Monday, April 14, 2008

Lake County GOP to Object to Flawed Slating of Democratic Opponents (UPDATED with Dem Objections)

The devil is always in the details, especially when it comes to filling out paperwork to slate candidates for vacancies in the upcoming election for the established political parties. The Lake County Republicans have taken a very close look at the nominating papers filed by the Lake County Dems and will be objecting to four slated Dem county board candidates and two state representative candidates.

For most of the four county board seats, the flaws in the nominating documents range from appointments by the Dem central committee (instead of a specific committee appointed for each county board district) to lack of proper notice or holding the proper nominating meeting. The races affected are: 3rd District (Mark Nielsen challenging incumbent County Board President Suzi Schmidt); 5th District (Steve Pearson challenging Bonnie Thompson Carter); 10th District Sari Hurtig challenging Diana O'Kelly); and 20th District (Davita Siegel challenging David Stohlman).

The State Rep nomination petitions have even bigger problems-- Sandy Cole's would-be opponent, Terry Hall, originally filed with the wrong address (she used a PO Box at a Mailboxes Etc.) instead of her registered voting address, and then tried to withdraw the papers and refile them with her correct address. So, not only is this new filing not effective to cure the mistake, it would seem by taking this action she admitted the first filing was flawed. Oops.

Mark Beaubien's opponent, Rich Garling, apparently also tried to withdraw a flawed nomination paper, but forgot to withdraw the original flawed petition first--thus, there was no official vacancy when the (second) nominating meeting was supposedly held. Double oops.

You can view the objection petitions here: 3rd District, 5th District, 10th District, 20th District. The House Repubs are handling the objections to the state rep candidates, so that may take a little longer to get up here at the Blog.

In the meantime, TA's snoops over at the County Building reportedly saw Dem operative "Sneaky" Pete Couvall nosing around the building today, and it is quite possible he was laying the groundwork for their own objections against the GOP slate of candidates (Keith Gray-30th District; Bill Anderson-60th; and Dan Sugrue-59th). Who knows if they have identified any legitimate flaws or not, but we will see what's filed today, which is the deadline.

UPDATE- DEM OBJECTIONS "ALL IN THE FAMILY": Among others, Senator Terry Link's goon squad today filed an objection against Link's GOP opponent, Keith Gray of Mettawa. The objecting party is none other than Cynthia Alexander of North Chicago, a well-known Link disciple, who happens to be the daughter of Terry Link's legislative aid, Evelyn Alexander (Cynthia Alexander also filed the objection against Link's primary opponent Jerry Johnson). The Dems also filed an objection against GOP State Rep. candiate Dan Sugrue for the 59th District. The objector? Shelia Schultz of Wheeling, who is State Rep. Kathy Ryg's mom. Mom to the rescue in the 59th!

In addition, Northfield Township Democratic Committeeman Michael Kreloff filed an objection against Green Party candidate David Kalbfleisch, who is the third candidate in the 10th Congressional District race between incumbent GOP Congressman Mark Kirk and Democrat Dan Seals. No big surprise, Kreloff appears to be a pretty big Dem contributor to Seals as well as other candidates. Remember that last time around, Sneaky Pete Couvall was the one who filed the objection and got Kalbfleisch kicked off the primary ballot. Also remember that Couvall was, until the most recent Democratic County Convention, Vice-Chairman of the Lake County Dems.

Wonder if Link was concerned that Couvall is going to be too busy in the upcoming months defending himself in the Link petition-gate scandal to be of any help in following through on these nomination objections.


Anonymous said...


Looks like Dan Seals is trying to get the Green Party kicked out of Illinois.

So, he "wants everyone to vote" but just for the party that he picks.

Anonymous said...

The Green Party slated about five congressional candidates, but the Democrats aren't challenging all of them even though they probably used the same paperwork template in each case. Seals must really fear having a veteran telling everyone that Seals supports the occupation. Seals' supposed "anti-war" position is most of his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Check this out: Kirk is the LEADER on criticizing Carter...,2933,351313,00.html

AND DAN IS SILENT!!! I think Dan supports Jimmy's decision.

Team America said...

Seals IS rather silent on Carter's ill-advised mission, isn't he? Someone over at Ellen's posted a comment raising the question of where Seals stood, but no one has stepped up to comment. Surprised Ellen even left the question up. Instead, she wants to talk about some new liberal Jewish PAC that she thinks will spell trouble for Kirk. Damn those idiotic pro-war Jews, says Ellen!

Kirk should do very well with voters this cycle who think that world peace cannot and should not be bought at the price of Israel's security, or for that matter, it's very right to exist.

Anonymous said...

I think Jimmy Carter, just like the Pup, would "choose peace" if it came to all out war between Iran and Israel.

Sure you don't want to back away from that statement you made in the now famous 10th District video Pup, and clearly support Israel?

Anonymous said...

TA, old Ms. Shrill is clueless and way out of her league when discussing the proposed new JStreet pac. She knows nothing about the 100,000 plus members of AIPAC, a LOBBY, NOT a Pac. How would she know since she has never been a part of the pro-Israel world. JStreet, if it ever does get off the ground, will be a LOBBY. It will never be a threat to Congressman Kirk who is NOT a warmonger as she likes to call him. What Mr. Kirk IS is well noted on both sides of the aisle in Congress. It's his leadership on every issue that helps guarantee Israel's existence. What EBG has never understood is that before anyone can negotiate, one needs to agree that a nation has a right to exist. One wonders about Ms. Shrill and her total understanding of the issue. She and JStreet are basically irrelevant. Notice that nobody even bothers with her anymore. That's what comes of having it "her way" or the highway! Keep on going, TA, this Blog is where all the RELEVANT comments are made.