Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lake County GOP Spring Gala Features Congressmen Mark Kirk and Eric Cantor; Team America Gets a Plug!

This past Friday, the Lake County Republican Federation hosted its 46th annual Spring Gala, featuring Congressman and deputy minority whip Eric Cantor of Virgina, as well as our own Congressman Mark Kirk of the 10th District. This dinner is the largest annual gathering of Republicans in Lake County, and about 550 people were in attendance.

Congressman Cantor delivered a rousing speech, and declared that the GOP strategy was to provide a firewall against "Obama-mania." read more about the event in the Waukegan News-Sun here. Elected Officials and GOP candidates were introduced, as usual, including 8th CD candidate Steve Greenberg. But, the biggest applause of the night (including two standing ovations) was deservedly given up for Mark Kirk.

Speaking of Mark Kirk, Team America regulars know about all of the work Mark Kirk has been up to lately, but here's another one: taking the lead on ridding our streets of illegal guns.

All in all, it was a great evening, filled with camaraderie, energy and enthusiasm. Federation President Sandy Stuart even managed to work in a plug for the Team America blog in his welcoming address! Lake County Dems, eat your heart out. No matter how much they'd like to believe Lake County is turning blue, they still can't put on a show like this one, nor one that draws nearly as many people or raises as much money.


Anonymous said...


With 32 shootings and six dead of gang violence in Chicago, looks like Kirk's empahsis on anti-gang policies was spot on.

Anonymous said...

Kirk is leading the charge to fight gang violence, what's Seals doing? Easy to throw stones at people trying to make a difference, even easier to sit back and do nothing.

I was there, Kirk and Cantor were unbelievably inspiring.

PossibleFuture said...

I'm absolutely in favor of getting illegal guns off the street (I was robbed at gunpoint five years ago, but for all I know the white well-dressed robber had purchased the gun legally).

But the Justice Dept reported that only 1.7% of "crime guns" were purchased at gun shows or flea markets (I guess the one-on-one conversations from skeptical sellers is too much of a hassle). Surprising to me, because I always thought the "gun show loophole" made these "arms bazaars for criminals."

The FBI terrorist watch list has grown by 200,000 a year since 2001. At that rate, in 150 years no one will be able to buy a gun in the U.S.! Then we won't have a well-armed militia any longer.

Anonymous said...

The Tenth Dems at their "Convention" had 115 people, 25 being from the Seals or Footlik campaigns. The Lake County Republican Federation had at least 600 people. Cantor was good but Kirk was better. The Democrats represent Blagojevich, Rezko, Obama, Rev. Wright and Terry "Dead Guy" Link. Things are goig downhill in Cook County. Thank goodness we have not let Chicago Democrats like Link, Eddie "My God is Allah" Washington and Dan "Unemployed" Seals take over.

Anonymous said...

In your reporting TA you missed any mention of the speech of candidate Greenberg who is running against Melissa Bean. It started pretty average but his ending with fostering economic growth through tax cuts and helping small businessmen and the examples he used convinced many there that he is a strong candidate. He has a certain passion and charisma that is a major positive.

Kirk deserved his standing ovations for the comments he made during the Federation Dinner. His comments flat out make Seals look naive.

And yesterday Obama even complimented McCain, which should send the cat lady over the top.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Great news. Saw a rather pathetic performance from two state senators, Don Harmon and Murphy? on chicago tonight this evening in which both responded to the deaths of kids in chicago public schools by noting (their) constituents don't want to change. I am rather disgusted our guy couldn't take the fight to the democrat or slam obama for his bitter comments connecting him to the mess.

Otherwise good to see how incompentent Springfield remains and how easy it would be to take the screws to those cats if we ever get a state party.