Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July and 25,000 Hits! (UDPDATED WITH PARADE PIX)

It's a very busy 4th of July, and coincidentially, we're also poised to register 25,000 hits sometime today. Check out Team America Jr.'s patriotic spirit with the American flag he created at my parents' house where we went for our traditional 4th of July cookout.
By the way, if you live in driving range of Lake Bluff, check out the chicken bratwurst at "The Daily Grind" (so named because they grind all of their sausages fresh every day, not because it's a coffee house). There's nothing else like them.

We went down to Wilmette's Gilson park on Thursday night to watch the fireworks from the harbor, which was great. Stayed out a bit late with the kids, and decided not to go to any parades today, but hear that Mark Kirk did the parade circuit, with tons of supporters and a great response from all of the community parades he attended. I expect to have some parade pix and a full report soon.

Getting back to the 25,000 hit milestone, for some reason, that seems to be a significant number among bloggers, big and small, so that's why I felt like referencing it. Probably the more important number is the average daily hit count, which is now above 200 hits a day.

I should note that we really actually surpassed 25,000 hits some time ago, as I didn't install a counter on the TA Blog until some weeks after we started. And, I should also note that many blogs get 25,000 hits a month, if not more. But, considering we have a fairly narrow focus here at Team America, given that we focus on IL-1o and Lake County, I am very satisified with the response and readership we've built up since last October when we started. For kicks, check out our very first post here.

Have a great 4th of July, everyone, and please continue to check us out.

UPDATED: As I noted above, I wasn't able to attend any of the parades, but our faithful readers are sending them in. If you were at a parade and have any pix of Mark Kirk or other GOP candidates you'd like us to post, please send them to

Here are a few from "Marine" who attended the Glenview parade. Check out his website at Thanks, Marine, and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, TA, you have a great Blog, you allow everyone to have their 'say' so free speech IS alive and well on TA! Keep it up, since yours is the the place to post!

The question of the day is simple: where's Dan? Seriously, he was not visible in Vernon Hills, surely not in Deerfield, nobody saw him in Highland Park. So what gives?
Sure, he was with his buddy, Durbin, in Northbrook, but that's really nothing to write home about.

The Kirk teams were out in full force today in 7 parades. The reception was great, the response from the crowds was more than positive. Our Congressman didn't rely on party organizations to provide support since he has more than he can handle as regular volunteers. Two teams with at least 35 in each made sure that the Kirk teams were well represented all over the district today. And yet, only in Northbrook was there a Dan sighting. Hey, maybe he got lost trying to find the 10th District!

Anonymous said...

Dan had about fifteen people in Deerfield and two or three in Vernon sightings of the pup. Is he taking the for granted?

Our Congressman walked side to side of Deerfield Road greeting his constituents and over forty volunteers shouting support for his fifth term which he has definately earned.

The catwoman's description of Team Kirk definately was off track and she should be called out for providing misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Anon8:25, I'm sure you're kidding! That vicious attack dog hasn't been truthful about much, nor have her loyal fans. The enthusiasm of the HUGE number of Kirk supporters walking with him in every single parade yesterday shows the support he's earned. And the constituents along the way who clapped and shouted approval testify to what you are saying. But the question remains: where was Dan? The Democratic organizations did have significant representations in each of the parades, but hardly what Ms. Shrill describes. She's a bitter, vindictive old crab with one agenda. And a couple of her followers, like Hawkeye for example, just ditto her attack and venemous attitude. They are in the minority, thankfully, and after 11/4 I hope that they're silenced for good.

Anonymous said...

Highland Park’s parade was notable for its lack of candidates this year.

Mark Kirk had no presence while Seals had a group of people walking and chanting with shirts. When we asked where Seals was at that moment, we were told, “Arlington Heights.”

Anonymous said...

Congrats TA. The Highland Park GOP still hasn't recovered from the defeat of Andy Hochberg 8 years ago and the retirements of Ellsworth Mills III, and Louise Greenebaum from their leadership in preccincts. Hopefully better days are ahead.

I'm more interested though in Dan's house going up for sale, if this can be confirmed, this would be a great thing to see in the tribune as more water flooding a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Could Seals’ home is for sale because he’s having a mortgage problem?

How ironic for someone who agrees with the President and has none of the empathy for homeowners shown by our Congressman. Our moderate representative has demonstrated leadership among moderate Republicans on this issue in an effort to build a veto proof majority on a bill essential to our economic recovery.

asdfg said...

Seals was at Wheeling and Arlington Heights, and his intern crew was handing out invitations in Spanish in Wheeling. As if the people in that crowd are even legal!

asdfg said...

And speaking of legal, I am disturbed by the pictures you have up from Waukegan and Congressman Kirk. I heard most of the people marching with him were Mexicans, there is no reason for him to look for votes there, only citizens can vote.

Stick with your base, we are loyal citizens, and McCain/Kirk is the BEST chance we have to maintain our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone had a pleasant 4th of July!

Ellsworth (Mike) Mills retired? Last I heard he was vice-chairman of the Moraine Township GOP Organization and Treasurer of the Moraine GOP Club.

Louis G. Atsaves

Cougar Eyes said...

As an independent voter, I heard Kirk outhustled Seals -- Seals worked four parades, Kirk eight.

Kirk's groups were much larger too - I saw his team in Vernon Hills and Wheeling. It reinforces the growing view that Seals is not working hard enough.

Looks like the national Democrats agree -- they are running ads against Rep. Roskam and nothing vs. Kirk.

Most of the moms I talked to think Kirk got his wake up call and is more popular while Seals is coasting, losing some of the 2006 steam.

Publia said...

asdfg, shame on you. Many people who you would classify as "Mexican" are as American as your or me, and I am pleased to have them as Republicans and as supporters of Mark Kirk.

asdfg said...

Publia, are you even from here? illegal immigration is a big problem in my kids' school. I am not voting for Seals, but if this is Rep. Kirk's position on immigration, I am NOT impressed:

N said...
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Publia said...

asdfg, no, I am not from Waukegan, I live in Wilmette. I am sorry to hear of the problem in your kids' school, but many persons of Mexican origin are citizens and as interested in civic participation as you or I.

I took a look at your link and there is no way that Rep. Kirk could be considered to be soft on illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

from the site: Rated 0% by FAIR, indicating a voting record loosening immigration.