? Dan Seals has told some he "worked" at the Point, "working from home as an independent contractor", "teaching" a class at northwestern. All of that revenue needs to be disclosed on his taxes, but i have heard that Dan was being paid in cash.

i could be potus said...

The Seal Pup and Footlick are like Dumb and Dumber. The only question is which one is which?

Tony - the question put to Seals last election was not whether "peace" was a good thing or not. A third grader with basic social studies skills knows that of course it is.

However, Congressmen like Kirk live in the adult world. The general question that was put to The Pup, as a potential Congressman for the 10th District, was which side would he choose to support in an armed confrontation: Israel or terrorist nation-Iran?

"Peace" is a great goal that all rational human beings desire. But, sometimes bad things happen between good (i.e., Israel) and bad (i.e., Iran) countries.

The problem with The Pup's response on this important issue is that most of here in the 10th District don't want a third grader representing us in Washington.

The Pup has had two years to come down on the side of Israel and "clarify" his peace-train response to this straight forward question. Being such a big supporter of Israel and all, I wonder why he hasn't?

The Dumber prize goes to The Pup on this one folks.

Anonymous said...

Here's my take before I start having fun downtown.

Dan 63-Jay 37. Jay's made a good impression but the heart of the dem movement in the district is the NUTroots and LOSER beth gash and their support for Dan is too tight despite whatever whispers Jay's making about his ties to Rahm and Billary helping him get the national support they will never give Dan.

Jay leaves district April 1. Named to some Hillary foreign policy/jewish advisory board, takes job at d.c. p.r./lobbying firm.

Mark 60-Dan 40-losers don't get second cracks and McCain comes back to sing the song he and Mark sang in 2000 that wins over independents and soft D's.

McCain/Huck-Sanford(North Shore wife) Beats Hillary/Webb-Clark-Strickland.

We lose Senate Seats, gain a few but not enough of the ones Denny lost with page-gate in deeply red areas.

Obama's star dims-he looks to run for Governor.

and the bears still underachieve

Team America said...

Anon 5:07- I think you've said it all.

To Mr. Wolf and the rest who are interested in Seals' tax returns- don't hold your breath. I can't imagine that he'd make those public. Even though Kirk always does, I don't believe Seals has ever done that.

Happy New Year Folks!

open minded said...

Don't forget that Kalbfleisch, the Green Party candidates, will still be in the general even though Couvall managed to kick him off the primary ballot. I wouldn't bet money on his winning, but I think he'll do better than most people would guess at this point. Congress' 19% approval rating doesn't help Ds or Rs.