Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Nomination Loss For Terry Link and Lake County Dems (UPDATED- Dems to Appeal)

The Lake County GOP is now five for five in its objections to the candidates slated by the Lake County Democrats for open positions on the county board and state representative races. We reported earlier regarding Chessmaster Terry Link's defeat on the four nominations for county board races, and just today, the panel ruled that Terry Hall, who was slated to run against State Rep. Sandy Cole, has been kicked off the ballot.

The gist of the Hall objection was that Hall filed on the last possible day, April 5th, with an address that was not her registered voting address--in fact, it was a "Mailboxes, Etc." type of PO Box address. The Lake County Dems then realized their mistake and tried to withdraw the nomination and refile with her correct registered voting address, but did not do so until April 9th, way after the filing deadline. The panel ruled that the improper address was not merely a scrivener's error, and the petition was therefore invalid. Ironically, by essentially admitting that they erred and tried to fix the mistake by withdrawing and refiling, it may have made their case even worse than it was. Tough luck, Terry.

As regular TA readers know, the GOP objection to Mark Beaubein's opponent, and the Dem objections to state senate candidate Keith Gray and state rep candidate Dan Sugrue are still pending.

UPDATED Thursday 6:30 a.m.: According to the Waukegan News-Sun, Dem operative "Sneaky" Pete Couvall said the Dems would "absolutely" appeal the Hall ruling. Well, no shocker that he'd say that to the press the same day they got their butts handed to them by the local electoral board. What's he supposed to say? "Yes, well, we got our asses kicked, so we're going to quit"? Not Couvall.

Well, we'll see if they actually appeal. You see, usually the notion behind an appeal is that you have a basis to win. Probably not the case here, from what I can tell (see discussion above).

The press also made the connection that Terry Hall is the sister of Lake County Chief Judge David Hall, who was arrested this week on DUI charges in Vernon Hills, and has pled not guilty. TA hears that Terry Hall did not show up to her own election hearing yesterday, and we suspect Terry has been keeping a low profile due to the David Hall story.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note the Daily Herald again chose not to cover the story. This is a story that is of major political importance on how the Dems thinks they are above the law. Rules do not apply to them. (Michigan and Florida are examples) How can any one who wants to join a rules making body not want to follow them? They cry that the Republicans are keeping choices from the voters. Why don't they realize they are keeping candidates off the ballot by not following the rules on how to get them on the ballot legally. Are they too good to follow the law? Wake up Terry. Since these candidates weren't dead people they should get on the ballot? I'm sorry that doesn't stop Terry.

Team America said...

Well, the Daily Herald did run a story as recently as April 28th on the county board candidates. You can see it here.

I think the Herald just didn't check the Blog yesterday afternoon, so it let itself get scooped by the News-Sun. Not sure if the News-Sun is paying more attention to the Blog or if it was hanging around the county building yesterday. But, I saw by my Sitemeter that someone from the Herald checked out the Blog today, so I would bet it will have a story tomorrow, if not even sooner on their website.

Team America said...

Oh- I forgot to add that it's also important to note that every time the Dems cry foul that the GOP is beating up on their candidates, let's remember that they have two objections pending against GOP candidates, PLUS against the poor Green candidate guy. What's good for the goose, etc., etc.,

Anonymous said...

You can use his name--Dave Kalbfleisch.

Anonymous said...


Recall vote failed to get out of the Illinois Senate as expected. This after loading the bill down with so many poisonous amendments, it still failed by only three votes.

Voting for the recall were Garrett (D) and Peterson (R). Voting against the recall were Bond (D) and Link. (D)

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Hey Anon 3:18- I certainly COULD use his name, but it's a pain to have to go look up the spelling each time, and it's just a lot more fun to me to say "the Green Guy".

You don't like it, tough. My Blog, my rules. Go start a Green 10th Dist blog if you feel that strongly.

Lou- saw that vote, and I'll put something up tonight on Link and Bond. The good news is that they are now firmly entwined with supporting Bag-O-Chips, and he is gonna drag them DOWN!