Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mark Kirk Sponsors Resolution Condemning Hamas (UPDATED)

Our own Congressman Mark Kirk has teamed up with Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) to introduce House Resolution 1110, which condemns Hamas as a foreign terrorist organization responsible for the murders of 26 U.S. citizens. So far, I believe about 30 other members have signed up to support the resolution.

AIPAC is pushing for additional support for the resolution, and notes the following in an e-mail making the rounds: The resolution calls on Hamas to renounce terrorism, fully disarm and recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. It also reaffirms the House of Representative's strong support for Israel's right to defend her citizens against continuing Hamas terrorism. It also notes the following points:
  • In light of former President Carter's meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus, Congress needs to remind the world Hamas is a terrorist organization calling for Israel's destruction and responsible for the death of American citizens.
  • Since 1989, Hamas has killed more than 500 people, including 26 Americans, and has been designated as a terrorist group by the United States and the EU.
  • Hamas should be isolated until they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel's right to exist, and accept past agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
  • Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas and other Iranian and Syrian-backed terrorists have fired more than 6,000 rockets and mortars at Israeli population centers. Hamas also continues to smuggle weapons and build up its infrastructure for future conflict with Israel.
  • Israel has been remarkably restrained in the face of continuing Hamas rocket attacks. If these attacks continue, Israel may need to take more vigorous action to exercise its inherent right to defend her citizens from such wanton violence.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter continues to meet with members of Hamas. Perhaps the only bright spot in this is that when Carter calls on Hillary Clinton to take a dive in favor of Barack Obama, that might be good for a 3 point jump for Hillary.

Get ready for another Dan Seals "Me too!" press release in a few days, after he's had a chance to think about it and huddle with his advisors.

UPDATED: Jewish Telegraphic Agency Notes Kirk Resolution: The JTA noted the house resolution condemning Hamas that was sponsored by Mark Kirk. Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va), who is the deputy minority whip, stated "We ought to be screaming from the rafters about the lack of judgment in the former president going to a known terrorist. Khaled Mashaal is the worst of the worst."

Coincidentally, Congressman Cantor will be in town tonight as the keynote speaker at the Lake County Republican Federation Spring Gala, at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort. The Spring Gala is the largest annual gathering of Republicans in Lake County, with attendance this year expected to top 600 people.


Anonymous said...

"Me too, me too!"

-- Dan Seals


Anonymous said...

What this latest Resolution proves is the spectacular LEADERSHIP that has been the hallmark of Congressman Kirk. Both sides of the aisle, every pro-Israel organization in this country proudly stand in strong support of this very courageous LEADER. One look at his FEC report is evidence of the respect he has earned for his efforts on behalf of a strong and secure Israel. Thanks, TA, for highlighting Mr. Kirk's latest achievement at this very special time.

Anonymous said...

It figures our state party which has seen the defeat of Rep. Crane and now Rep. Hastert's seat in addition to the rise of Jeremiah Rezko Ayres Obama would fail to connect Dan to David Axelrod's statement today that Obama was flattered to receive Hamas's endorsement.

Calling on Seals to prove his independence by condemning Axelrod's flagrant support for a terrorist organization would force Seals to have to decide between the district and obama/hamas.

That WILL get more play in the papers than a house resolution, which won't outside of maybe roll call or an aipac newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Kirk condones apartheid. What a hero.

Team America said...

Anon 1:21- I guess that means Dan Seals is wrong too, since he copied Kirk and condemned Carter's visit and Hamas itself?

Maybe you're supporting the Green guy?

Anonymous said...

Greenburg needs to be resuscitated so the dccc can't just shoot at mark.

Anonymous said...


Anon 1:21 shows many anti-semites are supporting Seals.

Anonymous said...

Israel is a country; Judaism is a religion. Calling someone anti-semetic because they write something critical of Israel is typical of the AIPAC, which apparently is well represented by this blog.

Anonymous said...

Not all Jews are zionists, and not all Israelis are Jewish. Some Israeli citizens are Arab. Are all the Jews who speak critically of Israel self-hating?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:52, it's too bad you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. Ditto for Anon 1:54

AIPAC is an American organization that lobbies on behalf of a strong US/Israel alliance. It is not a PAC, it is a Lobby with about 100,000 members nation-wide. Yes, many do live in the 10th District. It's not some subversive organization but rather like-minded people, Jews and non-Jews who believe that Israel has a right to exist in peace and freedom. AIPAC lobbies on issues that speak to Israel's security needs. Israel IS a country and yes, Judaism is a religion, so what's your point? There are far left organizations like Not in My Name who criticize everything Israel does. They are American Jews who, I'm sure have not visited the country to know anything about the daily dangers Israelis face from "neighbors". Those out of the mainstream Jews have very tiny memberships and no base of support within the organized Jewish community in this country. Are they proud of their heritage and tradition? Who knows, go ask them. They are meaningless and totally irrelevant.

Proudly, the 10th Congressional District is home to hundreds of pro-Israel, very knowledgeable and committed Jews who gladly and openly support that country about to celebrate it's 60th Anniversary. Sadly, some very odd people have found their way to Blogs like the Daily Kos whose creator is hardly friendly inclined. Some odd creatures have posted their baseless comments on that other, now almost extinct blog. Bottom line: Israel has a right to exist, period, end of the discussion. Is everything perfect in the State of Israel? No. We know we have lots of issues to deal with here in our great land. What's distressing and out of line is the criticisms of Israel from those who have no knowledge, no concern for that country, are not proud of what Israel stands for as a beacon of democracy and hope in a very troubled and dangerous region of the world.

Mark Kirk's spectacular leadership on every pro-Israel initiative is legend on the Hill. Both sides of the aisle know him to be the 'real deal' and one who has been to that country about 15 times since his first visit in 1988. He understands the issues, he knows what it takes to help keep this tiny Democracy on the planet.