Wednesday, July 2, 2008

62nd Dist. State Rep. Sandy Cole Prevails Again Over Would-be Dem Challenger Terry Hall

TA's sources over at the Lake County Courthouse tell him that State Representative Sandy Cole (R-Grayslake) today emerged victorious in her objection to the nomination paperwork filed by her would-be Democratic opponent, Terry Hall, in a decision by Judge Ray McKoski. McKoski ruled today that the decision of the local election board which invalidated Hall's nomination paperwork was the correct decision. The Cole objection was filed by Lake County Board Member Bob Powers.

As we discussed a few weeks ago, the gist of the Cole objection was that Hall filed on the last possible day, April 5th, with an address that was not her registered voting address--in fact, it was a "Mailboxes, Etc." type of PO Box address. The Lake County Dems then realized their mistake and tried to withdraw the nomination and refile with her correct registered voting address, but did not do so until April 9th, way after the filing deadline. The panel ruled that the improper address was not merely a scrivener's error, and the petition was therefore invalid. Ironically, the Dems probably made their case even worse by essentially admitting that they erred and tried to fix the mistake by withdrawing and refiling. For more background, see here.

After the decision of the local panel, Ms. Hall wrote a teary-eyed letter to the Daily Herald bemoaning how awful it was that the democratic process would be thwarted by such an objection. Cry me a river, Ms. Hall. Maybe you ought to tell evil chessmaster and Dem Chairman Terry Link what a travesty it was that he objected to the nomination petitions of 59th State Rep GOP nominee Dan Sugrue and 30th State Senate GOP nominee Keith Gray, not to mention Dan Seals' operative's objection to the poor green guy in IL-10, before you go feeling too sorry for yourself. As we've noted often before, Lake County Dems are great at dishing it out, but can't take it too well.

For those of you keeping score of this season's challenges at home, and assuming that the State Board of Elections affirms the decisions of the hearing officer in the Beaubien challenge and the Dem challenge to Dan Sugrue (as we reported here), the score is: GOP 7, Dems 1

52nd Dist. - Mark Beaubien v. Rich Garling = GOP WIN (pending affirmation by SBE)
59th Dist. - Kathy Ryg v. Dan Sugrue = GOP WIN (pending affirmation by SBE)
62nd Dist. - Sandy Cole v. Terry Hall = GOP WIN
30th Senate Dist. - Terry Link v. Keith Gray = GOP WIN
County Bd. Dist. 3 - County Bd. Chairman Suzi Schmidt v. Mark Nielsen = GOP WIN
County Bd. Dist 5 - Bonnie Thompson Carter v. Steve Pearson = GOP WIN
County Bd. Dist. 10 - Diana O'Kelly v. Sari Ann Hurtig = GOP WIN
County Bd. Dist. 20 - David Stolman v. Davita Siegel = GOP LOSS

FILE THIS UNDER SUPER-DUPER-JUMBO (NOT TO MENTION CHEAP) LOANS FOR SENATORS: Our pal Barack Obama's shady real estate deals are in the news again, this time, in an expose by the Washington Post on the super-favorable terms Obama's lender gave him for his Chicago mansion purchase (you know, the one for which he went shopping with Tony Rezko). Backyard Conservative has the analysis. Also check out Rezkorama for the number of other blogs taking a serious look at this issue.

THE NOT YET TRAINED SEALS (WORKERS): I'm still trying to get hold of the video that was the big topic of discussion here last night, in which some barely-trained alleged Seals campaign staffers tried to sandbag Mark Kirk at a legislative update meeting in a synagogue in Buffalo Grove, and wound up showing once more how Seals is no friend of Israel. They're even talking about this over at Ellen's Blog, and she is (as usual) in full defense mode on the issue. Someone get that video!


Anonymous said...

Yuck. I did check what that vicious attack catwoman is saying about Congressman Kirk's appearance at the Synagogue in Buffalo Grove the other night. Would someone give that sicko some Valium, or perhaps something stronger. To her Russ Feingold is the person whose views she most closely admires on all issues. That certainly helps to explain a lot of things and just validates her very far leftie positions. So be it. What happened with those untrained 'seals' is what we already know: when it comes to a strong advocate for the US/Israel alliance one would never count on that guy to stand tall. Never. From all accounts of those who were in attendance, those two staffers have a lot to learn. One wonders when Dan is going to send them out to represent him again in front of any audience!

Anonymous said...

In case it gets deleted on the EBG site I'm posting my comments over here.

"If your blog is not connected to the Seals campaign in any way, then why the link to donate to the Seals campaign on your blogsite?

I'm still overseas in Greece, but if a video exists of the Seals staffers, I think it ought to be played to settle the controversy one way or another.

Your comments about arguing and disputing under Jewish Law fly in the face of your deleting comments you disagree with. Perhaps you ought to revisit your policies under those circumstances."

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit and come back safely. It will be interesting to see if Ms. Shrill allows your post to stand, Lou, but don't bet on it. It's always her way or the highway, but you know that from past experience. I have spoken to several who attended that meeting at the Buffalo Grove Synagogue. All give the exact same report. It simply defies understanding as to why they'd go out there and engage in such a moronic stunt. Is this what we have to look forward to over the next few months. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

TA -- might check out the pup's latest press release dated July 2. Looks like the synagogue story is accurate -- put out a pro-Israel press release the day after the incident.

Anonymous said...

Caryn Garber or someone from the HP GOP outfit set the standard a few years ago when they made sure Lauren Beth Gash had to drive past baby blue kirk for congress signs every time she left her house, which drove her insane. Perhaps we could get some Kirk signs up all over Dan's neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57, why should we waste signs in the 9th district just to drive the pup nuts?