Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mark Kirk is No Meshugana

Not much time tonight (sadly, I have to do some actual work still tonight), but I just returned from the Chicago Chapter meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, which sponsored an event featuring our own Congressman Mark Kirk at the Renaissance North Shore Hotel in Northbrook. Learn more about the RJC here.
The room was packed with well over 200 people. Eat your heart out, Ellen. And before anyone accuses Mark Kirk of hosting a closed event open only to true believers, please note that it was well publicized in the local press. Of course, the main subject, dealing with Iran in a practical way, probably wasn't something the EBG crowd would want to hear. Mark had a great presentation, and some detailed handouts stating all that he has done to further Jewish causes over the past year, which I will try to post soon. Gotta go, but here are some more more pix from tonight:

Dr. Michael Menis gets the program started.

Mark Kirk gets a standing ovation from the crowd.

Mark wows the crowd with details of his accomplishments over the past year.

Dan Seals and Jay Footlik take note. Mark Kirk is the real deal, and the folks attending tonight know it. You boys have your work cut out for you.


i could be potus said...

Let’s see if we can put together a list of accomplishments for Mr. Seals over the past few years, so that he has a chance to get a standing ovation the next time he speaks too. Here’s a sampling:

Lost job/quit/was fired from GE – Check

Lost job/quit/was fired from The Point – Check

Now an "adjunct professor," but the class doesn’t start until 2008 – Check

Has never lived in the 10th District – Check

Has not moved into the 10th District, although promising to do so last election – Check

Pays himself with contributor’s money out of his campaign fund – Check

Lost key teachers union endorsement – Check

Former boss Lieberman has now endorsed a Republican for President – Check

Would choose “peace” over Israel – Check

Never been elected to any office, indeed never even ran for a lower office – Check

Appears to have done nothing to help the 10th District over the past two years – Check

Well folks that should just about do it. Stand and applaud the next time you hear Danno talking about his accomplishments and why you should vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I could be potus, that's quite a list of Dan's "accomplishments" over the past few years. The former Seals supporters who are now sporting Footlik pins say that Dan was and is a real disappointment. EGB always talks about facts being pesky things. Wonder how she will react to your list of Dan's achievements! Thanks for setting the record straight. It should be interesting as we go forward to the updating of Mr. Seal's fine credentials. I'm still waiting for some kind of explanation about his adjunct professorship at NU. There's got to be a story on that one, for sure.

can i be your vpotus said...


I was lucky enough to attend the event. I must say that Mr. Kirk is kind of like your favorite college history professor -- you know, that one class where you could never take notes. Instead you just sat there for 90 minutes, completey entranced by the lecturer's eloquence, breadth of knowledge and obvious passion for the material.

Listening to him present new, creative, outside-the-box foreign policy ideas and reading all of his accomplishments this year alone for Israel and the Jewish community absolutely blew me away. I sat there thinking to myself of the incredible contrast between Kirk and Seals.

Kirk -- a man who wears our nation's uniform and stands on guard full-time for the U.S. and our allies.

Seals -- a nobody who served as a panelist at the Yearly Kos convention, a body former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) calls anti-Semitic.