Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Video: Three is a Magic Number... Blagojevich, Stroger, Seals

Yet another funny video re: the 9th District's own Dan Seals and his 'friends.' Although I think the video has unintentionally ruined any fond memories of 'Schoolhouse Rock' for me...


WilmetteLife said...


And now we hear that Seals is accepting contributions from people that died long ago.

You tagged Seals exactly.

Anonymous said...

Ellen is up defending dick durbin again for his pro enviornment record,so just to keep it real I did a little looking at it turns out tricky dick, has taken more than 4,000,000 dollars from lobbyists and 326k from big energy.


Anonymous said...
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Team America said...

Faithful Readers- I deleted a comment this morning because it focused too much on Ellen Beth Gill personally and not her viewpoints or what she posts on her blog.

In the Blogosphere, we're all entitled to a good-natured poke at each other (she's done the same to TA) and teasing her with names like 'catwoman' is one thing (she does obsess on that cat!), but simply blatant ad hominem attacks implying she's crazy or on medication or whatever is simply over the top, and doesn't add anything to our discourse here.

Criticize her all you want for her obvious bias and misrepresentations, but let's cut out the gratuitous personal attacks, shall we?